Hawk in Dreams

Dreaming of hawks indicate power and an increase in wealth if the hawk is in a calm perched position. However, if the hawk is flying in your dream, then you are giving chase to certain losses happening in your everyday life.

Lark in Dreams

Dreaming of a lark indicate success, new found wealth, and financial freedom. The lark’s distinctive feature is a crest that signifies royalty. You may receive an unexpected inheritance in the future as dreams with larks are often followed by a gain in wealth.

After the lark dream, hold your head up high and demand the respect for your lineage. However, when you act too condescending, your wealth will be gone sooner before it arrives.

Roadrunner in Dreams

Dreaming of a roadrunner means you are constantly on the move coming up with ideas. Those ideas help confirm your position as a thought leader with lots of mental toughness. Apply these ideas into your daily life to establish a foundation of success. Keep your enemies close to you as they are always looking for ways to steal your ideas and impede your roadrunner dreams forging ahead.

Crow in Dreams

Seeing a crow in your dream means sorrow, death, and disappointment in everything. Crows have a negative connotation in real life because they are natural scavengers, usually feeding off smaller dead animals. Beware of crows because grief and misfortune will follow.