Fox in Dreams

Foxes are denoted as cunning and deceptive creatures. Dreaming of a fox often involves and an enemy or rival who has penetrated your group of friends and waiting on the chance to make a fool out of you. If you kill the fox in the dream, then you overcome the threat of trouble and will win in the upcoming engagement with your enemy.

Tarantula in Dreams

Dreams involving tarantulas are omens towards health and prospects. Your health may be devastated by unforeseeable events surrounding your life and personal space. The tarantula will apply entrapment strategies to the target which is you. After the dream, be more aware and cautious in order to protect yourself and love ones.

Dromedary in Dreams

Dreaming about a dromedary, a one humped camel, is the way you see yourself as dependable and a team player. When your team is tasked with an assignment, you are always the first person in and last person out of the office concerning yourself with the accounts and clients. You go to great lengths making sure the tasks assigned are serviced properly.

Cats in Dream

A Cat is very much a feminine aspect, where is it aloof and tends to itself. Cats attacking you represent the enemies crawling away at your defenses; if you succeed at banishing them you will overcome great obstacles and rise in fortune and fame. Overcoming a feline cat is no easy task, and once you have mastery over its behavior, you are its new master.