Penis in Dreams

Dreaming of a penis normally denotes your own desires for the male organ of fertility, or the association of having sex and perhaps leading to loving children. The phallic symbol in a dream is also representative of your own aggressive nature to penetrate, overcome, and dominate your daily situations. Embrace the positives of the penis dream as a self awareness of a powerful symbolic sense of progression, and pushing forward.

Entrails in Dream

Dreaming of entrails mean death and destruction. It is never a good sign to envision entrails because there will always be problems associated with the imagery. Our basic human fears are often triggered by stomach aches, and a sharp pain to the intestines is a even worst scenario. Do not participate in business deals and lead big projects when you see entrails in a dream because the outcome will be bad.

Armpit in Dreams

Dreaming of an armpit means bearing your true form to the public. There is nothing holding you back in terms of your true attitude and personality. If an armpit is untrimmed, you are likely to be wild and nonconforming to socially acceptable etiquette. The reverse is true if your armpit has been shaved.

Chest in Dreams

Dreaming of the chest means overcoming a difficult obstacle, and you are about to make the victory rounds. You want to pound your chest with clench fist and let out a big roar to signify completing a successful project or tour.

The chest also represent power and vigor as it consist of powerful muscle groups that stand out if your workout targets that area.