Teeth Falling Out in Dreams

When you dream of teeth falling out, it is an indication that you are afraid of losing something or someone dear to you. It has often been linked to financial worries where individuals face a downward spiral that consumes them in the dreams.

After the teeth falling out dream, start paying close attention to everyone you love and cherish every moment you spend with them.

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121 thoughts on “Teeth Falling Out in Dreams”

  1. I have had many only two dreams about teeth falling out the first dream i had i saw my brother with no teeth and the next day my kids grandfather passed away . the last dream i had i lost my bottom teeth and i was looking for places to buy fake teeth from . that was a couple of months back now i found out my brother is in the icu can you give me back feedback .

  2. i dreamt that my teeth were very week and may be one or two teeth fallen by it self but when i realize that my teeth are weak i tried to push my teeth on down and it was fallen without pain. when i realize that my all teeth goes weaker then i stopped touching it. and i share this incident with my mother

  3. about four-five years ago i had a dream all my teeth were falling out. but than this happened for really a week later my tooth cracked in half i lost PART OF IT AND EVER SENCE THEN MY TEETH HAVE BEEN BAD MORE CRACKING IN HALF AND LOOSING PARTS OF MY TEETH.

  4. I have had this dreams at twice in the last week of my top front tooth being very loose. When i touch it it comes right out into my hand. The tooth looks perfect no flaws, no blood. I slide the tooth back into place and it is fine. Then other teeth start to loosen, and when i go to touch them i wake up.
    In the dream emotionally i fell confused and puzzled, but while awake I am worried and scared.
    Can anyone help me interpret this Please?

  5. I have 4 or 5 dreams a month about my teeth falling out. In each of these dreams one or more teeth fall out and I am always able to put them back in but they are still loose. It is always the side top teeth and sometimes the front top teeth. Last night it was the top front and side teeth and this time I couldn’t get them put back in. It was very disturbing and it woke me up in the middle of the night.

  6. I had a dream that my front tooth fell out and then my incisor was gone as well. I need to know the meaning to this.

  7. I dreamt that one of my wisdom teeth fell out. I looked at it and put it back in it’s place. After putting it back it seemed sturdier than ever before. It wasn’t rottent or decayed or anything. Just a perfectly shaped wisdom tooth that I put back in. And it felt solid when I placed it, like it would never fall out again.

  8. to dreams of falling teeth means death in family or relatives? but before i have dream of that i watch the mask of zorro when antonio banderas is punching the big guy and the big guy loose he’s tooth

  9. It was dreaming last night:
    I woke up from a sleep and felt my teeth strangely like falling out.
    I stand infront of mirror, looked into my mouth that i saw my teeth (top & bottom) as a whole clamp was loose. It took it out, and was surprised because i had teeths inside my mouth and the falling teeth was like an extra cover teeth.
    I felt like that falling teeths were over the top of another teeth.
    I then some how was at somewhere near a toilet and threw the falling teeths in toilet. I checked back into mirrors i have not lost any teeth inside my mouth.

    I am sorry if it’s long, complicated and not understandable but still i would thanks you if u can translate my dream according to islam way of thinking. Thanks.

  10. I Had a dream that I was sleeping and woke up with my top left tooth chiped the dream had to do with like friends ,this guy i really like , family and me traveling but it felt like a nightmare I was so worried about my tooth (I love my teeth) I have no clue what it was trying to tell me can someone please help

  11. In my dream, I woke up, and began praying.

    I was praying for strength for my friends, as I was praying my tooth (wisdom tooth) started wobbeling.

    I continued to pray, a man close by was inspired by me.

    As I continued to pray, my room was filled with an awesome white light, I then realised this, as I realised this, it began to slowly fade, and reality was near- if that makes sense.

    Suddenly, I was chocking -like something was strangling me. And as this entity strangled me- I felt life draining out of me. I began to pray again, my teeth all of them of the top set apart from my two front teeth began to fall out one by one my mouth was filled with blood, I began to die. My body began to deteeriate , and a voice was telling me, no-one will find you, this is the effect of the painkillers , your heart is going to burst. I refused to open my mouth, and (said in my heart) Jesus your will be done, your will be done! I looked at my bible- which was on my bed – and again I prayed – In Jesus Name I refuse this, In Jesus Name In Jesus Name – exhausted I woke up instantly

    does anyone know? I regulary have demonic dreams, where I have entities trying to drain life out of me.

  12. I had a dream that three of my front teeth fell out, (both the front ones and also the second on the left) there was no pain or blood at all but I was really frightened, no matter how hard I tried to put them back in they just kept falling out again. In my dream I freaked out and ran searching for my mum, who I couldn’t find.
    Has anyone else had a similar dream? I’m just about to turn 30, could this have any significance?

