Abdomen in Dreams

Dreaming of an abdomen means you have a hunger to succeed, and fulfill a destiny. Currently, there is an amount of emptiness that you are aware of, and which makes your mind wander in the waking hours.

Accept the task of your destiny by writing it down, and pursue it everyday until the abdomen dream is no more.

Skull in Dreams

Dreaming of a skull represents impending danger and bodily harm that awaits you. Be careful of your daily dealings, and don’t venture further into dark or unethical thoughts pertaining to business and relationships as they will pull you deeper in a vicious cycle.

Overcome the skull dream by doing good, and participating in altruistic acts.

Belly Button in Dreams

Dreaming of a belly button means you are searching for your past and a time of innocence. Your current frustrations or difficulties can only be alleviated by understanding your past. Without the past, the answers may elude you longer than necessary. In addition, you may remember a time of innocence previously, but difficulties have taken its toll on you.

Focus on finding your past, of how it shaped you to be who you are. Dive deep into your belly button dream, and you will come out as a better person.

Belly in Dreams

Dreaming of a belly means you are facing a situation that requires your highest attention to gut feeling and maternal instincts. Your gut feeling has a 95% chance of being right to help you out of a bind, don’t dismiss it so easily. In additional, seek out someone who is able to provide you with maternal instincts to guide you through the worst of times. Gut feeling working together with maternal instincts will triumph over whatever obstacles you are facing.

If you are dreaming of a big belly, it means you have had your fill. Enough is enough, all things must be taken in moderation before a good thing turns bad.