Teeth Falling Out in Dreams

When you dream of teeth falling out, it is an indication that you are afraid of losing something or someone dear to you. It has often been linked to financial worries where individuals face a downward spiral that consumes them in the dreams.

After the teeth falling out dream, start paying close attention to everyone you love and cherish every moment you spend with them.

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121 thoughts on “Teeth Falling Out in Dreams”

  1. I’ve dreamt so much of my teeth falling out that my mind KNOWS that its a dream lol.

    when I get to the situation where theyr almost all gone, il be like “it HAS to be a dream” lol

  2. Ive been having dreams recently about my teeth not only falling out but crumbling as they are coming out. The last dream it was my top right side teeth. What does this mean?

  3. I keep having a dream where my teeth fall out one by one into a sink and no matter how hard I try I cant get them to stop falling out. Can anyone help me figure out what this could mean?

  4. i have always had reams where i felt me teeth were about to fall out. i’ve had the ones where i felt the pain and pushing of my teeth but last night was different. last night i dreamed that all my teeth feel out and my mouth and teeth were covered in blood. i was in my brothers room and ran out screaming for my mother. my mother and i didn’t know what to do. soon after i ended up back in my brothers room sitting on the floor and there were hundreds of dragonflys flying in around in big circles. can anybody help me figure out what this dream means?

  5. Here recentely I have repeately had dreams of my teeth falling out, In my dream I keep trying to push them back in place, or I keep trying to hide it. I dont understand why. Its a different dream everytime, except the part, in which my teeth fall out. I’ve been having these dreams alot more lately and its begining to be an everynite dream..I’m getting scared and worried, it feels so real,I wake up and feel to see if my teeth are still there..

  6. I had a dream last night that my bottom four teeth just started rotting away and falling out (I recently had to put a old dog down) and I turned from the mirror where I was looking at my teeth and turned to my dog which was barking and im asking my mom when my dog was still there and my mother said she was there in heart and when I went to pick her up she vanished then had to find a doctor so I went to find one and my mom got into a fist fight in the parking lot and my sisters six week old baby was walking and puking on herself? ?????

  7. I dreamt that my teeth we’re on like if it was a layer like wen u put fake vampire teeth that’s how my teeth felt in my mouth like if they swernt part of me bodi I took em out n all teeth we’re next to eachother conekt by my gums I luk in the miror in my mouth I had no teeth no wisdom teeth either I put em bak n place n pushed dem in I put em right but it just dint felt good they felt like they could come off in an instant

  8. I have been having the same dream for the past three months. I dream that I’m home and I’m going to have dinner with my family, when all of a sudden my top teeth start falling off. It starts with my back teeth and then all of my top teeth fall out one by one. If I wake up my mouth hurts, if I don’t it’s followed by blood and I feel as though I’m choking when I wake up. What does this mean?

  9. Ive had dreams of my teeth falling out so many times and each and every dream was so disturbing and horrifying. One time i dreamed i came back from work and i was in the bathroom and all my teeth just shatter (in every dream) and just dissapear and then i looked at myself in the mirror while i was crying and i broke the mirror becaue i did not want to look at myself any more. and with this dream i belive its the whole ” self esteem issue u dont like your appearence” and my most recent tooth dream was last night.. i saw a reflection of myself and my teeth were all demolished and looked like hills there was bearly anything there and then i was sitting on the edge of a hospital bed wit my bf standing in front of me and i was holding my head and crying. My mom saids its when a close friend or relative is gonna die. idk tho. i think its the whole ” appearance, anxiety, worries, whats troubling you” i just hate my dreams their so scarry.

    1. I dnt believe that someone will pass away I think I has more to do with being scared of change? I been reading about it bc my dream in stuck in my head all day and im just hearing so many things

  10. I’ve had the same dream twice already. Sections of my teeth come out..
    I was talking and my gums started to slide so I just opened my mouth and out came a section of my gum with my teeth still intact. then little by little one tooth came out and pieces of another tooth. the big sections are always my canine teeth to my molars. I tried to preserve them by putting them in an orange bowl of milk then putting it in the refrigerator. then I poured the milk out and and put water and put it back in the refrigerator.

