Blow Dry in Dreams

Dreaming of blow dry means getting rid of annoyances. Something may be stalling your relationships, and it is time to examine the relationships to put closure on whatever is creating small rifts.

A blow dry also means you want to feel fresh and nice before taking on new opportunities. Always be prepared for what comes your way.

Blossom in Dreams

Dreaming of blossom means the work you put in is about to become the darling at work and relationships. While you have been grinding away hard, you will reap the rewards shortly. Remember the long journey you took to get there, and always continue with the journey rather than stop. The more you sow, the more you will blossom.

Bloated in Dreams

Dreaming of being bloated means pain and stress is building up at work. It is time for a gradual release otherwise a big bubble pop will leave an ugly mess of a situation. Take the necessary steps to slow down with whatever you are doing. This is not the time to push forward if an ugly outcome can be prevented.

Awakening in Dreams

Dreaming of awakening means you have been enlightened through the process of hard work or study. In your waking hours, you may feel that reaching your goal is still a long way away while grinding a full day’s work, but in your dreams you become awakened and that is a good indication that the fruits of your labor is within reach at any moment.