Jester in Dreams

Dreaming of a jester means you are looking for comedy in you life. Laughter helps to heal your troubled life, and bring perspective into the mundane daily grinds. There’s a great sadness hovering over you, and the worries tend to overburden you. Seek out a pal who can make you laugh and shoot the bull over a glass of spirits.

Coworker in Dreams

Dreaming of a coworker indicates you are attracted to the qualities that your dream partner possesses. There is something about them that you admire from afar, but cannot tell them in person. The dream allows you to act out the desire towards a better working relationship with the coworker.

It does not represent you wanting know them more intimately.

Baby in Dreams

Dreaming of a baby indicates a need for nurturing and caring. Babies are fragile until they grow up to take care of themselves. Depending on the age of the person dreaming of a baby, the interpretations take on a different meaning.

A child dreaming of a baby could arise from the tensions of sibling rivalry.

A teen dreaming of a baby could be an indication of mixed emotions and uncertainties of sexual activities.

A young professional dreaming of a baby indicates a desire to start parenthood.

An older adult dreaming of a baby could mean they want to start a family or looking for grand kids.

Acquaintance in Dreams

Dreaming of an acquaintance means you want more than a casual encounter. This is not just a person you want to say hi or bye to on a daily basis, but you desire to really get to know this person on a personal level either by spending time having a drink or drumming up a common interest to move beyond the acquaintance relationship.

You are all about building relations with people you meet as you open yourself to friends and strangers alike.