  11. here in our country (philippines), falling of teeth in a dreams means someone will say goodbye to you or death of someone close to you or relatives.

    i had several dreams of falling my teeth and it turned out that there’s someone really dies in our relatives

  12. My dream is very strange I cannot remember it much but what I can remember is I was trying a Gold tooth cap on my front tooth and that Cap Chipped my front took causing a big chunk of it to come out. Also in reality I’m Scared of loosing someone I love who Has Just been distance and no Contacted. Can Someone Please Help me and Explain What the Meaning is? Thank You

  13. well my dream was about my teeth just falling out of my mouth one by one while i was bleeding and i was throwing up..and i yelled at my husband to come and help me..i felt like i didnt know what to do..

    what does this mean??
    this is the same dream i had last year when i was pregnant with my first child.

  14. I work for Children’s Services as a social worker in real life, but in my dream, I apprehended a child and her teeth fell out. I took her to the dentist and the cost at the dentist was 180,000 before coverage, but with the dental coverage it was only 1100. Then I felt myself pressing my bottom teeth against my top teeth, which forced some of my front bottom teeth out. The rest of my front bottom teeth became loose and I was able to gently lift them out. Each tooth remained whole and actually appeared quite perfect as I held them in my hand.

  15. I’ve had the teeth falling out dream many times. Usually, in my dream I’m talking or just doing normal daily activities and all of a sudden my teeth with just start turning black and rot and fall out right in my hands. Weird. But today was different. Today I dreamt my baby teeth were falling out and they had like holes in them? I’ve never had this dream before and I can’t seem to find an interpretation anywhere! CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?!!!!!!

  16. My mother had this dream the previous night that she was chewing something (she does not remember what it was exactly) and suddenly she felt that her tooth from the left upper jaw became lose.She tried to keep it in it’s place by pushing it in but it came out in her hand anyway. Then she washes it and there was some blood on it also. Next she felt that another tooth in left lower jaw was also becoming loose.She got afraid of the idea that another tooth was coming out and the dream ended abruptly. Please tell me the meaning of this dream as she is concerned about this. Thank you!

  17. I had a dream yesterday that my canine tooth was loose so i kept pushing it back in..
    then all of a sudden it came out and split into 2 peices..
    anybody could help me please

  18. I had one of the strangest dream of my entire life it’s very long but one part was I was running my tounge along the bottom row of my teeth and as I did that I could feel each tooth crumbling till I got to the last tooth and I remember spitting then out in to my hand and then on the ground too.

  19. i had a dream i was brushing my teeth and i spit blood when i looked at my mouth my tongue was cut. what does this mean??

  20. I had a dream were i was actually worried about my teeth falling out, and will you believe it? They all started falling and i tried collecting and catching them stunned! Could someone please explain this dream to me?!

  21. My teeth dream began about work. I guess this is because I am off sick again and worried about both losing my job and facing the heavy workload of my return. I had a dream about work. The office was flooded. My boss was having a massage in the midst of the chaos. My friend had been fired but no one was prepared to talk about it. My boss’ office flooded and she invited me to wash in her office which was now a bath. As I lay on the floor to get washed, I felt a heavy pressure in my mouth. My top layer of teeth all moved slightly. I ran my tongue across them and noticed they were all fixed together almost like dentures. When my boss wasn’r looking, I reached into my mouth and the whole row of teeth came out in my hand. Fortunately I notice some dentistry cement on the top of them and was able to stick them back in, but did not want my boss to put anything near my mouth as I feared they would come out again. I had no concerned about the rest of the office or the flood by that point and could only concentrate on my teeth.

  22. I have dreamed twice now that only the teeth in the back of my mouth fall out. It’s when I’m brushing my teeth and I’m bleeding profusely. I get the bleeding to stop and then I tell my family and they just kinda say ok we’ll get it fixed up for you but they’re not very concerned about it. I just don’t understand. In the dream I just had I was aware that I had had a dream of this happening. Also my sister and brother in law who live 5 hrs away were in my dream and I woke up very much afraid and disturb. I just really don’t know what to think. Help me please!

  23. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Today after suhoor/sehri this morning I took a nap before going to work. I’m 35 years old and wear dentures for 3 front bottom teeth.
    I had a dream that… I’m visiting my aunts and cousins back home after very long time. As soon as I arrive to their house I notice that my dentures top & bottom are broken (please note that in reality I only wear bottom dentures).
    I see myself in a mirror; I have no front and bottom teeth. I was so embarrassed to open my mouth to even say salaam. I ran to the washroom to fix my dentures but only to find out that there was no solution to fix them. Please tell me if that means anything (Allahu alim). Jazakallah

  24. I’ve had a similar dream but before my teeth fell out I had a glimpse of my friend and sister. My teeth fell out because of my braces and it was just the bottom row.

