Breasts in Dreams

Dreaming of breasts represent the innate motherly nature in you bubbling up to the top of your priorities. Your maternal clock may be hinting at you to start the process of producing a baby.

It is also an aspect of how society view a woman’s body in terms of perfection, too big or too small. Seeing breast in dreams is your desire for contact with a pleasurable form, or perfect breast simply brings a smile to your face. As the association of breastfeeding fulfilling a human hunger is built into the human unconscious through our species’ evolution programming.

Skull in Dreams

Dreaming of a skull represents impending danger and bodily harm that awaits you. Be careful of your daily dealings, and don’t venture further into dark or unethical thoughts pertaining to business and relationships as they will pull you deeper in a vicious cycle.

Overcome the skull dream by doing good, and participating in altruistic acts.

Mouth in Dreams

Dreaming of the mouth means you are holding back some secrets by keeping your mouth zipped. The moment you feel inclined to tell someone will lead to your downfall, and create a storm of controversy.

The mouth is also a sensuous area that represents pleasing the other person with a kiss or good food.

Wrinkled Skin in Dreams

Seeing Wrinkled skin in dreams shows that you’re worrying about your age and your physical appearance. In your physical form you may start to realize your limitations as your age gets older. You’re not the young energetic and youthful person you use to be, you’re growing older each day. Your body is afraid that it’s going to be worn out and useless and your mind is representing that in the form of a dream. Another reason for this dream is that you can just be vain, you’re very focused on your physical appearance and you’re afraid of getting wrinkles. Everyone will get them eventually, instead of worrying about your outer beauty maybe it’s a sign to look for your inner beauty.