Hostage in Dreams

Dreaming of a hostage means you are being held captive by people who intend to profit off you. All your actions as a hostage are limited and closely controlled with little or no outside contact allowed. This dream can be triggered by a sense of helplessness at a dead end job, or am unfulfilled relationship. In the waking hours, seek out friends and activities to compensate for the lack of a healthy balance in your life and experience the new found freedoms.

Bartender in Dreams

Dreaming of a bartender means you rather be somewhere else than the present moment. The bartender is able to serve up drinks of your choice to dull your senses, and eliminate the monotony of routines. This can also be detrimental to your development as hours are wasted and leaves you feeling exhausted only to find yourself exactly where you may have left off without finding any solutions.

Genie in Dreams

Dreaming of a genie means you are chasing a goal of riches and easy living. This is similar to coming into sudden wealth, where everything would be taken care of. Do remember what makes life purposeful is the journey, continue to chase the goal and your life will be fulfilled.

When you are able to help yourself and becoming less dependent on others, you will dream less about a genie.

Sphinx in Dreams

Dreaming of a sphinx details a certain wisdom in your life. Sphinxes were known for being a sign of wisdom and mystery as they often hold riddles and other profound statements. Therefore, if you dream of a sphinx, it may reflect a guardianship position in your life. Ancient Egyptians used the sphinxes as guardians to their tombs so perhaps you are in a similar position? Perhaps you are actively protecting and watching over important people or even things that are dear to you?