Astronomer in Dreams

Dreaming of an astronomer means you are mapping out the paths of your life. You wish to see the many different opportunities available to you before embarking on your life’s journey. With a map to the universe, you feel self-assured that your every wish and goals can be attained. Continue to study the opportunities of life, and you will be rewarded.

Mummy in Dreams

Dreaming of a mummy means you are entrenched so deep in tradition that it is literally holding you back from career or relationship advancements. Whatever fresh ideas or goals you come up with, they are quickly concealed and forgotten similar to a physical being mummified with cloth bandages and then entombed. This fear will creep up on you from time to time until you let go of the past, and start afresh in the journey of life.

Dreaming of being chased by a mummy means your worst fears are catching up to you even though mummies move at a very slow pace. This will always continue until you gain the courage to tackle pending difficulties instead of running away.

Admiral in Dreams

Dreaming of an admiral means you are taking command of your life, careers and relationships. Everything about you has a certain style of execution, and resolve. Your peers look to you for leadership as you have shown them how to tackle the toughest of challenges. Continue to command and lead your peers to further everyone’s careers.

Angels in Dream

When angels appear in your dreams, they are answering to your prayers. Their presences upon you will bring about good fortune and help to dispel your worries pertaining to relationships, illnesses, and stressful situations. Have faith that your cry for help and reassurance will be answered in due time.

It is important to remember what the angels do in your dreams, or what words of wisdom are spoken to you. Heaven may be a place close to your heart.