Cold Sensation In Dream

During a dream with feelings of a cold sensation that runs through your body during your sleep is an indication of several different factors including sleep paralysis or something spiritual which usually occurs during the deepest stage of sleep known as REM. The feelings during this stage may be associated with total paralysis such as the feeling that a spirit is holding you down against your will sends chills through your through your body feeling the cold sensation. This eminently appears in individuals when they are in the deepest stage of sleep and the conscious brain awakes before the nerves of the body.

Lucid in Dream

Having a lucid dream means you are in control and the world is your oyster. You are gifted with the ability to do anything you want, with all the freedom you need, as there’s nothing in this world that can tie you down. Attaining success is easy, and nurturing relationships are a breeze.

Realizing that you control the lucid conscious dream, make the best of the experience where you can fly at will, move around without any inhibitions, and live the moment as real and vivid as possible.

Killing in Dreams

Killing someone you know in a dream is an act of aggression that you envision, but should NEVER act out. You may have been hurt by these individuals unintentionally or indirectly. No matter how much you hate a person in any kind of conflict, do not act upon dreams of hurting or killing them physically because it is not worth it.

Stop for a moment to think why you are dreaming of harmful dreams, or rather nightmares because a human life cannot be bought for any money or any material in this world; and simply irreplaceable.

Talk to them or ignore them all together and move on with your life. You are wasting energy hating someone, and dreaming of inflicting harm to them that causes you to lose sleep.

Appear in Dreams

To dream of objects appearing in random places mean your creative side is trying to break out from your structured way of life. You may be currently unengaged at your workplace, and your mind starts to wander the realms of what if. This is the moment where you need to take a step back and reexamine your life where you have been led astray to accept conformity and blandness as a way of life.