Foot in Dreams

Dreaming of a foot mean you are coming to terms that you need to make a stand for yourself as an individual and stop conforming to society or giving in to your peers. Learn to hold your ground according to the morals and integrity that make you stronger than you appear.

This is the process where you learn to walk, and then eventually run all over the place. The infancy stages of your life is over. Welcome to adulthood.

Backbone in Dreams

Dreaming of backbone means you want to show strength during your waking hours. A strong backbone keeps your body upright with proper posture, and holds your head up high allowing you to meet people eye to eye. Start to develop both mental and physical strength after having the backbone dream, it will allow you to tackle the hardest obstacles you may face with ease.

Head in Dreams

The head is the controlling aspect of the human body. When you dream of the head, it is an early indication that intelligence and control are in play of your waking life. Difficult tasks, unfortunate turn of events, and disappointment can be avoided by wise decisions.

Continue to follow a path of learning, and exercise wise actions by acknowledging your head dream.

Jaw in Dreams

Dreaming of a jaw means you are all about the daily grind. The tough days help to fulfill the emptiness in your life. Instead of looking forward to the weekends like everyone else, you live for the work week where you have been trained to do your best all your life.

Ever question yourself that life is not all about working? Take a long break and find yourself.