Chest in Dreams

Dreaming of the chest means overcoming a difficult obstacle, and you are about to make the victory rounds. You want to pound your chest with clench fist and let out a big roar to signify completing a successful project or tour.

The chest also represent power and vigor as it consist of powerful muscle groups that stand out if your workout targets that area.

Ankle in Dreams

Dreaming about ankles is an indication of need for support. Your life may be taking a turn due to all the difficulties staggering and renewing themselves unwanted. You want to be able to stand up to these obstacles with your own strength, but any kind of support from those who know you best is greatly appreciated.

Muscles in Dream

A dream about muscles correlates to growing strength and power to overcome your everyday obstacles. Whether there exist difficulties today, you have about to start your journey of empowering yourself. At your arsenal disposal are your friends who can lend you strength and support.

It is a new day to surprise your enemies with the sudden surge of strength and power after having the dream about muscles.

Elbows in Dream

Dreaming of elbows mean protective weapons at your disposal. When you fold your hands across your chest and extend both elbows, you defenses are at its peak and no one will find you approachable.

This can mean that your ability to advance is capped by your unwillingness to share and be accommodating to you peers.