Teeth in Dreams

Teeth as a topic of dreams is more common than we think because teeth is associated with our very emotions. With every smile or frown, we see teeth or it is hidden away.

Also, when we were younger, we all went through the traumatic experience of losing our baby teeth and replaced with deeply rooted teeth. Though we don’t know it, but the experience of having missing teeth was an embarrassing and awkward moment of life that no one can control.

As an adult and dreaming of rotten teeth or falling teeth, there are deeper issues that trouble you in the form of potential embarrassment that keeps you from addressing important issues at hand.

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75 thoughts on “Teeth in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed that my teeth close to middle is cracked and black when I woke up I thought its a problem to my bad breath but I went to the dentist and found no black teeth but ok but still have very bad breath

  2. I found it curious that “teeth falling out” was in the “popular dreams” section since I myself have never had such a dream, not even any kind of dream where teeth played any role.

    From what I’ve read here it seems like dreaming of teeth falling out can symbolize embarrassment? I have never had too many friends, and always made an effort to not care about what others think. Could this be related? Yet still I am self-conscious about my looks, especially my teeth as they are horrifically yellow (still strong though, according to my dentist).

  3. my dream started with me seeing all my front teeth being loose.. shaky.. then i start pushing them back in, but it creates uneven teeth and some teeth longer than others.. i then start to panic and look in the mirror and finally all the teeth are pushed straight and aligned and the dream ends..

  4. I used to have braces, but now I wear one of those clear retainers. In my dream I hadn’t worn my retainer in so long that my teeth became horribly crooked. I tried to fix my teeth by putting the retainer on, but it wouldn’t fit and hurt my teeth whenever I tried to force it on. It seemed like every attempt hurt more, but I kept trying. Eventually one of my back molars was 99% ripped out of my gums. I finished the process myself by simply easing the tooth out. After, I called my dentist for advice on the situation, but he said that I should not rip the tooth out. It too late. The last thing I remember is looking in the mirror at the bloody area on my gums where my tooth used to be and running my tongue over it.

  5. i had a dream last night that left a lasting image, ive looked at meanings for teeth falling out, but it doesnt explain the dream i had. In my dream i was grinding my teeth, and as i was doing this lots of shards or splinters of gold were coming out of my mouth, then when this stopped my teeth broke into pieces and fell out of my mouth. Not quite a nightmare but a very unsual dream.

  6. i dreamed that some of my teeth were loose ans i just pulled them out easily and shrugged it off like i didnt care

  7. I dreamt that I was in this banquet room. It had 5 round tables covered in table cloths and I was sitting at one. A lady turned to me and told me that their front tooth fell out so in my dream I told her to soak it in milk and then try putting it back in. After this, I noticed that 3 of my teeth on my top left (3 molars) fell out together and I sat them down on the table for whatever reason. I then noticed my gums where the teeth were, were swollen and sagging but not bleeding at all. The weird thing is that I didn’t even try to put them back in like I told the other lady to do. What does this mean?

  8. hi, last night i had a really strange dream about my teeth, they were all looose and wobbled, and some i could actually just hold and lift out of my gums! when i felt one of my canine teeth, i lifted it out of my gums and it has a plasticy tube instead of a root. i pulled out a few teeth, because (as my teeth are quite crooked) i thought if i took a few out it would move the others into place, then i could not find the teeth i pulled out šŸ™
    what does this mean?

  9. Should also mention in real life my 5 yr old daughter has her first loose tooth and my 4 month old son is about to get his first milk teeth . But I think it’s more than me thinking of them

  10. I had a dream last night that I went on a waterslide. I then went to a restaurant with my partner and a friend an noticed my two upper canine teeth where loose they fell out suddenly and painlessly I spat them into my hand then. There was lots of blood from my gums the wait staff and crowd in the restaurant where shocked but my parter and me where calm I looked at my teeth in my hand they where hollow and small And frail like they had disolved and rotted with no real roots. I remember staring wondering why they had rotted .

  11. i dreamt that i was with an ex-boyfriend, but when we are about to kiss, i lokk at him & all his teeth are yellow brown & rotten… what does this mean?

  12. In my dream I look in a mirror and notice that I have one black canine tooth that is still intact just black and slightly standing alone or away from the teeth on the left and right of it. What does this mean?

  13. It’s been happening for the last couple of nights, but i’ve been dreaming and everything is going well, and all of a sudden, i’ll look in a mirror and smile or to look at my teeth and they’re rotten and black and yellow. Not all of them, but some, and i’ll be able to just pull them out with my fingers, not even really trying hard. And i’ll be looking at them in my hand and feeling the void in my mouth, tasting the blood and nastiness of the rotten gums.

  14. I had a dream about teeth last night..I dont think I ever dreamt about teeth before. but anyway..

    I was dreaming that 1 of my fronth tooth was very loose and I pulled it out and immidiately a new tooth was already starting to grow and take it’s place. It didn’t hurt and I felt okay with the whole thing.

    anybody know what it means?