    1. I forgot to mention that when I couldn’t find my mum I woke up really fast with my heart racing. I realised it was only a dream and checked my teeth which were still there.

  13. I had a dream that my mother had all of her teeth pulled out by my dad. Her mouth couldnt close and blood was streaming down her face. There were several other family members in my grandmothers house too like cousins and uncles. It has left a long lasting horrible image in my mind and im finding it hard to go to sleep. :'(

  14. I had a dream last night that I was in a school and my tooth fell out into my hand. There was no blood, and then as I was going to the dentist another tooth broke apart. I finally get to the dentist and its a pediatric dentist and there’s a really long wait. While I was waiting I walked up to a table and saw my whole family sitting there including my now deceased grandfather. My son was there too only he was a baby (he’s currently 5). I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what it means.

  15. I had a dream last night that I cleanched my teeth and the back lower teeth begain to crumble. I spit them out and more begain to crumble. I was touched the remaining teeth and one by one was able to pull them out with great ease. I had my front tooth and one incisor left the rest were gone. In the dream I met a dentist who put in all new poreline veneers for free??? any ideas?

  16. Salaam , I always used to have dreams that my teeth fall out and sometimes I used to dream that I am pulling them out myself . The dreams suddenly stopped but now I am dreaming about it again. My two top front teeth fell out and then I couldn’t speak because my jaw collapsed then my tongue my tongue kept falling back . In the same dream I dreamt that my brother was telling me that there is something wrong with my legs.
    Can you help to interpret this dream.

  17. Almost every night I have a dream where I push out my lower teeth either with my upper teeth or my tongue. Sometimes it happens several times in one night. I don’t remember my dreams very well but I can always remember pushing out my teeth. I can also remember wanting to stop pushing at my teeth but never being able to stop myself and always feeling frustrated. I’ve heard some people say that this is a sign of stress, but I’m interested in hearing if there may be some other explanation. I usually have fairly vivid dreams every night. I can remember that I dreamed, but not the actual dream itself. However, pushing out my teeth is something I can vividly remember.

  18. last night i dreamt of waking up finding 2 of my front teeth having holes in it. I examined it carefully and the interior was perfectly white inside, the onlg problem was it’s chipped off and 1 tooth had a hole on top. I was worried, i asked my sister to look at me teeth and then she laughed. I asked her why? And she said how could your teeth not chip off if you dont brush? Look, it’s full of tartar and then i looked at the mirror smiled and saw tartar..then i woke up What does this mean??

  19. I had a dream where I had just left a guy who told me that if my boyfriend and I ever broke up then he would always be there for me, I hugged him goodbye and then went off for a meal with my family, which then changed into me going to a party. When I was walking towards the party my teeth began to come out, when they were coming out I was coughing them out. At first it seemed to be my wisdom teeth and then the teeth that when I was younger I had had out. But when I got home (and received a ruler to take to college from the librarian who happened to be there) I looked in the mirror I had some of my front teeth out and or chipped severely and my gums all over had blood as if the teeth had cut them. At the end of my dream before I woke up I was worried that I had college that day and that I was going to see my boyfriend and would have to open my mouth.

  20. I have this reoccuring dream from time to time that I am looking in a mirror and my teeth start crumbling in my mouth and I start pulling all the pieces of my teeth out of my mouth. Then I look down into the sink and I see the parts of my teeth along with blood go down the drain. In my dream after awhile I start wondering where all these teeth are coming from because I have pulled so many out and it never seems to stop.

  21. I had a dream in which I was back home for my sisters wedding (which was a few weeks ago) and I saw my aunt there who was sober and framing out on me because she got in a fight with my mom and I had made a comment. She then got out of the van we were in and on her way out she hit my face. I felt fine till we got back to the hotel. Room where I could feel my one tooth was loose. The top left 4th tooth to be exact. And I kept thinking in my mind “please don’t fall out” and then it fell out. I was standing in the bathroom when it happened and spit out blood, then when I ran my tounge over it, I could feel something else so I pull it out and it’s a piece of metal or something and I felt it again and pulled out another piece. I then freak out and tell my dad so he’s getting ready to take mr to emerg when I woke up… But when I was waking up I had an episode of sleep paralysis, for those of u that don’t know, it’s when ur mind wakes up before ur body and u can’t move and for some reason u feel really scared and almost like u can’t breath… Please please tell me what this dream means!!

