Affront in Dreams

Dreaming of affront means someone has crossed you the wrong way, and this feeling of ill will remains in your system till the day you get a chance to strike back at the guilty individual.

The affront dream might be a reminder that you should confront the person plotting against you immediately to prevent further ruin to your reputation.

Balding in Dreams

Dreaming of balding means drastic changes that effect your appearance negatively. Your worries may be unfounded unless you have already noticed a slight thinning of hair. It also represents fleeting beauty and signs of aging.

Sometimes it is good to accept that it is natural for humans to age and die as a destined cycle. Stop worrying, and try to make the most out of life at the current moment.

Crying in Dreams

When you dream about crying, it represents the sadness you have in your heart. Someone close to you are leaving or choosing to distance themselves. You question the actions they do, and don’t quite understand why it is happening and the only outlet is to cry because you are sad.

Not know the reasons why certain things happen the way it does is very saddening and frustrating.

It is also a time you remember the people that you cared about and they may have parted this world. Crying in your dream is a show of your true feelings that you have hidden from your waking life.

Cries of joy are rarely dreamed about.

Attaining in Dreams

Dreaming of attaining means working hard towards an achievable goal. Your career success depends on how much time and effort you put into developing your specialty. It is important to stick to one goal at a time where too many goals will overwhelm you and you might end up not attaining anything substantial at all.