Anger in Dreams

Dreaming of anger means you are currently repressing those emotions in the waking hours. The hostilities you hold toward the person in your dreams are never at the receiving end of a yelling match in the waking hours because you cannot conjure up the balls to do it.

Holding the pent up anger inside you is not healthy and will lead to a greater destructive outcome. Get it over with by confronting the person that causes you to have restless nights.

Betrayal in Dreams

Dreaming of betrayal means your paranoia and suspicions of someone or some event is effecting you tremendously. Your fears of the future are being played out in your dreams. It may be the correct time to confront the person that is giving you grief, or muddling your thoughts. Settle any issues with them amicably, and your dreams of betrayal will eventually subside.

Sad in Dreams

Dreaming of being sad means an unwanted change is about to occur. It could be a job lost, a relationship gone bad, a family member’s health declining, or you simply did not get what you want. All these events toy with your emotions, and a person who takes it personally will amplify them. The fact that some events are beyond your control saddens you.

Blush in Dreams

Dreaming of blush or blushing means embarrassment and minor setback. Whatever you have been planning for, may not necessary play out as envisioned. The diversion will be minor, and you will be embarrassed by the moment. However, continue to set your mind and eyes on the goal.

Understand that failure and rejection is a part of life. Anyone who says that they have never blushed is a liar. Brush off the minor setback off your shoulders and carry on.