Brain in Dreams

Seeing a brain in your dreams indicates the belief in applying education and a strong mind to help you get ahead in life. Every brain has the same capacity to develop at the same rate whether you come from a rich or poor environment. At the end, it is amounts to how much daily mental exercise your brain completes.

Upon dreaming of brains, you will appreciate that intelligence does not have the limited time constraints of beauty.

Rib in Dreams

Dreaming of ribs mean starvation and being poor. The physical appearances have deteriorated to the point where ribs become the dominant feature in the mirror. This can also be a result from a long time sickness that has been eating away at the body.

It is an indication that your position of power is about to come to an abrupt end due to mismanagement.

Stomach in Dreams

Dreaming of the stomach means tolerating the things you hate happening all around you. The difficulties that you encounter might leave a nasty aftertaste in your mouth, but never causes an upset stomach because you can tolerate all types of bull that comes your way.

The stomach dream can also signify your desire for well defined sexy abs through dieting and exercise.

Abdomen in Dreams

Dreaming of an abdomen means you have a hunger to succeed, and fulfill a destiny. Currently, there is an amount of emptiness that you are aware of, and which makes your mind wander in the waking hours.

Accept the task of your destiny by writing it down, and pursue it everyday until the abdomen dream is no more.