Face in Dreams

Dreaming of a face represents you seeking to be more like that person whether that person’s personality, abilities, or traits make them attractive. The more you see their faces in dreams, the stronger your desires to be emulate their every accomplishments.

Seeing your own face represents a degree of uncertainly you are encountering in your own self image. Take a step back and re-evaluate areas that you can improve on, and start immediately. Before you know it, that aspect of your life has already become stronger.

Back in Dream

Dreaming of a bare back denotes the vulnerability of others. The person’s back is open and unprotected from harm. Imagine how easy it is to stab a person in the back.

The back dream, also acts as a warning for you to watch over your finances, and assets to prevent them from becoming liabilities. Before entering into financial transactions and deals, make sure to have good exit strategies fully prepared.

Lungs in Dream

Dreaming of lungs mean there’s capacity to expand the horizons of your life. Even when you feel stuck in one place forever, there’s always a way out. Take the time for a deep introspection of your life that offers glimmers of hope and focus on it.

Breath and enjoy the freedom that life offers, and never settle into a suffocating situation.

Tongue in Dreams

Dreaming about tongue is analogous to experiencing deep sensations of pleasure. The human tongue derives a great deal of pleasure from taste, texture, and temperature. A perfect combination of these elements elicits new experiences for the person with the tongue dream.

Also you will continue to venture outside your comfort zone to experience new pleasures.