Affliction in Dreams

Dreaming of affliction means your heart has been ripped out recently by someone you loved deeply. Whatever you have done to mend the relationship is not working as it further deteriorates to a state beyond repair. With grief and suffering come new beginnings. Drop the dead weight and end all contact cold turkey to regain your dignity and start living your life again.

Sad in Dreams

Dreaming of being sad means an unwanted change is about to occur. It could be a job lost, a relationship gone bad, a family member’s health declining, or you simply did not get what you want. All these events toy with your emotions, and a person who takes it personally will amplify them. The fact that some events are beyond your control saddens you.

Modest in Dreams

Dreaming of being modest means you don’t want to attract too much attention to yourself. The tasks that you have before you requires that you maintain as much secrecy as possible. While you know that you are not average, you want to fly under the radar.

Most times, being modest will work against you because you will never learn to shine. Instead of hiding your best traits, learn to leverage them without being obnoxious nor arrogant.

Afraid in Dreams

Dreaming of being afraid means there are elements in your waking hours hindering you from performing at optimal levels. Some of these fears are unfounded, and mostly arises from too much rationalization. What’s the worst that can happened to you if you confront these fears?

Live the life you always dreamed of living and do not be afraid anymore.