Analyst in Dreams

Dreaming of an analyst means you need to examine your life closely than before. Going through the daily grind may seem fulfilling, but the people who succeed are the people live their life with full purpose and goals. Examine your life to see what you are doing right verses what you are doing wrong. Cut out all the vices and you will once again see the light.

Girls in Dreams

When you dream about the girls you like, you are simply fantasizing about the things you want to do while in their company. Whether that involves seeing them at the park, meeting them at the movies, or spending time shopping at the mall.

Dreaming about girls give you the opportunity to train yourself to say things that are nice, and makes them like you in return. Often times, the dream is a foreshadowing of public display of affection to keep couples happy.

Jailer in Dreams

Dreaming of a jailer means there are taboo things you have done that requires closure from you before it gets discovered. Upon its discovery, you are likely to be prosecuted at the full extent of the law and possible jail time. Speak with a confidant and weigh the available options to see what works in your best interest.

Architect in Dreams

Dreaming of an architect means your life needs structure, and a well drawn plan to help you fulfill your goals in life. Spend the waking hours mapping out what you have to do in order to achieve. It should be a general list that you can repeat to keep building success upon success. Those who fail to plan are doomed to fail.