Addict in Dreams

Dreaming of an addict means you are losing control at work or your relationships. You are experiencing a drowning feeling where with every stroke you take, you get pulled further into something out of control. You are awake all night because that’s the only thing you want in life yet all it does is eat away at it.

Zombies in Dream

Dreaming of zombies indicate unwanted problems are recurring when they were already put to rest. These issues continue to haunt and chase you in the form of zombies, or walking dead. In turn, the overwhelming pressure from images of zombies and cemeteries will effect your waking hours. Take care of the known recurring issues, and the nightmares will subside.

Virgin in Dreams

Dreaming of a virgin represent purity and unadulterated intentions. Your life contains no lies, and you detest anyone who comes across passing around false information. Everything you have done in life is to uphold the values of honesty and integrity. This helps you keep a clear mind on your goals of success.

Aborigine in Dreams

Dreaming of aborigines represents your desires to connect to nature at the highest level without the necessities of the modern world. You are also about to experience life without boundaries where you let go of the world’s imaginary boundaries, rules, and etiquette. Because these rules do not apply to you any longer as you seek out new experiences associated with the aborigine dream, you still have to be careful about letting bad situations creep up on you.