Blush in Dreams

Dreaming of blush or blushing means embarrassment and minor setback. Whatever you have been planning for, may not necessary play out as envisioned. The diversion will be minor, and you will be embarrassed by the moment. However, continue to set your mind and eyes on the goal.

Understand that failure and rejection is a part of life. Anyone who says that they have never blushed is a liar. Brush off the minor setback off your shoulders and carry on.

Modest in Dreams

Dreaming of being modest means you don’t want to attract too much attention to yourself. The tasks that you have before you requires that you maintain as much secrecy as possible. While you know that you are not average, you want to fly under the radar.

Most times, being modest will work against you because you will never learn to shine. Instead of hiding your best traits, learn to leverage them without being obnoxious nor arrogant.

Annoy in Dreams

Dreaming of being annoyed means people are plotting against you and causing your anxiety levels to rise. In the waking hours, beware of your surroundings and people who appear to be too nice as their true motives are rarely revealed.

Escape to a place with less activity and distractions, then you can focus on working on your goals again.

Abandonment in Dream

Dreaming of abandonment means losing connection with your community and relations. At social gatherings you feel all alone and detached from everyone attending.

These abandonment dream issues stem from not being able to connect with people you know and see regularly. Your concern for privacy and not being able to trust people you meet keeps you at a distance.