Affliction in Dreams

Dreaming of affliction means your heart has been ripped out recently by someone you loved deeply. Whatever you have done to mend the relationship is not working as it further deteriorates to a state beyond repair. With grief and suffering come new beginnings. Drop the dead weight and end all contact cold turkey to regain your dignity and start living your life again.

Anxiety in Dreams

Dreaming of anxiety means you are harboring fear towards a certain activity or event. The closer as the time line approaches, the greater the fear eventually freezing you out from any kind of action. This normally stems from a need for perfection, and a fear of failure. Truth of the matter is that everyone fails before they succeed.

Confusion in Dreams

Dreaming of confusion means something is messing with your thoughts. There’s currently no clarity as to the paths you should be taking to achieve your goals. You work hard at problems, but the tough times only contribute to more confusion. Seek out a mentor or a friend who have dealt with similar issues to guide you through the haze that clouds your mind. Once the path is provided for, don’t deviate or you will only be back to where you started.

Adamant in Dreams

Dreaming of being adamant means you are feeling vulnerable in some parts of your live and your naturally tendency to become defensive turning your emotions to that of a rock without a glimmer of expression.

The adamant dream is also a response to being rejected, or a result of unrequited love.