Audition in Dreams

Dreaming of an audition means you are trying to win the approval of your peers. You are scared of the impressions that you may give them through your day to day interactions. Are you going to sweat through the audition or ace the audition in your dreams will indicate whether you have won their approval.

Inauguration in Dreams

Dreaming of inauguration means bringing in a complete change of personnel and administrators. At the workplace, your boss or superiors will be replaced in the coming weeks. An inauguration comes with new policies and relations in exchange for the stagnant and old.

You will encounter new faces and fresh ideas in the future.

Bar Mitzvah in Dreams

Dreaming of a bar mitzvah means you are transitioning out of childhood and into an adult. The bar mitzvah party is a sign that you are ready to take on more responsibilities in your life. No longer are you dependent on others to make decisions for you, but instead you will have to make tough decisions after thinking them through.

Business in Dreams

Dreaming about business represents your ambition to constantly seek out revenue streams, and perform at your best. Having business oriented thinking is what every entrepreneur dreams about. Your mind works best at dreaming up business opportunities when you are not bogged down by day to day responsibilities. Take care of things on hand and you will be able to expand your business horizons.