Black Bear in Dreams

Dreaming of a black bear means empowering yourself for a confrontation with your worst fears. Regardless of the difficulties facing you, they will tremble and break before you. Embrace the new found power and engage as many enemies as possible to grow further in strength and recognition.

The black bear will not run away from troubles and is always ready to confront the worst.

Gazelle in Dreams

Gazelles are beautiful and graceful creatures. Dreaming about a gazelle often represents dreaming of someone you have an interest in. Further dreaming about them brings the host joy, genuine love and affection towards the subject of their dreams.

Hippopotamus in Dreams

Dreaming of a hippopotamus means hiding your true power and strength. Those who do not know your true nature will be in for a surprise upon discovering what you are capable of. Your enemies are hesitant to cross you, as they have heard stories, but never witnessed your destructive actions. Continue to leverage the unknown to your advantage, and show your strength only when necessary.

Moose in Dreams

When a moose appears in your dream, there will be a powerful gentle soul entering your life. This may be a father figure that you have been missing and wishing for. The moose will guide you towards bountiful harvests, and feeding pastures. A sign that good fortune will follow in the days to come.