Throat in Dreams

Dreaming of your throat indicates a deep desire to get your word out and express your message clearly. The throat is symbolic to verbal prowess and versatility in communications. Being able to express your wants and goals will eventually lead you to furthering careers and relationships.

Gall Bladder in Dreams

Dreaming of the gall bladder means you are currently holding on to items or memories of no value. Go out and participate in new activities while letting go of the past that continues to hold you back from attaining life long goals. Make new friends who share a common goal, and disassociate yourself from the stragglers. Enjoy the release of tension and bad vibes.

Bones in Dream

Dreaming of bones represents your quest to uncover the truth no matter the obstacles or ugliness that may be encountered in the path. Bones are materials that manifest the origin of events and situations that affect our daily lives.

Understanding the past helps to put closure and meaning into transactions. When making a big business deal and you have a dream about bones, then you must do your due diligence before committing large sums of wealth and energy to the partnership.

Mouth in Dreams

Dreaming of the mouth means you are holding back some secrets by keeping your mouth zipped. The moment you feel inclined to tell someone will lead to your downfall, and create a storm of controversy.

The mouth is also a sensuous area that represents pleasing the other person with a kiss or good food.