  15. well my dream had involved me and a girl i love goin out to a mall. we had taken a seat and i kissed her. after that a friend of mine started talking smack i turn around to tell him to shut up and as soon as i turn bak she was dead. i carries her througt the mall looking for help but no one acknowledged me. i tried running to a security officer but all of a sudden she was gone out of my hands. i blacked out and woke up looking at myself in da mirror and watched myself pull all my teeth out with my bare hands. its hard for me to sleep now and ive never had dreams like this

  16. I had a very clear dream of me opening the mouth and asking the dentist to pull it out , it was an old, black tooth on its own in my mouth, i was very scared but he did it and i felt at such relief šŸ™‚

  17. Hi Sam
    Seeing your teeth rottne means that you really to increase your protectiona against negative energy. You must find you feel depleated around certain people or even crowds, your teeth are part of your natural defence so get some tourmaline (crystal ) or a pendant that is protective and wear it. Good Luck

  18. Hi, I had a dream where I was yanking all of teeth out. I could pull the tension but it wasn’t painful and there was not a ton of blood. I could feel my gums without teeth there. I left front teeth there. What could this mean?

  19. I had a dream that i looked in the mirror and saw that some of my teeth were rotten and some were rotten and chipped. They didn’t rot and chip as I was looking at them. They were already like that. Please tell me what this means!

  20. I dreamed that i had a lot of important guests come by an old house I lived in. The two stars from the Mighty Boosh and an old friend of mine that I lost touch with. I had to excuse myself from them because the gum I chewed on was caught on my teeth. I went to a small bathroom in the back and the gum attached to the very top of one of my molars in the back of my mouth. I pulled it out and the top of that tooth came off and big red intestine like string came off attached to it. I pulled out another tooth nearby and a string of yellow mucous was attached to it. I tried to hurry and fix it by pushing it back in my mouth but there was too much to put back in. Then I accidentally fell deeply into the toilet behind me. Scary I just woke myself up then.

  21. I had this dream that I was brushing my teeth with my younger brother and sister ( I am 18, they are 9-10 years younger) and instead of toothpaste streaming down the side of my face there was a lot of blood. Then I noticed that my toothbrush was soaked in blood, and that the tooth I had just brushed felt very loose. I inspect the tooth, and both the tooth and the gum are rotten- they’ve turned brown and green and all sorts of colors- so I yank it out and start screaming for my sister to bring me the mouthwash.

  22. I had a dream last night where 4 of my teeth were pulled out mother, one of them was the k-9, i ripped them out of her hand and started to put them back, I put all back except one wouldn’t go back in.

  23. salaam
    i had a dream that i was biting someones flesh but like i actually did bite that persons flesh what odes taht mena ??? plz answer asap its really creppin me out

  24. I dreamt yesterday that i pulled two teeth out from the left side. First i pulled out one of the teeth, then it started to bleed then i kept having the taste of blood in my mouth until i pulled outt the other teeth. What does it mean?

  25. I rarely remember my dreams, so I found it odd when I woke up and had to immediately run to the mirror to check my tooth…because it was such a clear dream to me…

    I dreamt that ONE of my teeth were half rotten, kind of. It was my canine tooth on my right side of my mouth. I remember looking in the mirror or something and it was half brownish and crusty looking, almost to the top of the tooth but there was a small bit of white… what can this mean?

    1. from my point of view it means that some old things are not serving you anymore and you might try and let them go šŸ™‚ blessings

  26. In my dream my two front teeth were slowly moving apart. Then they looked ugly and then they got perfect for just a second and started seperating again. Then I woke up. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!

    1. Hey Sam, your dream is talking about your understanding of things. Your two front teeth are your main perception of your ability to understand. By them slowly speading it shows that your understanding is becoming scewed. Then they come back together and then spread again. You understood for a bit but lost it. My guess is this dream is covering a span of a few months.

  27. I’m having a repeating dream of my right front tooth being pushed out in front of the rest of my teeth. It also bleeds endlessly in my dream, and is bigger in size than the rest.

  28. I dreamt about looking myself in the mirror and seeing half of my teeth from the right side were rotten. So I started to pull all of the teeth in the right side. what does that mean?

  29. i have this dream my teeth start falling and falling out and i start to spit them all out on to my hand. but recently my last tooth dream ended wit me spitting out my earrings out of my mouth along with my teeth.

  30. Can Anyone help Me find out what My dream means please?

    I was in a big square green plush Field with My Husband and Our Grandaughter.

    The Field had two Fences that went all around the edges of the Field, Behind the first Fence there are Rabbits all colours, Behind the second Fence which is set 12 inches out from the first are Horses all colours.

    First We Stroke and feed the Rabbits Then We Stroke and feed the horses carrots.

    All of the Horses are strong and Young I share the carrots between them bite by bite .