  22. Well I keep having this dream where my bottom jaw like goes forward catching the back of my top front teeth and eventually pushes them completely out and it hurts but i wake up every time and my teeth are fine so I don’t know what is going on. But if you have an opinion please throw it out there it is a weird dream. 🙂

  23. i’ve dreamed last night that my two upper teeth have crack and later on they fall with many blood. I’m so worried that dream. and when I wake a pray to God and i tell them to please protect my love ones…I hope God hear my prayer…

  24. I just had a dream and ive always had dreams of my teeth falling. In this dream i was getting ready to go out and i notice my tooth was chipped so i touch n its a wiggly then when i glance at the mirrior one of my side tooth was missing i freaked n told my mom about it she didnt say much but in my dream i kept saying i hope this is a dream. then before i know it all my teeth are wiggly n then start falling. I was spitting it a much of teeth then when i looked at the mirror i had no teeth. This was a scary dream but i was tend to have dreams like this. Why?

  25. In my dreams all i focus on is my teeth as they are wobbly however dont come out, i get worried so i pick on another one and that wobbles aswell aswell as i try another one. Then i wake… What does this mean??

  26. I have been having this same dream since i was 18; i am now 24.
    In my dream, I find through eating or brushing my teeth, that one of my front teeth is wobbly.
    When I jiggle it, it painlessly and without blood, comes out.
    I am amazed more than shocked.
    I check the next tooth, and it too comes out!
    So then it becomes an emotionless game of pulling all of my teeth out until there are none left.

    I always wake up feeling to see if my teeth are still there 😛

  27. I just had a dream last night that the tooth beside my front teeth was getting wiggly and almost falling out, almost the whole dream I was holding it in so it wouldn’t fall out, and there was a lot of saliva coming onto my hand and I can’t remember exactly what happened but I then went to my orthodontist and I don’t really remember what happened there but all I know is that nothing helped it and at one point it actually fell out and I was holding it in my hand for a minute just looking at it. After that I put it back into my mouth with a little struggle and kept holding it in until my dream ended. I have noe clue what it means, every website I check has different meanings. I’m so confused. And also, I’m only 15 years old.

  28. i had a dream last night and we where at laying down and my gum just felt like it was gonna rip and all of a sudden i could feel my teeth jus falling out to the floor and as i was trying to stop them it hurt more and more. til they all fell out..

  29. I am truly worried about a dream I had. Can someone with the knowledge to do so please help me out. I had the dream sleeping on my right hand side so I am not sure whether it actually has a meaning or not.

    From what I can remember the dream starts with me in a room with my sister’s mother in-law an old lady easily in her early 90’s she is still alive by the way. I start puking things such as metal and allsorts one or two of my sisters are there as well but not her daughter in law from what I can remember. I have a feeling in the dream as though my sister’s mother in-law put the stuff I was puking in my mouth and made me swallow it when I was sleeping so that’s why in the dream I wasn’t worried about it much as in I had an explanation in my head to why it was happening so I didn’t seem worried in the dream. Next I remember my teeth falling out in to my right hand from top and bottom I can’t remember which ones exactly accept for one. A small front bottom tooth I also remember another tooth but it didn’t fall out this one is more to the front of the mouth next to my pointy tooth I think they call the pointy tooth a carnivore, sorry but I’m not sure. I do remember feeling that more from the bottom seemed to fall out into my hand think more of the front bottom ones as though all at once but I also remember a few fell out individually from the top again I think more to the front. The reason why I remember these two teeth well is because when the front bottom small tooth came out into my right hand it had a brown yellowish colour and looked rotten but had no holes in it and it also was the only one that caught my eye although I could feel more fell out into my right hand at the same time. When the teeth fell out I remember a feeling of relief thinking at least I probably lost the bent one and it should grow back straight now and look better. I remember thinking they will grow back because it has happened before and when I started feeling my teeth to remember, which tooth fell out before and grew back is when I felt the bent one still in my mouth, which didn’t seem to bother me. I remember also thinking oh no I got to meet my partner this week and what if he feels my missing teeth with his tongue and then I thought oh well I don’t think I will be meeting him this week any way and my teeth will grow back anyway the bent one did so the others will.

    I don’t remember the dream very clearly I have tried to provide as much detail as possible but at times I have to keep changing things because I remember certain things to be a little different but the gist is my teeth fell out more from the bottom into my right hand and I thought oh well maybe the crooked ones gone it will probably grow back straight now and look better. One of my tooth that fell out into my hand was yellowy brownish as though rotten coloured but no wholes or anything. I was alright about it as I felt they will grow back I felt my bent tooth with my tongue when I was trying to find the one that grew back some time ago when I lost my tooth before and it was still in my mouth, which didn’t seem to bother me. I remembered my partner might feel my teeth and think urgh then I thought well not going to see him soon anyway so felt a little better.

    Please be honest whether bad news or good.

  30. At least 2 years ago I had a dreem that two of my teeth fell out and then turned black. What the heck does that mean? It was about month and a half before i realized i was pregnant. I was in a strained relationship… dont know if that helps. please anyone if you could shed some light

  31. In my dream,I was in a car in a third world country when a lady hands me a small bloody tooth and points at a child…. The person in the driver seat tells me the kid’s teeth are falling because they knocked them out. I had 1 out of 2 teeth the boy was missing. What does that mean?

