Calves in Dream

Dreaming of calves mean you have the necessary tools to reach a higher level in careers and relationships. Utilizing these tools will help you catapult closer to your goal of the next level. You also have the flexibility to change and navigate situations to your own benefit rather than being stuck at something detrimental.

Lungs in Dream

Dreaming of lungs mean there’s capacity to expand the horizons of your life. Even when you feel stuck in one place forever, there’s always a way out. Take the time for a deep introspection of your life that offers glimmers of hope and focus on it.

Breath and enjoy the freedom that life offers, and never settle into a suffocating situation.

Legs in Dream

Dreaming of legs mean strength and foundation. You are often able to pull yourself together after tough days and stand tall again on your own legs. This is the same strength you place onto your projects where it can operate automatically with a strong foundation in place.

Your enemies no long like to confront you as they know in their hard that your strength is unmatched.

Belly Button in Dreams

Dreaming of a belly button means you are searching for your past and a time of innocence. Your current frustrations or difficulties can only be alleviated by understanding your past. Without the past, the answers may elude you longer than necessary. In addition, you may remember a time of innocence previously, but difficulties have taken its toll on you.

Focus on finding your past, of how it shaped you to be who you are. Dive deep into your belly button dream, and you will come out as a better person.