Mysterious Stranger in Dreams

Dreaming of strangers and not knowing their identities are common. It represents the fact that you are seeking to explore outside your routines whether that involves engaging in lovemaking or breaking out from the normal dating.

These mysteries of not knowing the people you dream about helps to heighten the senses of intrigue, and leaves you wanting more.

Devil in Dreams

When the devil appears in your dream, he has come to destroy and ruin everything that you value. This overwhelming feeling will deliver a crushing blow as you feel helpless and unable to prevent it from progressing further.

The devil is always hungering for material wealth using any dark negative forces where necessary even in your dreams. Protect yourself by re-evaluating all things important in your life.

Medicine Man in Dreams

Dreaming of a medicine man means you seek knowledge and healing guidance in taking care of the worries and troubles in your life. The medicine man will always have tablets or potent powders that you can take to help alter your state of mental and physical anomalies. In the waking hours, a visit to a trusted friend will help reassure you that everything will be okay.

Boyfriend with Someone in Dream

Dreaming about your boyfriend with someone else is a common dream. It indicates that while you trust him in real life but really inside you don’t trust him to be alone with any female friends. Maybe in the past he has cheated on you before, and any answer he tells you becomes a bigger lies that turns into recurring bad dreams.

The only thing you can do to keep a close eye on him, while giving him plenty of space to prove you wrong. This will help you regain your own sense of confidence and security in the relationship.