Mouth in Dreams

Dreaming of the mouth means you are holding back some secrets by keeping your mouth zipped. The moment you feel inclined to tell someone will lead to your downfall, and create a storm of controversy.

The mouth is also a sensuous area that represents pleasing the other person with a kiss or good food.

Muscles in Dream

A dream about muscles correlates to growing strength and power to overcome your everyday obstacles. Whether there exist difficulties today, you have about to start your journey of empowering yourself. At your arsenal disposal are your friends who can lend you strength and support.

It is a new day to surprise your enemies with the sudden surge of strength and power after having the dream about muscles.

Tongue in Dreams

Dreaming about tongue is analogous to experiencing deep sensations of pleasure. The human tongue derives a great deal of pleasure from taste, texture, and temperature. A perfect combination of these elements elicits new experiences for the person with the tongue dream.

Also you will continue to venture outside your comfort zone to experience new pleasures.

Brain in Dreams

Seeing a brain in your dreams indicates the belief in applying education and a strong mind to help you get ahead in life. Every brain has the same capacity to develop at the same rate whether you come from a rich or poor environment. At the end, it is amounts to how much daily mental exercise your brain completes.

Upon dreaming of brains, you will appreciate that intelligence does not have the limited time constraints of beauty.