Holidays in Dreams

Holidays are often viewed as special days of festivity and contentment. To see yourself on holiday in your dream may be indicative of your urge for celebration in your awake self. Anxiety and certain situations in your awake self may be giving you migraines. As a result, you wish to escape from all commitments and just go out and have fun.

Depending on the settings and holiday in your dream, it may have different interpretations.

Doctor In Dreams

Dreaming the profession as a doctor in your dreams indicate your desire for a strong future of financial stability. As people live longer lives and malicious diseases always affecting the world there is always a shortage of medical personnel. The path to becoming a doctor or a career in the medical industry is long and difficult but the rewards at the end of road are sweet.

The New Year in Dreams

The New Year is a holiday bringing about changes and a new beginning. It celebrates the end of one year and the progression of time into a new year. Dreaming of the New Year is symbolic of letting go of the past and moving forward with time. The most important thing to do before celebrating the New Year is to resolve all old matters before moving ahead. Otherwise, even though a whole new year is about to come, you may still feel some repressed tension and unhappiness.

Seeing yourself celebrating the New Year in you dream is indicative of hope, modifications, and enlightenment. You are making progress and want to continue to do so with each passing year.

Unprepared for Exam in Dreams

Dreaming of being unprepared for an exam means you are stressing out about the obstacles that lay ahead of your life. It could be a work project that you have been procrastinating on that brings back the bad memories of your last minute studying for exams. In order to minimize the dreaded fear is to keep starting on the same project until you finish, don’t think about finishing every thing in one big swoop otherwise you will continue the vicious cycle of procrastination.