Hand in Dreams

When you dream of hands, you are dreaming of being able and willing with full competence. Every task you face, there is nothing holding you back from completing it with the utmost precision and care. Regarding relationships, you will be able to fix the initial difficulties and concerns. Expect events to fall into place because they are all in good hands.

Muscles in Dream

A dream about muscles correlates to growing strength and power to overcome your everyday obstacles. Whether there exist difficulties today, you have about to start your journey of empowering yourself. At your arsenal disposal are your friends who can lend you strength and support.

It is a new day to surprise your enemies with the sudden surge of strength and power after having the dream about muscles.

Feet in Dreams

Dreaming of feet mean you are recollecting all the places you have been and created a lasting memory. Feet also represent your own capabilities and strength to carry on when all else have failed. It is important to remember that humans are transient beings that are constantly on the move, whether that it is physically or mentally. Once you stay in once place for too long, then you are already dead.

Stomach in Dreams

Dreaming of the stomach means tolerating the things you hate happening all around you. The difficulties that you encounter might leave a nasty aftertaste in your mouth, but never causes an upset stomach because you can tolerate all types of bull that comes your way.

The stomach dream can also signify your desire for well defined sexy abs through dieting and exercise.