Beard in Dreams

Dreaming of a long beard represents old age, insight, and wisdom. A Beard represents masculinity, manhood, and respect. If you are a woman with the dream, it shows your masculine aspect of your personality. If you’re a man with no beard, it shows that you don’t care about what others say about your appearance. If the color of the beard is white, it represents wisdom and wide life experience. If the color is black, it represents male sexuality energy. Growing a beard in your dream can also be a symbol of you growing up physically, especially if you’re in puberty stage.

Muscles in Dream

A dream about muscles correlates to growing strength and power to overcome your everyday obstacles. Whether there exist difficulties today, you have about to start your journey of empowering yourself. At your arsenal disposal are your friends who can lend you strength and support.

It is a new day to surprise your enemies with the sudden surge of strength and power after having the dream about muscles.

Calves in Dream

Dreaming of calves mean you have the necessary tools to reach a higher level in careers and relationships. Utilizing these tools will help you catapult closer to your goal of the next level. You also have the flexibility to change and navigate situations to your own benefit rather than being stuck at something detrimental.

Vein in Dreams

Dreaming of veins represents your acceptance of having things and good fortune handed to you without doing any work. Be aware that the free ride does not last forever as everything is dependent on one superstar.

Work on developing your own skills because you are a known bottom feeder and the faucet of easy money can be turned off at any given time without warning.