Inauguration in Dreams

Dreaming of inauguration means bringing in a complete change of personnel and administrators. At the workplace, your boss or superiors will be replaced in the coming weeks. An inauguration comes with new policies and relations in exchange for the stagnant and old.

You will encounter new faces and fresh ideas in the future.

Television in Dreams

To dream about television may be associated with different factors. Television is the most controversial medium in the media. Envisioning television in your dreams can be a indication of your desire for exposure and fame and to broadcast yourself to the public. Also dreaming about television is a indication that there are many constant thoughts that are flowing through your mind and it is processing and integrating those thoughts because your mind is replaying the programs of your conscious life.

Party in Dreams

To dream of a party in your dreams may suggests your eagerness and enthusiasm with a upcoming event or venue. From a stressful week whether it be work or school you are looking forward to the event because you want socialize and share some of the stories and experiences with others. Alternatively, having a dream of a party indicates you are overly prudent and need to go out more.

Death in Dreams

Dreaming of death represents your heighten state of anxiety caused by heavy workload or daily stress. Take a break from your responsibilities by planning a vacation to avoid an early career death.

The death dream can also signify someone, close to you, are having health problems and the fight against the disease has a bleak outlook. This brings you to wonder if they have lived a contented life that makes death happy.