Vein in Dreams

Dreaming of veins represents your acceptance of having things and good fortune handed to you without doing any work. Be aware that the free ride does not last forever as everything is dependent on one superstar.

Work on developing your own skills because you are a known bottom feeder and the faucet of easy money can be turned off at any given time without warning.

Breasts in Dreams

Dreaming of breasts represent the innate motherly nature in you bubbling up to the top of your priorities. Your maternal clock may be hinting at you to start the process of producing a baby.

It is also an aspect of how society view a woman’s body in terms of perfection, too big or too small. Seeing breast in dreams is your desire for contact with a pleasurable form, or perfect breast simply brings a smile to your face. As the association of breastfeeding fulfilling a human hunger is built into the human unconscious through our species’ evolution programming.

Lips in Dream

Dreaming of the lips mean love and romance. Lips are for kissing and caressing other parts of the body for arousal effects. Inclusive of the non-verbal actions, the lips help to solidify love interests with smooth talks and perfect communications.

The lips are also the most accurate evaluation of your health. When you are sick, your lips will go pale. When you are dehydrated, your lips will crack due to the dryness.

Ankle in Dreams

Dreaming about ankles is an indication of need for support. Your life may be taking a turn due to all the difficulties staggering and renewing themselves unwanted. You want to be able to stand up to these obstacles with your own strength, but any kind of support from those who know you best is greatly appreciated.