    I’m not sure if it means death but would like it interpreted.

  25. My dream was that i was on the phone to my mum and my teeth just all fell out and crumblinginto my hands. i have had 2 dreams about my teeth falling out of my hands, it is really weid and i wake up really freaked out.

    1. I have da same dream its been happening for about 3yrs now im doing everyday thing den i feel on tooth crack den next thing all my teeth start crumbling out

  26. I have had the same dream over and over, probably four or five times within the last two months… It starts out like a normal day (I’m usually with people, like family, just talking and stuff) then all of a sudden I get this extreme, extreme pain in my mouth…. It’s a really painful pressure of some sort coming from all directions in my mouth like it was trying to push my teeth out of my gums… My teeth then feel very very loose, and this last dream one actually came out… I had my fingers in my mouth trying to get the pain to stop and one of my teeth (not the very front ones, but about two over to the left on the top) easily came out…It was bloody and I was freaking out… I repeatedly tried to put it back in (for some reason remembering that if you put the tooth back in and get to a dentist it can be saved – not sure if this is actually true)… I couldn’t get it back in but had someone help… But all my teeth were loose like just ready to fall out and I could feel them moving around in my mouth with my tongue, the whole time still having this awful pressure in my mouth… I have no idea what this means, but it has happened more than once, which kind of freaks me out!!

  27. I had a dream that I had a piercing on my bottom lip, and that somehow the piercing got stuck between my bottom teeth and I tryed to yank it out with full force and wouldn’t come out. That made my lip rip and the piercing still stuck. I bitt the metal piercing and I broke my top and bottom teeth. I was spitting blood and suddenly felt as if I was chocking on my teeth crumbs. … I don’t know what this means but Id like to know.

  28. i dreamed about this a few months after my dad died… I was sitting in classroom listening to the teacher, when suddenly i saw something fell. I noticed it was a tooth, i was so shocked that all of my teeth suddenly is falling out..
    Im so shocked. Maybe its because Im afraid to lost someone again after my dad..

    1. I had those kind of dreams before and after my dad died…I have noticed that when these dreams are associated with death seem to usually be with a fater….not that odd if u think about it because our dads are our supplier our bread winners our security so I do see some conenction to teeth in that aspect but also…even with gods comfort in mourning losing your father naturaly leaves u feeling rather insecure and the teeth dreams left me with a major. Insecure feeling. So my opinion on your question only comes from seeking god in this area because I also found a connection with these dreams I had before dad died and was kind of distraught when I had another one a few months after his death that perhaps it could mean someone else BUT on a general scale I think the dream symbolizes loss or fear of loss more than specificaly death(just my opinion) so it makes sence to have them after a death 2 but I would still seek God on the subject…I have learned not to disregard dreams……..(also don’t obcess over it either because I also went through that stage and it takes your trust from god and and places it in yourself in that maybe I could have changed it or it was a warning because some things are gods will and we*ll may never fully know why). I don’t know how recent your dads passing was or the circumstances but I’m 22 and lost my dad in an accident 8 months ago in a car accident. So my heart and prayers go out to you.and even though A LOT of questions have arised in this……..don’t fear the dreams seek the lord…2Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of a sound mind

      1. Lol I wish I could go back and edit some of my post lol went back and read I left out some letter and words sorry hope u can understand lol

  29. i had a dream where my teeth abruptly came out, but i seemed to have four more gums above my orignals all with teeth here and there so i kept thinking in the dream, its ok if people see my teeth as weak, i have all these others above it tht they cant see.
    i am conflicted with this dream, i seem to losse teeth and be fearful, but at the same time, i had all thesed other “layers of teeth”?

  30. My dream my boyfriend and I were playing around and he ended up hitting me directly on the top of the head making my teeth clash together and bleed from the nose.
    After he told me I was overreacting (which is something he would never do) and to “toughen up” I reached in my mouth and the teeth on my left lower jaw just started coming out. It was horrible and I Started spitting them into a huge sink.

  31. I had a dream where I was sitting talking to a few family members and my top right front tooth chipped. I then kept the piece. Before I knew it, about half of the tooth was gone. I kept that piece, too. I looked around everywhere for something to fix it, but I woke up before I was able to do anything. It’s bothering me. What does it mean when only a portion of a tooth is missing?