  32. A few years ago I had a dream where I was sitting by myself reading a book and suddenly my front tooth falls out. I don’t feel any pain but the one right next to it falls out and I start to freak out. I know that they are not baby teeth and my other teeth suddenly become lose. As they start to fall out my front teeth grow back but they are slightly pointed and hurt as they come in. My mouth is bleeding and the others start coming back the same way. I am in serious pain and am worried that the teeth look wierd when they start to fall out again! The cycle keeps going and going until I finally wake up. This dream seems wierd to me because I usually don’t remember my dreams but I have had this one a few times.

  33. In my dream my back left molar sort of dissolved into pieces. This happened at the same time my diamond engagement ring did the same. I was upset about both. But in the dream I realized I had had three consecutive nights of dreaming that this had happened. I kept telling people this, that I had dreamed it. I dont know what that means?


    i have dreamed multiple times that my teeth have fallen out or broken, last night i dreamed that i was asleep, but i was aware of everything going on around me, but i couldnt wake myself up or otherwise control anything that was happening, i was bitting down on my teeth so my top front tooth on the right broke out of the gum but it was still in by the root and i was screaming so my grandma came in my room (im staying at her house with my brother and sister) and pulled it out and the ENTIRE root came out and my mouth and the tooth and the root were extremely bloody and i felt extreme pain throughout the whole thing while my tooth was breaking and my grandma was pulling out the gum.
    ive had similar dreams but the roout has never been taken out and it never hurt as much as it did and i was the only one in the dream. and they seem to be the only dream i can remember almost every detail. but this is the only one i can remeber more than scraps of.

  35. I dreamt that I felt my teeth moving whenever my tongue touched them so they weren’t in the shape my braces had left them so I would start to get worried. I’d move my tongue and a tooth would come out still inside my mouth but I would realise it until my mouth felt full. I’d open my mouth and teeth would fall out but it was like I had too many teeth because it wouldn’t stop and my gums would still have loads of teeth still there. I start to panic and start shouting at people to get me to the hospital but I would feel so self-conscious that people were staring at me. What did my dream mean?

  36. I dreamed my toddler daughter were in a mall shopping. We came out of a shop and my teeth felt a bit funny. So I cracked them (like you crack a joint in your body) But then I went to the bathroom at the mall and 2 of my bottom teeth had fallen out and I had swallowed them.

  37. In my dream my husband and I were all geared up and ready to go skydiving (which he would NEVER do in real life) and all of my teeth in the top left quarter of my mouth were hanging by a “string”. I told him that I had to just rip them out and put them in the car so I could take them to the dentist with me. As I walked to the car, I plucked them out one by one. When I got to the parking lot, our “car” was an RV which was so high above me that there were steps about 8 feet to get in. As I looked up, there was a doggy door half opened with my 7 month old nephew hanging out, and before I knew it, he crawled out and plummeted face down on the ground. I picked his lifeless body up, and then I woke up gasping for air with more fear inside of me than I have ever felt. This is the most vivid dream I have ever had and ever remembered.

  38. Very frequent in dreams lately i would get hit by a stranger and all my teeth would just crack and completely fall out… all of them. And i look up with a bloody mouth and just start running trying to pick up all the pieces but its to overwhelming and I cant finish the job before I wake.
    Whats the meaning?

  39. One of my earliest childhood dreams from about 1st-2nd grade was of me sitting with my classmates on the ground at the library, while the teacher was reading to us. all of a sudden my teeth started crumbling and i was spitting them out, horrified. i’ve had another, shorter dream kind of the same since then, but then the other night (20 years later) i had a dream that part of one of my molars was starting to chip. (this actually happened in real life, where my wisdom teeth came up and cracked off a piece of my molar and in the dream it was the same location and everything). in the dream, i was picking at it, but was afraid of chipping it worse and then i ended up pulling the whole tooth out. it was completely black, and the teeth around it started falling out, completely black as well. from the sounds of my dreams, it might actually be a litteral fear of losing my teeth! but who really knows… it’s just very interesting how common this dream is

  40. Im about to go on a make or break holiday with my current boyfriend, but my feelings for him have really changed. He’s been working away for 2 weeks and found out how I’m feeling while he’s been away. He’s due back tomorrow and we go on holiday on Monday.
    But I’ve had a dream where I went on a ride and before I went on I took all of my teeth out. Then when in the bathroom brushing my teeth I kept spitting out small pieces of tooth so there were gaps and places where I had no teeth at all. He kept trying to comfort me but I wouldn’t let him. And more snd more teeth just kept falling out all the teeth in my mouth were really wobbly.
    Could this all be linked with the holiday and relationship troubles etc?? It’s also unusual for me to remember dreams as I never do 🙁