Skull in Dreams

Dreaming of a skull represents impending danger and bodily harm that awaits you. Be careful of your daily dealings, and don’t venture further into dark or unethical thoughts pertaining to business and relationships as they will pull you deeper in a vicious cycle.

Overcome the skull dream by doing good, and participating in altruistic acts.

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6 thoughts on “Skull in Dreams”

  1. I saw a skull in the dream. Net to it appeared another skull as if in a mirror, and then the second one just kind of just dissolved slowly. With this I woke up.

    How should I interpret this dream ?

    As a forewarning of impending bodily harm or there is some other interpretation of seeing 2 skulls and one just dissolving

  2. I dreamed I was walking up a flooded creek and it was full of human skulls. We were walking on the skulls and a man and his companion close by were picking up the skulls and running a knife inside them. One of the skulls had what appeared to be part of the spine inside and as he went to put his knife in it a shaman started chanting just across the road. The man put the skull down and said they have caught up to us. Time to go.

  3. I dreamed that I saw skulls in a curtain.. but when I looked at it again it kinda turned into a flower. It was very unclear but that was it.. skulls in a curtain and eventually turned into a flower maybe or some kind of design.. what is it telling me?
    please help me! Im afraid!
    please email me the interpretation of that dream.. please!
    thank you for your help!

  4. My dream was that my mom who passed away 6 years ago was at my bedside. She placed a slip of paper under my pillow and told me not to touch it because it was lethal. She said the paper had a skull with 2 cross bones on it. Then she kissed my cheek and left. I woke up because it was so real and I was scared to put my hands under my pillow. What did this dream mean?

  5. I had a dream about me looking up in the night sky and seeing a giant Skull the size of a small moon shooting down towards me and crashing just a few blocks away from me what does this mean

  6. The dream I had was that I was looking at my reflection but instead saw like a pink fleshed skull in which the “pink flesh” started peeling off. What does this mean??