Lottery Winners in Dreams

Dreaming of lottery winners mean you want to repeat the exact feat of past winners to claim a big lottery jackpot by selecting the winning numbers. You want to envision new found wealth and how you plan to spend it. Should you buy a mansion or buy a luxury yacht to travel the world in open waters?

Lottery winners offer you hope and inspiration that anyone with a dream can win big.

Always pick number seven as that is the powerball number of the biggest winner in lotto history.

Fairy in Dreams

Fairies are ethereal creatures possessing great magical powers. Dreaming about a fairy indicates you have a yearning for adventure involving your creativity and imagination. Your mind is free without limitations and is invigorated with ingenuity. They are also very mischievous beings which symbolizes your playful ways. Seeing a fairy in your dream may signify you are content and placated with your possessions and environment.

Dwarf in Dreams

Dreaming of a dwarf means your dealings are being shortchanged by others and you need to power through whichever way you can. Do you normally feel as if the progress you contributed to your team is overlooked? Then you are being shortchanged. Start to grow a bigger presence to power through these obstacles, and your peers will forced to recognize your contributions.

Hostage in Dreams

Dreaming of a hostage means you are being held captive by people who intend to profit off you. All your actions as a hostage are limited and closely controlled with little or no outside contact allowed. This dream can be triggered by a sense of helplessness at a dead end job, or am unfulfilled relationship. In the waking hours, seek out friends and activities to compensate for the lack of a healthy balance in your life and experience the new found freedoms.