Audition in Dreams

Dreaming of an audition means you are trying to win the approval of your peers. You are scared of the impressions that you may give them through your day to day interactions. Are you going to sweat through the audition or ace the audition in your dreams will indicate whether you have won their approval.

Alms in Dream

Dreaming of alms mean you will be the recipient of an unlikely inheritance that solves all your financial woes. Your prayers are answered by a benefactor that had ties to your family which you did not know personally. Be thankful and continue the tradition of helping others in tough times as you have always done in the past before the life changing inheritance.

Pregnant in Dreams

Being pregnant in a dream means your maternal instincts are effecting your subconscious. It is time to settle down and start a family with the person you love.

Within your womb lies a new found life to a big event. It is your responsibility to nurture and care for everything in anticipation of the birth’s arrival. Success or failure depends on the amount of focus you maintain throughout the waking hours and coming months.

Auction in Dreams

Dreaming of an auction means you are trying to put a value to an idea, task, or career. The outcomes are whether you win the auction, or lose the auction.

If you win an auction, that means you place a great value over the ideas that you have been fighting for, and will continue pushing forward over any obstacles that stand your path.

If you lose an auction, that means you are ready to throw in the the towel and walk away from what you deem is not worth the time and effort any more.