    But I notice an Old Horse I try to feed Him the carrot but He cant bite very well because His teeth are rotten and a lot missing He tries to bite the carrot a few times but cant so I try to position the carrot better in His mouth for him against a remaining tooth He bites down hard and bites through My index finger of My right hand so deep I can See the Bone Quickly it fills with dark blood. Can Anyone decipher all this Please?


  31. I had a dream that my boyfriend was smiling at me and he had missing teeth? I remember thinking it was rather strange, standing close by was a young lady that he had intimate dealing with all though they were never in a “relationship.”

  32. I forgot to mention..as peculiar as it was to know that I had fangs, I accepted it and anticipated its growth.

  33. I just had a dream last night about a grown tooth, a fang actually, behind my full set of teeth, on the left side and then another one growing on the right side of my mouth…

  34. I have this repeated dream that my teeth are loose and almost falling out, but that i try to hide this by pushing them back in, while they are held to my gums by very few strings. However, in my dreams, no one seems to notice my teeth and i seem overly self-conscious.

  35. I had a dream last night about my teeth falling out. I have these dreams quite frequently. Generally my teeth fall out in pieces, either due to rotting or no reason in particular.
    However most of these dreams also include prayers. FOr instance in my last dream, I was in a hospital and my teeth were falling out. I told my parents that the medication the hospital was giving me was making this occur.
    Then me and my parents fled from the hospital in a car. While we were driving we saw a beautiful man with light color eyes running on the side of the road. My parent slowed the car as we were crossing the bridge. During this time in the dream I knew something was wrong. Then the beautiful man was chasing our car and transformed into a skeleton, he put is hand through the windon to touch us, at which point I started praying surahs and ayyathul qursi. and he could not harm me. at which point I awoke

  36. hi
    I jus had a dream that i woke up from sleep, n the back sets of all my teeth were loose coming off slightly..i was cryin. I went downstairs to show my mum as i was going down the stair my top back teeth started falling off one byy one..my mum was angry more than upset..i called my greind crying to tell her to take me to the dentist..it seemed so real wat does this mean..

  37. I have dreamt more than once that my teeth keep falling out. It is scarying me. My mouth is never empty of teeth, and i am never bleeding. The last time it was really gross, my teeth were from the top left side and kind of rotten and i seemed like i just had to show them to a friend ??? Not sure why i had to show them like i was proud or something?? But then i said i guess i better stop eating all the candy. Then i did not have any teeth on the left side.
    Does anyone have an idea of what this means???

  38. I dreamt I put quarters over my k-9’s and held them in place under my top lip while baring my top row of teeth looking it in the mirror.

  39. A man in my dream his tooth started to stain blood red from the normal colour white and then it slowly started to fall out of his mouth at the front (it was a BIG TOOTH) in the dream and then all this blood started gushing out. Lots and lots of blood it was like a waterfall. It wouldn’t stop. I wanted it to stop. It was scary

  40. In my dream i see my top right tooth is missing. And i say to myself i wonder if another teeth is gonna grow again.
    Please could you help explain my dream…
    Also my mum had a dream that her tooth fall out aswell… What does this mean…

  41. hi. i had a dream where i am pulling out my own teeth. i en up pulling out 13 of my teeth. i go to my mother and tell her that i hav pulled out my teeth and ask if i can put them back in and she says no..my mouth isnt bleeding or anything.i woke up and told my aunty about this..she kind of freakd out but she said its ok..i searched what my dream meant on the net and i found tht it means losing a relative..i dont knw what to believe.HELP PLS

    1. I have the same dream…I pull out 3 of my own teeth and when I go tell my mother I ask her if I can put them back in and she says I can try but she seems very sceptical….Oh very odd that we have had nearly the same dream…number 3 and all O.o

  42. I hear a horrible cracking sound as my teeth fall out in pieces and new teeth push out into their spot in a continuos cycle while I catch them in my cupped hands.

    1. it means someone in your family or friends will die, this is the meaning in islam sorry to let you know i know its a bit scary

    2. This does not mean death. It means that the words that are coming out of your mouth may not have been your true feelings. With the new teeth coming in, it means that you soon will be able to let some of your true feelings out. Just take the time to identify what your true feelings are. Journaling helps because when it gets time to speak your words, you have already written down the truth and now you can say it with ease and dignity and self control and meaning.

  43. i have this dream alot the my teeth rot away into little splinters and make my mouth bleed while they fall out, or sometimes they are just really loose and fall out one by one

    1. Teeth has a lot to do with self image. You may be experiencing low self esteem and confidence where you see yourself less than your full potential. Learn to accept who you are because everyone is different. Whatever other people think about you is irrelevant because you don’t live with them 24/7. Better to learn and love yourself starting today forward.

    2. Hi, I had same dream, where my teeth were falling one by one ( that was 4 years ago) I had this dream maybe twice a month, but the truth is that it means that someone u know will die, and it happened to me that my grandma died two years ago:(.

    1. The K9 teeth is representative of aggression and assertiveness. Are you somehow trying to hide the aggressive nature that may be turning off people who meet you for the first time as it is often times misinterpreted for being a self absorbed jerk?