Birds in Dreams

Birds in flight are a sign of prosperity to the dreamer. Flying is often associated with feelings of freedom, liberation from weight of responsibilities. Birds are never limited by their surroundings. When the seasons change, they migrate to warmer parts of the hemisphere that’s better for them.

Ibis in Dreams

Dreaming of a ibis means you have a willingness to finish a task no matter what it takes. Your work ethics are dully noted by your superiors and will be well rewarded at year end reviews. The ibis appearing in your dream is foretelling you to work through the rough patches and come out a better person.

Vulture in Dreams

Dreaming about vultures does not bode well for the dreamer. Vultures are natural scavengers of the dead animals and they represent illnesses that may bring death and misery. Be cautious and more careful in your waking life to prevent these shortcomings until you stop dreaming about vultures.

Swallow in Dreams

Dreaming of a swallow means infinite freedom to partake in all the things you love. Your passion towards your hobbies and work are never compromised by the activities surrounding you. Continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor as you are rarely working for money, and yet financial success seems to find you easier than you have ever envisioned.