  32. In my dream I was hanging out with friends and then suddenly I was in the bathroom at work and started spitting blood into the sink. I open my mouth and my front right tooth is extremely loose, about to fall out and then I wake up.

  33. Some time ago I had a dream that I was just returning home from college to my parents home. In the dream I was sitting on my mother’s bed and talking with her, expressing my happiness to be home while she expressed her joy at having me home. She walked out of the room and as she left, I felt for my top teeth and noticed they were very loose. My two front teeth began to fall out & I yelled fearfully to my mother that my teeth were all falling out. She came back into the room and very calmly said, “Megan we knew this was going to happen soon, Its okay, you will just deal with it”. I agreed with her and walked over to the bathroom mirror and began removing all of the remaining teeth out of my mouth. With every tooth I removed I began to feel an extreme feeling of relief and serenity wash over me. Then I woke feeling stunned and confused. What could this mean?

    1. this is so weird. I had almost the exact same dream last night… only for some reason Robert Downey Jr. was in it, so bonus! I had a dream that my fiance and me were traveling and visiting his mother. At some point I went to the dentist to have a chipped tooth repaired and it was fixed but I realized that more and more teeth were chipping off and he could not repair them. Same thing was happening to Downey, but anyways we talked about it and with the dentist and we decided that we were ok with this. I remember feeling the holes in my mouth and being fine about it. I woke up like you completely confused. I can not think what it would mean except that many people interpret dreams of losing teeth as meaning we are ashamed of something or embarrassed by something so maybe we are actually working that out in our subconscious and overcoming our embarrassment. Maybe when you face a parallel situation in real life you can hold onto the strength you found in your dream to overcome it. Just a thought????

  34. I have had many dreams of my teeth falling out in to my hands and in my dream i am in a state of shock that they have fallen out, i taste blood in my mouth and cry hysterically because i am upset my teeth wont grow back..I have had this dream 5-6 times and i would appreciate it if someone told me what it meant, many are saying it means somone will die however i have had these dreams over a long period of time and Alhamdulila nobody has died

  35. Salam walakum,

    Im pregnant after 9 years of trying. I just had a dream that my husband got his upper tooth pulled out i think by my brother in law. When it came out i saw it still on the extraction forcep and it was rotten and had a clump of blood on it. Somehow i felt that clump of blood was stuck in my throat.
    I then had a dream about my husband sleeping on our spare bed.
    Also had a dream that my cousins wife (she is very close to me) is telling me that she is pregnant with twin boys and that she is not happy that they are two boys. Im telling her dont say that. But how did she know the sex of the twins when i was further than her and I couldnt tell. Then I woke up.
    Can you let me know what all this means.


    1. Had the same dream.except I fell and broke my bottom two teeth and there was blood and I spit them out into my hands as I was asking the people around me to give me a napkin.

  37. Guys when there is blood in your dreams, I mean when your teeth fall without blood, that means someone from your family Gina die. And when there’s blood it doesn’t mean anything and god knows

  38. in my dream im in a room with a bunch of people, then bits of my teeth start crumbling off into hand. i try to show people askin for help but no-one seems to care or as if they cant see it. any idea what this means?


      1. Anytime you dream of losing teeth, its either

        1. you are talking too much
        2. someone doesnt want you to talk
        3. represents shame and embaressment.

        From the presentation in your dream, sounds like when you talk or vent your feelings, people do not listen to you. Could be just showing you that the people around you are not listening to the things you say since u said they didnt care in the dream.

  39. In my dream i see my top right tooth is missing. And i say to myself i wonder if another teeth is gonna grow again.
    Please could you help explain my dream…
    Also my mum had a dream that her tooth fall out aswell… What does this mean…

    1. read aleeza’s answer and try to understand the interpertation of your own………………n please mail me if i am right or wrong

  40. I had a dream that my top right wisdom tooth had broken off, I held the tooth and I could see the roots( the tooth was clean no blood), but I could feel piece of the tooth stuck in my mouth. I didn’t feel any kind of emotions in the dream.

    1. Losing teeth must be one of the most common of all dreams.

      There are times when a dream should be taking literally. After all, many of us have lost teeth or will do so in the future.

      However, I believe that most dreams, including this one, are symbolic. Many of these symbols are lost to us in our modern world. To understand some of these symbols, we need to look at their important in more primitive societies. In these less developed cultures, there is less of a barrier between the consciousness and the unconscious. There ceremonies and rites have not died; they live on in our dreams.

