Beef in Dreams

Dreaming of beef means you are seeking to grow stronger. Beef provides for the essentials of staying satiated while you work towards your goals. It could be both physical gains and mental gains.

It also means facing up to your fears. Grab the bull by the horns, then you can have the beef and eat it too.

Almonds in Dream

Dreaming of almonds mean wealth and happiness are within reach in its purest form. You can taste the pure joy of the successful business decisions you made to get you to the top of a competitive industry. Witnessing the failings of the competition brings a bittersweet tear to your eyes along with a gleaming smile.

Food in Dreams

Dreaming of good food means you are encountering a starvation phase where you are working hard but not enjoying any moments of the day. Food is essential for our survival, and fills us up whenever we are running on empty.

Food also represents the goals you have to attain to feed yourself and family. Reach out and grab it with all your might.

Beans in Dreams

Dreaming of beans mean personal growth. Whether it is your career or relationships, they will slowly grow stronger. Continue to watch over its progress as your efforts take root in producing something meaningful that you will cherish for a long time.

If you are married, it also signifies a time of fertility. Once you have these dreams about beans, then take steps toward family planning.