Goose in Dreams

When a goose appears in your dream, it indicates innocence and fertility. You are the centerpiece that enemies want to corrupt for their own gains. At the same time, you continue to provide in riches that are both abundant and rewarding. Adapt to being less naive and you can accumulate your own riches.

Partridge in Dreams

Dreaming of a partridge denotes the realization of your unrealized potential. Sometimes being born with natural abilities does not make you the best in your field unless you put forth effort and time into crafting your repertoire.

Through repetition and continued adjustments, your natural abilities will develop into leadership and real desired qualities by your peers.

Hummingbird in Dreams

When a hummingbird appears in your dreams, it indicates the flightiness and fickleness characteristics of your life. Being borderline and never committing yourself completely to anything or anyone diminishes your influence and potential to attain greatness. Start by cleaning up the clutters around your life and refocus on what’s important.

Phoenix in Dreams

In mythology, a phoenix is revered as a legendary fiery bird who bestows hope and rebirth upon others. Thus, the appearance of a phoenix in your dream symbolizes renewal and growth. When undergoing a period of trouble, seeing a phoenix in your dream, it shows that hope is approaching you in a slow and steady way.