Dolphins in Dreams

Dreaming about dolphins mean you value intelligence and integrity. Dolphins have a high level of intelligence and social relations. Associating yourself to a dolphin in dreams will help you navigate through tough times of uncertainty with speed and agility. Success will come as you excel in communicating your needs and goals to those with an open ear.

Koi in Dreams

Dreaming of koi represents a goal to realize your ambitions one way or another. If a koi successfully swims against the current of a waterfall, it becomes a dragon soaring through the sky. You will continue to fight all odds by walking to the drummer of your own beat, and attain power, wealth, and recognition. Allow the koi’s old scales to fall away in a shower of light, and take flight as a dragon.

Lobster in Dreams

Lobsters are succulent royal creatures of the sea. Dreaming of lobsters often mean wealth and good fortune will follow shortly. Your life is making a turn for the best in areas of career advancement, more intimate relationships, and amassing wealth.

Orca in Dreams

Dreaming of the killer whale or the orca is a warning of enemies lurking nearby to bring down your success and fortunes. The natural reaction is to do everything possible to prevent being swallowed whole by your antagonist. Pay attention to recent businesses, and relationships established through a tenuous nature.