Mollusk in Dreams

Mollusk are mysterious underwater creatures with hard shells and tender insides. Dreaming of mollusks, your required action is to uncover the mysterious events surrounding the dream. There may be certain events happening around you with no known cause, and you will be effected indirectly. Pay attention closely, and you can crack the hard exterior.

Fish in Dreams

Fish is plentiful in the sea. Dreams about fish or fishing indicates good energy and economy. Dreams of fish are often more about its surroundings. Murky waters would be a bad omen of things to come. Where as a fish in clear water represents the tranquility and freedom of your daily life.

Lobster in Dreams

Lobsters are succulent royal creatures of the sea. Dreaming of lobsters often mean wealth and good fortune will follow shortly. Your life is making a turn for the best in areas of career advancement, more intimate relationships, and amassing wealth.

Goldfish in Dreams

To dream about goldfish is to associate yourselves with pleasant discoveries, and travels. Goldfish in its natural habitat often live long lifespans, and successfully mate with opposite sexes.