Cold Sensation In Dream

During a dream with feelings of a cold sensation that runs through your body during your sleep is an indication of several different factors including sleep paralysis or something spiritual which usually occurs during the deepest stage of sleep known as REM. The feelings during this stage may be associated with total paralysis such as the feeling that a spirit is holding you down against your will sends chills through your through your body feeling the cold sensation. This eminently appears in individuals when they are in the deepest stage of sleep and the conscious brain awakes before the nerves of the body.

Back Biting in Dreams

Dreaming of back biting means you are about to do harm to someone without them knowing. Whatever you do is towards the goal of sabotage. This is similar to back stabbing, and worst in that this person may be very close to you.

Once you are awake from the back biting dream, try to understand why you are doing what you may do, and refrain from the possible bad actions to cause anyone harm.

Naked in Dreams

You may be talking to your friends and performing a daily activity in your dream, then you realize you are naked and everyone else has clothes on. This will initially be shocking, as you realize how vulnerable you are in this state where you are the non-conformist. The naked dreams is often a result of knowing that you are different, or having more to offer than your peers.

If you are currently in a relationship, it could mean that you are not ready to share completely with your partner.

Aerobics in Dreams

Dreaming of aerobics means you are flexible and able to actively participate in all events around you. Aerobics allows you to put all your muscles to work instead of sitting in front of the screen reviewing excel spreadsheets and client documents. It is a calling to find more productive work that involves more movement over a sedimentary position.