Canary in Dreams

A dream of a canary at home translates into a happy and comfortable life whether it is caged or free spirited. Canaries are full of exquisite refinement with its beautiful coat of colors, wealth and satisfying friendships. Friends and lasting relationships are the prominent traits of canaries.

Crane in Dreams

Dreaming of cranes signify happiness and overall content for life. You do not envy others, or wish any ill will against even your enemies. At times when vengeance is called for, you choose peace instead. Your life is pure and simple exemplifying goodness to the bone.

Stork in Dreams

Dreaming of a stork means birth of child and new beginnings. A stork brings hope and renewal to those who seek them out. Plan on a new addition to the family after having this dream, and prepare for the new responsibilities of raising a child.

The atmosphere around you will be very festive as everyone is thrilled by the bundle of joy that arrives in due time.

Bluebird in Dreams

Dreaming of a bluebird means mourning and sadness. Be prepared for a turn of events that may steam from bad luck or misfortunes. In your waking hours, it is best to stay indoors and avoid physical activities when possible. You will be challenged, and the outcome will not be favorable.