Navel in Dreams

Dreaming of a navel represents seeking closeness, warmth and motherly love. Finding the center and ignoring the surroundings will bring you closer and a deep connection with what you seek.

The navel dream together with other imagery also denotes the things that tickle your desires. Visualize the places, and objects throughout the navel dream to take hold of them in your waking life.

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2 thoughts on “Navel in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt I was looking at this girl I have a crush on and she had an angry look on her face. She pointed to her navel and it was it looked really deep.

  2. I dreamed of this weird dream yesterday.I dreamt i was in my room,and suddenly i see blood clot,one big chunk,coming out of my navel,which is kinda creepy,and then i saw my navel,smeared with blood.I also dreamt about my ex and his current girlfriend,and somehow i dont know why i went with them to his girlfriend’s house.Can somebody tell me why? I want to search for an answer. ):