Cow in Dreams

A cow is both docile and productive. A dream of cows indicate great prosperity in all ventures. It is best also to keep a close eye on your own affairs carefully. Cows promise abundant fulfillment of hopes and desires of those who dream about them.

Ocelot in Dreams

Dreaming of an ocelot means you have independent spirit with the power to be who you want to be without any regards to what other people think. This automatically earns respect from your peers. The way you carry yourself at parties attract others to you automatically. Beware of the envy your create around you as others would like to contain you and keep you all to themselves.

Cats in Dream

A Cat is very much a feminine aspect, where is it aloof and tends to itself. Cats attacking you represent the enemies crawling away at your defenses; if you succeed at banishing them you will overcome great obstacles and rise in fortune and fame. Overcoming a feline cat is no easy task, and once you have mastery over its behavior, you are its new master.

Puppy in Dreams

If your dream is full of puppies, then you are happiest when you are young and carefree. Your friends enjoy your companionship without attachments, and your relationship will grow with you.

It could also be your maternal nature transcending into your puppies dreams, where you want to start caring for newborns. This idea of your desires to become a parent is ticking.