Pigeon in Dreams

Pigeons appear in your dreams as carefree birds that go about their days feeding and socializing in packs. It represents your freedom of the moment and forgetting bigger responsibilities. On negative note, if you dream about being called a bird brain then your intelligence is being challenged and invalidated.

Falcon in Dreams

Dreaming of a falcon means you exert high levels of energy to achieve your goals. The process involves strenuous concentration, and long hours to perfect your craft. At work, you are always the superstar the clients love. In relationships, you always take the dominate role.

Nightingale in Dreams

When a nightingale appears in your dream, it signifies that you have a strong affinity to music and waiting for an opportune time of discovery. Keep your head up and continue working on your music as a nightingale would sing day and night for hours at a time. Your dreams of becoming a song writer or singer will follow the path of the nightingale.

Swallow in Dreams

Dreaming of a swallow means infinite freedom to partake in all the things you love. Your passion towards your hobbies and work are never compromised by the activities surrounding you. Continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor as you are rarely working for money, and yet financial success seems to find you easier than you have ever envisioned.