Valentine’s Day in Dreams

Cupid’s arrows of love and romance are in the air during the holiday of Valentine’s Day. Dreaming of Valentine’s Day suggests that the fire needed to ignite flames of passion between lovers has been found. You may be attracted or infatuated with someone around you. Sending out love notes, valentines, and gifts, you want to make your feelings known with your actions. To dream of yourself receiving a valentine, it symbolizes that fondness and affection from someone is engulfing you.

Baby Shower in Dreams

Dreaming of a baby shower means a part of your life is starting over, you are moving away from the old and boring to the new and exciting. The baby shower also indicates that your friends and family will be supportive of your new endeavors, as they have brought gifts to help you along the journey.

Mortgage in Dreams

Dreaming of a mortgage means you are taking on big responsibilities in your career and personal life. It is one of your life’s defining moments to take a mortgage in order to own one’s house. Attaining a mortgage is an achievement that many can only dream of, and often only available to those who have nominal success in their life.

Birthday in Dreams

Your birthday is a special day! Dreaming of your birthday has the potential to signify your excitement as you reach another year. With age, comes beauty, maturity, growth and wisdom. Dreaming of your birthday shows that you look forward to the maturing and to the coming of age.

Another way this dream of your birthday can be interpreted is that you fear aging and changes. Another year has past for your birthday and you may be a bit frightened that things will change. You want to have some sort of constant in your life and don’t adapt too easily to changes.