Persecuted in Dreams

Being persecuted within a dream is representative of feeling immense guilt. Perhaps you’ve done something that was wrong, and your mind is unconsciously punishing you for this. When you’re conscious you’re trying to ignore what you’ve done, but you truly are guilty and the only way you can feel content is if your mind is paying the consequences for what you’ve done.

The way to get over this is to make amends with what you’ve done. You need to face your problem head on and try to relieve yourself of guilt.

Slow Motion in Dreams

Dreaming of slow motion means you are anxious to accomplish tasks on hand quickly but others are holding you back. In business deals, you are the type to go with gut feelings while your partners are taking their time to accurately evaluate the deals. Continuing down this path, you will hit upon some home runs with quick thinking. However, the long stretch will catch up to you and make you conform to doing things slowly.

Shattered in Dreams

Dreaming of being shattered represents your frail state of affairs. Every relationship you have established is tenuous at best because of the lack of attention given to each. Now the fear of losing these important relations is keeping you up at night, and creates the stigma that you might shatter as a body of glass when venturing outside during the waking hours.

Sex Change in Dreams

Sex change in dreams that you are not comfortable with your heterosexuality and you are uncertain about it. Someone of the same sex has gained your interest and curiosity so the heterosexuality you are accustomed to is now faltered. Heterosexuality is usually considered the “norm.” So by being someone of the opposite sex in the dream allows you to like the person of the same sex, without fear or being different.