Backbone in Dreams

Dreaming of backbone means you want to show strength during your waking hours. A strong backbone keeps your body upright with proper posture, and holds your head up high allowing you to meet people eye to eye. Start to develop both mental and physical strength after having the backbone dream, it will allow you to tackle the hardest obstacles you may face with ease.

Anus in Dream

When you dream of an anus, it is often associated with having a tight grip and not letting go of things in life by hoarding and holding on to everything. The dream is showing you how you tend to make an ass of yourself by adhering these repressive ideas that are not allowing your wings to spread and fly. Loosen up, your bowels won’t be the only thing thanking you.

Hair in Dreams

Hair in dreams can represent one of many things, dependent on the state of the hair. If you’re hair is different and not what you’re use to than it’s a sign of change. Long hair can represent longevity in life and the willingness to strive for the future. Messy hair shows a messy life and an unorganized one. Getting your hair cut shows how you need to change your life and hair is a quality that partially defines us and when you change it, you’re changing who you are. Hair may not necessarily be bad in a dream, but be aware that the different signs of hair can be indications of how you view your life.

Penis in Dreams

Dreaming of a penis normally denotes your own desires for the male organ of fertility, or the association of having sex and perhaps leading to loving children. The phallic symbol in a dream is also representative of your own aggressive nature to penetrate, overcome, and dominate your daily situations. Embrace the positives of the penis dream as a self awareness of a powerful symbolic sense of progression, and pushing forward.