Vein in Dreams

Dreaming of veins represents your acceptance of having things and good fortune handed to you without doing any work. Be aware that the free ride does not last forever as everything is dependent on one superstar.

Work on developing your own skills because you are a known bottom feeder and the faucet of easy money can be turned off at any given time without warning.

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One thought on “Vein in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream/vision. I could see this chalk drawing on the pavement, it was like a crime scene drawing, outlining where the body had fallen. In the middle of the body was a heart, not like the valentine day heart, but one fashioned like the tabernacle of the Old Testament, from the odd shaped heart came veins that went to the shoulders, to the legs, shoulders, stomach etc. Then there were two exterior veins that came out of each foot,and up to the ears, and then turned into one vein that came out of the mouth. But on all the exterior veins were nooses tied around each vein, and the blood could not flow and give life, or communication to the rest of the body.