Clams in Dream

A clam is docile and gets by in life without interrupting its surroundings. Dreaming about a clam involves dealings with an obstinate and stubborn but honest person. Dreamer of clams will often enjoy a comfortable life.

Bengal Tiger in Dreams

Dreaming of a Bengal tiger means the show of power and royalty. You demand respect from peers because of the accomplishment in your field. People normally gravitate towards you to seek out knowledge and protection.

The Bengal tiger also symbolizes leadership and luxury. Follow the example, attain one of the traits and you will enjoy both. Obstacles thrown your way don’t stand a chance against you.

Mice in Dreams

Mice are associated with vermin. A dream with mice is not a good sign, as there are trouble looming over a chain of events. Your business partnerships will go soar as each partner is represented by the greed and hoarding nature of mice.

Your relationships will face hard times as well, because mice are known to be aggressively argumentative over territories. Tread carefully after mice appears in your dreams.

Dromedary in Dreams

Dreaming about a dromedary, a one humped camel, is the way you see yourself as dependable and a team player. When your team is tasked with an assignment, you are always the first person in and last person out of the office concerning yourself with the accounts and clients. You go to great lengths making sure the tasks assigned are serviced properly.