Brain in Dreams

Seeing a brain in your dreams indicates the belief in applying education and a strong mind to help you get ahead in life. Every brain has the same capacity to develop at the same rate whether you come from a rich or poor environment. At the end, it is amounts to how much daily mental exercise your brain completes.

Upon dreaming of brains, you will appreciate that intelligence does not have the limited time constraints of beauty.

Breasts in Dreams

Dreaming of breasts represent the innate motherly nature in you bubbling up to the top of your priorities. Your maternal clock may be hinting at you to start the process of producing a baby.

It is also an aspect of how society view a woman’s body in terms of perfection, too big or too small. Seeing breast in dreams is your desire for contact with a pleasurable form, or perfect breast simply brings a smile to your face. As the association of breastfeeding fulfilling a human hunger is built into the human unconscious through our species’ evolution programming.

Backbone in Dreams

Dreaming of backbone means you want to show strength during your waking hours. A strong backbone keeps your body upright with proper posture, and holds your head up high allowing you to meet people eye to eye. Start to develop both mental and physical strength after having the backbone dream, it will allow you to tackle the hardest obstacles you may face with ease.

Legs in Dream

Dreaming of legs mean strength and foundation. You are often able to pull yourself together after tough days and stand tall again on your own legs. This is the same strength you place onto your projects where it can operate automatically with a strong foundation in place.

Your enemies no long like to confront you as they know in their hard that your strength is unmatched.