Fireworks in Dreams

In times of celebration, fireworks are used to liven up the atmosphere. Fireworks often burst into colorful arrays of color, lightening up the dark sky. Thus, seeing fireworks in your dream can symbolize that a great spectacle of excitement will take place in your life. Another interpretation of fireworks in dreams is that it can represent your desire for achieving spectacular goals. You easily shoot past each step and in the end, you are able to obtain success.

Fireworks can also be a sign of a great taste in beauty. In essence, fireworks are considered to be the mirroring of the Northern lights. To see fireworks in your dream can symbolize beauty, creativity, and imagination.

On the other hand, the fireworks in your dream can be viewed as you releasing stressful emotions and thoughts.

Pregnant with an Animal in Dreams

Dreaming of being pregnant with an animal is common when you are going through stages of pregnancies. Depending on the type of animal in your womb, the dream carries a different meaning. This dream will allow you to get closer to your instinctive animal nature and apply them in the waking hours.

Holidays in Dreams

Holidays are often viewed as special days of festivity and contentment. To see yourself on holiday in your dream may be indicative of your urge for celebration in your awake self. Anxiety and certain situations in your awake self may be giving you migraines. As a result, you wish to escape from all commitments and just go out and have fun.

Depending on the settings and holiday in your dream, it may have different interpretations.

Doctor In Dreams

Dreaming the profession as a doctor in your dreams indicate your desire for a strong future of financial stability. As people live longer lives and malicious diseases always affecting the world there is always a shortage of medical personnel. The path to becoming a doctor or a career in the medical industry is long and difficult but the rewards at the end of road are sweet.