Ferret in Dreams

Dreaming of a ferret means your life is full on untrustworthy friends and acquaintances that make your life a living hell. You must be constantly looking over your shoulders to prevent sabotages. This keeps you up and contributes to the many restless nights.

In the waking hours, disassociate yourself with these people and only keep company with people you trust.

Jaguar in Dreams

A jaguar appearing in your dream signifies that you are anxious about facing the powerful and wealthy ahead of you. If you overcome the fear and able appease the jaguar, then success will come easily. Many individuals have rise up and confronted the jaguar alone or with support and joined the ranks of the successful.

Tarantula in Dreams

Dreams involving tarantulas are omens towards health and prospects. Your health may be devastated by unforeseeable events surrounding your life and personal space. The tarantula will apply entrapment strategies to the target which is you. After the dream, be more aware and cautious in order to protect yourself and love ones.

Weasel in Dreams

Spotting a weasel in your dreams is analogous to spotting the deceit and betrayal that will follow in the waking hours. Your enemies lie in wait to ambush you. They may be hidden well within the ranks of your friends and acquaintances.

It can also mean that you don’t have trust in anyone either because you are known to them as a weasel.