Valentine’s Day in Dreams

Cupid’s arrows of love and romance are in the air during the holiday of Valentine’s Day. Dreaming of Valentine’s Day suggests that the fire needed to ignite flames of passion between lovers has been found. You may be attracted or infatuated with someone around you. Sending out love notes, valentines, and gifts, you want to make your feelings known with your actions. To dream of yourself receiving a valentine, it symbolizes that fondness and affection from someone is engulfing you.

Banquet in Dreams

Dreaming of a banquet means you crave the spotlight and celebration. It could be a work presentation, and you want to show off everything that your group has accomplished. One way to appreciate the moment is to have a banquet in your honor, and your group’s honor. Let loose, and let the party begin with you.

The dream also means you are afraid of getting dressed up, while making a fuss about looking and being perfect. In your waking life, it is okay to look good all the time and besides no one has time to be judging you.

Vacation in Dreams

Envisioning a dream of that stress free getaway vacation to the Bahamas or some other lavish venue is your desire to escape or take a break from your conscious life. For the average individual work, school, or family consumes the majority each day, envisioning a dream away from all of that indicates that your life is overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. Take some time off and spend it enjoying the things you love or plan a weekend destination for that great getaway that you deserve.

Beauty Contest in Dreams

Dreaming of a beauty contest means you are preparing to face your challenges with small coverups to enhance your chances of winning. Start by turning the blemishes that follow you to insignificant points by addressing them directly. Remember to focus on the overall picture of winning, and the small things will take care of itself.

It can also mean that while you have good looks, you have not taken steps to stand out from the crowd. It may be time to stop being average.