Abandonment in Dream

Dreaming of abandonment means losing connection with your community and relations. At social gatherings you feel all alone and detached from everyone attending.

These abandonment dream issues stem from not being able to connect with people you know and see regularly. Your concern for privacy and not being able to trust people you meet keeps you at a distance.

Inferiority in Dreams

Dreaming of inferiority means you are doubting your own abilities as an individual. Everyone is born equal unless you have a real mental or physical handicap at birth. Learn to toughen up your mind to push yourself forward because with every failure comes success. A baby can take up to eighteen months to master walking. How many countless times did they fall and cry? Did it ever occur to them to give up trying to walk? No. Never.

Passion in Dreams

Dreaming of passion means you are tired of strategy and tactics that have pushed you so far, and you have realized that those who excel in the same field have a greater passion to fuel their work and desires to be the best.

Ask yourself what is it that keeps up at night, and gets your fired up before the break of dawn? Dream about that passion, and apply it to your waking life to reach your full potential.

Deafness in Dreams

To dream that you are deaf insinuates that you feel like there is lack of communication between your loved ones, social network, and you. As a result, you feel very isolated from society and are fearful of being in confinement.

On the other hand, becoming deaf in your dream may be indicative of your refusal to acknowledge something. There might be some bad news or constructive criticism that you do not want to hear. Instead, you are choosing to live in denial so that whatever bad news you can not hear won’t hurt you.

Seeing yourself as deaf in your dream may also symbolize your yearning for quiet and serenity. You do not wish to associate yourself with the harshness of the world and would like to be left alone in peace.