      But, in my opinion, losing a wisdom tooth can have one of two possible meanings:
      1. First the negative meaning – It may be that you are losing wisdom. This does not seem likely but such things do happen.
      2. Now for the positive meaning – In a paradoxical way the loss of a wisdom tooth may be a sing of increased wisdom. This is because many of our dreams are symbolic. In primitive cultures, it is not uncommon for the men to sacrifice a tooth to the Great Spirit to ensure their success as hunters or warriors.

      The 2nd meaning is the more likely meaning. A tooth has been symbolically sacrificed to gain wisdom.

      Good job!

  41. I dreamed of this fellow I think I am in love with. In the dream we kissed, and his tooth just came right out –the root was almost as huge as an animal’s tooth. what does that imply…
    cheers. 🙂

  42. hi last night i had a dream that i got a call for where my dad is at and the first thing i ask is he okkk or did something bad happen the person said “no the only thing is when you pick him up make sure you take him to the dentist because he’s teeth are falling”

    What does this dream means?

    1. if father’s tooth falls down. it means his child will be dead.God knows better………may god save us from all worries.

  43. In my dream I was sitting somewhere(can’t remember) when my teeth just started falling out, I could feel them rattling and clunking around against my other teeth. What does this mean?

    1. Hey Scared dreamer. i do not have answers for you but would just like to comment that i too have had a very similar dream. i wish i could say i had this dream once, however it is reoccurring. i have 3 dreams that interchange monthly and i keep seeing in the same sequence. 3 dreams that i have had repetitively since i was 7 or 8 years old… i am 19 right now.

      the dream i see that scares me the most is to do with my teeth. It is if i can feel pain when it starts to happen. my teeth crackle down the center tooth by tooth. i can feel them breaking slowly and i grip my jaw, then they separate from my gums. there is never blood in my dream but i choke a bit on the broken pieces then begin to spit them out into my hands. they all keep cracking until i have no teeth left or i wake up. i get on my knees in my dream and let my jaw hang lose and its as if it hurts me… till every last tooth breaks.. and i cough trying to spit them out.

      i dont know what it means or what to do. there are many problems i am facing… but i would like to see the interpretation so i can link it to something in my life.

      1. Same here! My teeth always start to crack and I can feel pain. I spit them out into my hands and run my tongue around to find out none are left. I’ve had this dream multiple times, but none recently. I think it has to do with grinding my teeth while sleeping. Ofcourse under stress sometimes people grind their teeth, so it could be related to stress in that manner

      2. hi’teeth represent the relatives of your own. front upper 4 teeth represent your very close relatives like your brothers or if u r married then your sons.lower 4 teeth your sisters or daughters.side teeth represent your father or grand father lower side teeth your mother or grandmother.what ever change u see in your teeth upply on your relatives like any harm or pain in teeth will b interpretat in desease or sickness of your relatives.if the tooth falls down .its interpertation is death of your relative.front teeth repesent close relatives inner side teeth represent second relations

      3. Dear Amena, i am not a scholar, but failing teeths indicate losing someone close in the family. Most of people have reportedly seen this dream before someone passed away in their families. and remember, it doesn’t always happen in all such reported cases.

  44. In my dream, I’m sucking on my teeth and my wisdom tooth falls out of the right side of my mouth. For some reason I am already missing a molar on the other side of my mouth. I tongue it for a bit, then start screaming that I cant live like that before I wake up.
    Does anyone know what this might mean?

    1. When your wisdom tooth is loosened and falls out, it means someone is taking credit for your hard work. It will stop you from fast tracking success in your career and business ventures.

      1. i was in a hotel apartmet with about 20-30 friends some i knew some where famous people some i didnt know but i seemed to welcome them. as time went on in the dream my teeth would start to clamp shut chipping and scrapping both the top an bottom of my teeth, i would go up to my mum or people i could trust to ask them what do i do!?, then my mum said ware a mouth guard. this did little help an I would continue to grind an chip my teeth. Then my dream flashed to a day at work where everything was sort of normal accept I was late to start working an the stress seemed a bit much. Then I flashed back to the party that I shouldn’t be having and I have woken up an gone back to sleep about 6 times by now always going back into the same dream. Then back at the party dream I look in the mirror and my 2 front teeth fall out allowing the other teeth to move closer an take there place, there was some relief for my top teeth but my bottom jaw was in more pain then before so I look into the mirror again an see all my teeth crumbling away falling an chipping everywhere it was then I woke up again an forced myself to stay awake instead of entering the nightmare again. I’ve had this dream about 6-8 times and now its getting to the point of asking for advice on how to stop this. please help

        1. The dream of falling of tooth shows your fear that you are worried about your degradation of your beauty even sometimes you will be afraid of becoming old, falling of hair, face getting filled up with dark spots .

