Orca in Dreams

Dreaming of the killer whale or the orca is a warning of enemies lurking nearby to bring down your success and fortunes. The natural reaction is to do everything possible to prevent being swallowed whole by your antagonist. Pay attention to recent businesses, and relationships established through a tenuous nature.

Squid in Dreams

Dreaming of a squid means your thoughts are clouded from fear and flight reflexes. Did something happen to block out your memories, that keeps you in a denial state? To live a life of uncertainty where you cannot be honest with yourself is a shame. Take a break from what you are doing in the waking hours and examine your life closely to rediscover yourself.

Koi in Dreams

Dreaming of koi represents a goal to realize your ambitions one way or another. If a koi successfully swims against the current of a waterfall, it becomes a dragon soaring through the sky. You will continue to fight all odds by walking to the drummer of your own beat, and attain power, wealth, and recognition. Allow the koi’s old scales to fall away in a shower of light, and take flight as a dragon.

Jellyfish in Dreams

Jellyfish are passive creatures. Dreaming about a jellyfish or you are dreaming of swimming with jellyfishes; indicates you taking a path of passive aggressive where you take and accept daily tasks that’s given to you, but you don’t necessarily go out and seek work and extracurricular activities with passion. The jellyfish dream is hinting at you to become more assertive, to get your ideas across more forcefully rather than waiting it to happen. So start today and stop being a passive jellyfish.