Dolphins in Dreams

Dreaming about dolphins mean you value intelligence and integrity. Dolphins have a high level of intelligence and social relations. Associating yourself to a dolphin in dreams will help you navigate through tough times of uncertainty with speed and agility. Success will come as you excel in communicating your needs and goals to those with an open ear.

Goldfish in Dreams

To dream about goldfish is to associate yourselves with pleasant discoveries, and travels. Goldfish in its natural habitat often live long lifespans, and successfully mate with opposite sexes.

Salmon in Dreams

Salmons are constantly swimming with or against water currents to reach their destination. Dreaming about salmons means you are destined for career advancements and material rewards. Beware that rivals will also be doing their best to stop you from advancing.

Leech in Dreams

Leeches are ominous, blood sucking creatures. Dreaming about leeches is never a good sign. They foretell unfortunate events where your enemies overcome your territory. Your waking hours will be full of disappointment.