Ankle in Dreams

Dreaming about ankles is an indication of need for support. Your life may be taking a turn due to all the difficulties staggering and renewing themselves unwanted. You want to be able to stand up to these obstacles with your own strength, but any kind of support from those who know you best is greatly appreciated.

Intestines in Dream

Dreaming of intestines mean the end through cruel disgusting acts. It is never a good sign to see intestines because it is only present at horrible accidents or acts of mutilation. Beware of your enemies in your waking hours as they are not likely to hold anything back when confronting you. Take caution when traveling to unfamiliar destination.

Nose in Dreams

Dreaming of a nose represents your desire to achieve by following new found success. The nose allows us to pick up scents that cannot be seen meaning the nose dream is an early indication that your path is set ahead of all your peers without anyone realizing it except you. Continue to thrive in finding new opportunities in your career and life.

Kidney in Dreams

Dreaming of kidneys means your physical and spiritual being needs a thorough cleansing. If you are feeling ill or undertaking unknown toxins in your diet, the kidneys dream is your warning to re-evaluate the situations and change.

Your current spiritual thoughts may be unclean and clouded with dirty unethical desires. Seek out a confidant or therapist to help ease out the bad thoughts that trouble you.