    2. I had a similar dream, my wisdom tooth fell out, i was mortified, I kept tonguing it for a bit, people were laughing at me and the gap was getting wider. I was screaming then woke up.
      A few days later my father died. my sister had a similar dream, we looked into a dream interpretation book and apparently loosing your wisdom tooth meant loosing the ‘leader’ or main-head of the house. (i cant remember the exact words, it was 6 yrs ago) I had a dream today my incisor tooth was VERY loose and I could see it clearly and vividly stuck to a thin bit of my gum, I then imagined myself without that tooth and was again mortified, the tooth next to it was loose, but I was more afraid of loosing the the former tooth that I didn’t care that the other tooth was loose. That is why I’m looking for dream interpretations. Lisa, please tell me, did you loose anyone dear to you when you had this dream?…Because I’m not sure if that interpretation was just coincidence! thanks.

      1. I never thought of the dreams I had of my teeth being loose or falling out as a sign but I had them continually for months last winter.they were very distressing to me so much so that I would check to make sure alll my teeth were still in place in the morning (especially considering my 3 in a half years of orthodonics 2 achieve this smile lol). I often talked about these dreams with my family and looked it up on the computer and all I came up with was it was an indication of some cosmetic insecurities so I kindof disregarded them as they continued. They would be slightly different everytime but most of the time several of my teeth were so loose in the dream that they felt as though they would fall out but I don’t remember ever letting that happen I always kept pushing them back in and hiding the fact from anyone who was in the dream. Well anyways I will now get 2 the main point this past april my 42 year old dad died in a horible car accident. By this time I had forgoten my teeth dreams,one day, while trying to wrap my mind around what had actually happened and the fact that my dad was no longer here, these reacurring dreams came to back to me. I google the meaning again and found one definition stating that looseing teeth in dreams means the loss of a loved 1 and trying to hold on to them. I was shocked…..since my dads passing several members of my family dream of him often sometimes it feels like a visit other timesmy dad has givin specific instruction and some hold sort of clues for the reason for his tragic death. My family and my dad have always been born again christians we believe that jesus died for our sins and if we accept him into our hearts we will spend eternatiy with him in heaven. Ihave no doubt my dad is with the lord. Gos has even let us know these things in dreams. I never thought of the great significane of dreams untill now but all through the bible god sends messages, profecies and visions through dreams to his people so these things should not suprise us. My only advise for someone who has these dreams is to seek the lord and not to panic that something horrible is going to happen but rest in the fact that even if it does(as in my case) that the lord jesus christ has everything under control and some of the dreams I had before my dads death were gods way of prepairing my spirit to accept what he knew was to come and the1s we’ve had since his death were not some ghostly visit from my dad but simply the promice that my lord in heaven gave us that he would not leave us comfortless in grief if we would trust in him. We will never have all the answers for the ways of god or these dreams but no matter what happens god still sits on his throne and prepares a place that we can all be together again. Thank you jesus!

        1. Id like to add that in my case it kind of seems to go along wwith my dads passing because of somany other things that happend at the time including more specific dreams. So I don’t want to make a blanet statement that anytime you dream of loose or falling ou someone will die I’m sure there are lots of other explanations. It just happened to fit into my situation ……just wanted to clarify…perhaps could mean just a loss of something else or a subconsious fear of change or maybe even insecurities,but I would seek th Lord with any kind of disturbing dream you may have- but I have learned through this that perhaps certain things can not be prevented and r not sent as a warning but a preperation…..again only my opinion I don’t claim to have a definate answer

  45. Your dream seems to involve change where it is effecting your perfect smile. When your teeth is stretch, it is now malformed and would otherwise be considered hideous. Are you troubled or worried about your own sense of popularity on the decline?



    1. This dream can mean one or two things.
      1. You talk too much, could be telling too much of your own business or too much of someone elses.
      2. Someone doesnt want you talking or telling something.

      I had a dream like this one time, but in my dream my teeth fell out… a girl in my dream was making bad wishes for my teeth to fall out.. but I could feel in my spirit that she was trying to shut me down from talking.