Fingers in Dream

Dreaming of fingers mean there are unfinished tasks that keep you anxious and up at night. The tasks require a hands on approach and your utmost attention to detail. You feel guilty at simply poking its surface instead of getting a complete grasp of the project.

Your fingers will help you maneuver any obstacle the blocks your path.

Pelvis in Dreams

Dreaming of the pelvis means you have sexual ambiguities where you do not exhibit any dominant male or female traits. Plan on resolving your sexuality by experimenting to determine who you really are. Do not fear as it is a very natural experience that the human race has been perpetuating for millions of years. Learn to be comfortable and embrace who you are.

Nipples in Dreams

Dreaming of nipples represents your dependency on motherly love, or the need of a caring relationship. The image of nipples provide a soothing effect as it is ingrained into humans through evolution’s programming from babies recognizing the nipples as feeding time. In your relationships, become more caring and take on the role of providing maternal love.

Gall Bladder in Dreams

Dreaming of the gall bladder means you are currently holding on to items or memories of no value. Go out and participate in new activities while letting go of the past that continues to hold you back from attaining life long goals. Make new friends who share a common goal, and disassociate yourself from the stragglers. Enjoy the release of tension and bad vibes.