Acne in Dreams

Dreaming of acne represents fear of appearances trumping the value of merit and skills. Our world is bombarded with images of perfect models and faces of zero blemishes, and we learned from early age to hold our standards to what we see from magazines and marketing channels.

People may be shallow and judge by appearances, but you do not have to fear acne holding you back. Continue to develop on your craft that survives the test of time because beauty is always fleeting with age.

Intestines in Dream

Dreaming of intestines mean the end through cruel disgusting acts. It is never a good sign to see intestines because it is only present at horrible accidents or acts of mutilation. Beware of your enemies in your waking hours as they are not likely to hold anything back when confronting you. Take caution when traveling to unfamiliar destination.

Buttocks in Dream

Dreaming of buttocks is an indication of over complacency where you are more comfortable at resting your laurels rather than tackling a problem head on. In addition, without the proper exercises, the buttocks will become bigger, wider and more unsightly.

To dream of well formed buttocks is to become really determined in achieving good health through an active lifestyle rather than the couch potato living. Strive to keep moving, and strive to succeed in overall health and finances.

Belly in Dreams

Dreaming of a belly means you are facing a situation that requires your highest attention to gut feeling and maternal instincts. Your gut feeling has a 95% chance of being right to help you out of a bind, don’t dismiss it so easily. In additional, seek out someone who is able to provide you with maternal instincts to guide you through the worst of times. Gut feeling working together with maternal instincts will triumph over whatever obstacles you are facing.

If you are dreaming of a big belly, it means you have had your fill. Enough is enough, all things must be taken in moderation before a good thing turns bad.