Teeth in Dreams

Teeth as a topic of dreams is more common than we think because teeth is associated with our very emotions. With every smile or frown, we see teeth or it is hidden away.

Also, when we were younger, we all went through the traumatic experience of losing our baby teeth and replaced with deeply rooted teeth. Though we don’t know it, but the experience of having missing teeth was an embarrassing and awkward moment of life that no one can control.

As an adult and dreaming of rotten teeth or falling teeth, there are deeper issues that trouble you in the form of potential embarrassment that keeps you from addressing important issues at hand.

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75 thoughts on “Teeth in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I yanked out my two front teeth by only using my hand, but once I looked back into my mouth there was two new ones forming, and they felt as those too were going to fall out. Then when I examined my mouth again I had this huge gap where my top teeth would be.

  2. I had a dream that i had a cigarette (i don’t smoke) after having the cigarette, i saw a close up of my teeth but they were yellow, misshaped, with black and red at the gum line. It seemed so real and vivid that it scares me.

  3. I had a dream that a old lady with sharp teeth bit me on my wrist and I couldn’t wake from the dream until after she bit me

  4. My dream starts out at my job, I work at a daycare. Everything seems normal, I’m chatting with moms who came to pick up their kids and then all of a sudden my Teeth are huge, like when you stick them out to look like buck teeth, but they’re so big I can’t get my mouth back to normal and I don’t feel out or get scared but it’s more of an irritated feeling like I’m frustrated that mg teeth are stuck like that.

  5. I’m eating fruit. My mother is giving me an apple. I can see myself chewing it. My lower right canine tooth gets loose. I touch it, it moves and comes out. Under it is a new baby tooth growing. The tooth that falls out is big and strong and a little yellow but I’m proud of it and show my father and he admires it.

  6. i had a reoccurring dream, that before i was able to reach the conclusion of the dream, i would be awoke from, usually in a rude or harsh manor. one day while i knew i had the chance to finish without interruption and finished the dream, but strangely i didn’t loose any teeth but gained big teeth. it seemed to have a race to the finish kind of feel to it, also a divine consciousnesses sense to it. i cant seem to find any meaning to it… any thoughts

  7. I have a dream every month that one of my front teeth fall out i can even taste the blood, everytime my nephew is in the dream and he is always getting into something thats going.to hurt hom n im always in a house or a building and i cant get to him in time to stop him, when i do get to him to stop him from crying my front tooth comes out with a push of my tongue, i can feel the tooth loosening up when im running to save him, what does it mean?

  8. Someone please interpret my dream.. it was very strange.. i opened my mouth and all my teeth had turned into heavy round black stones and i keep opening my mouth to be sure that thats what im seeing i brush my fingers over them and theres extreme pain when i open and close my mouth.. what does this mean?

  9. Last week i had a dream that two of my teeth came out. In the dream i had all my teeth in at first then i touched my right upper row of teeth and one was shaking so i pulled it out. Then i began to question why is my teeth coming out ive never had a cavity in my life. Then shortly aftern that the left side a tooth came out but this time it was black and then all the black on that tooth fell off like ashes to the grounf and then the tooth became really bright and white like a new tooth :s

  10. I had a dream that i looked in the mirror and my two front teeth were growing so big that it had to overlap my lower lip. I touched them and they felt so big, length and width wise.

    Im worried, what does this mean?

  11. I had a dream last night that i pulled out my right wisdom tooth while laying in bed in the darkness!. I then climbed out of bed & walked into the next room, where there was all these big computers with flashing lights & bleeping noises!. Working these computers were tall thin men wearing white overall like tab techs. It was at this point i realised i was a child again!. There was an open door leading outside, i walked out, i then saw that the building i walked out of was like a large posh type of porter cabin, & there was seven more, & seven other children. We were all in this field that just seemed to go on & on – without any sign of civilization or other life except for us!.
    I get the strong sense that this dream is important as i never remember dreams, but i just cant decipher what it could mean!.
    I’m in my 40’s, in good health, with family, & no real worries to talk of. Can anyone help me interpret this this weird dream?, it’s so lucid it’s almost like a actual memory/experience!.

  12. Ive had this dream where i started laughing out of no where and then start pulling out all my teeth, some are just left dangling from my gums when i turn to look at my boyfriend that starts to do the exact same thing.

  13. Hi my father saw a dream that his two front top teeth fall In his hands… I don’t know what does that mean?? Plz tell me from Islamic point

  14. I had a dream tonight that I was at a very bad dentist’s office and was having 2 teeth extracted. In the dream, the man who gave me the anesthetic was very aggressive and gave me the anesthetic in places I’ve never seen before. I work in the dental field so I know the routine. I get numb and the doctor comes in and pulls a molar. I don’t understand why this tooth has to go but he tells me to trust him. In the dream I am confused as to why I didn’t just let my boss (who is a dentist) extract the tooth rather than this quake. I’m really hoping this dream isn’t a bad omen as many say!!

  15. I always have this dream that my teeth are to big to fit in my mouth and that I can’t shut my mouth then when I finally my teeth shatter?? Someone told ne that dreaming of your teeth and them shattering or falling out is a sign of money stress. Is this true?

  16. through out my life i have had this dream of my teeth falling out (not one but all) last night for the first time I had a dream all my teeth fell out including my gums. an in the mids of feeling my gums fall apart I felt this great emptyness. ? : need help understanding of dream. thanks