Adulation in Dreams

Dreaming of adulation represents your path to amassing material wealth regardless of how ruthless your methods are. Your enemies fear you because of how focused you are in your endeavors and quickly gaining a strong following that hold you in the highest regard.

This can also be a curse because your status depends on how long you hold onto your popularity.

Betrayal in Dreams

Dreaming of betrayal means your paranoia and suspicions of someone or some event is effecting you tremendously. Your fears of the future are being played out in your dreams. It may be the correct time to confront the person that is giving you grief, or muddling your thoughts. Settle any issues with them amicably, and your dreams of betrayal will eventually subside.

Deafness in Dreams

To dream that you are deaf insinuates that you feel like there is lack of communication between your loved ones, social network, and you. As a result, you feel very isolated from society and are fearful of being in confinement.

On the other hand, becoming deaf in your dream may be indicative of your refusal to acknowledge something. There might be some bad news or constructive criticism that you do not want to hear. Instead, you are choosing to live in denial so that whatever bad news you can not hear won’t hurt you.

Seeing yourself as deaf in your dream may also symbolize your yearning for quiet and serenity. You do not wish to associate yourself with the harshness of the world and would like to be left alone in peace.

Blush in Dreams

Dreaming of blush or blushing means embarrassment and minor setback. Whatever you have been planning for, may not necessary play out as envisioned. The diversion will be minor, and you will be embarrassed by the moment. However, continue to set your mind and eyes on the goal.

Understand that failure and rejection is a part of life. Anyone who says that they have never blushed is a liar. Brush off the minor setback off your shoulders and carry on.