Accident in Dream

Dreaming of an accident represents a sense of trouble or problem waiting to happen. There’s a negative sense of urgency that requires your immediate attention. Take a step back from everything going on around you to reevaluate the situations that can cause you emotional pain and anxiety.

Business in Dreams

Dreaming about business represents your ambition to constantly seek out revenue streams, and perform at your best. Having business oriented thinking is what every entrepreneur dreams about. Your mind works best at dreaming up business opportunities when you are not bogged down by day to day responsibilities. Take care of things on hand and you will be able to expand your business horizons.

Doctor In Dreams

Dreaming the profession as a doctor in your dreams indicate your desire for a strong future of financial stability. As people live longer lives and malicious diseases always affecting the world there is always a shortage of medical personnel. The path to becoming a doctor or a career in the medical industry is long and difficult but the rewards at the end of road are sweet.

Party in Dreams

To dream of a party in your dreams may suggests your eagerness and enthusiasm with a upcoming event or venue. From a stressful week whether it be work or school you are looking forward to the event because you want socialize and share some of the stories and experiences with others. Alternatively, having a dream of a party indicates you are overly prudent and need to go out more.