Chickadee in Dreams

Dreaming of a chickadee associates you with being fickle and likely to flake on a whim. Flocking to every little thing makes you forget the bigger picture and will lead to a disastrous outcome of your fortune and relations. Stop chasing the small ideas like a chickadee, and follow through on big ideas to get where you want to be.

Fowl in Dreams

Dreaming of a fowl indicates an association with captivity and having your wings clipped. When your freedom of flight is taken away from you, the feeling of anguish and despair will set in. In your waking hours, there’s an obstacle that you must overcome in order for the fowl dreams to slowly go away.

Chicken in Dreams

Chicken is a farm animal we don’t normally dream about because a majority of the time we only see it in its cooked form. Chicken is a sign of easy availability. They represent easiness of fortune in love, joy and happiness in all aspects of your life.

Ostrich in Dreams

An ostrich is a powerful bird, yet often misunderstood. When an ostrich appears in your dream, it is a representation of you avoiding reality. You run away from problems and avoid on coming problems. This leads up to more problems eventually crushing your spirits in the process.