Bagel in Dreams

Dreaming of a bagel means your life is not fulfilled through your work or relationships. No matter how hard you try to make the best out of everything, there’s always a gaping hole missing at the end of the day. It makes you wonder out loud what could it be. Your peers seem to be content with life, while you are wondering if you are missing something.

A bagel is a sign for you to continue to looking to fill the hole in your life with more purpose.

Banana in Dreams

Dreaming of a banana means your sexual desires are suppressed, and you are keeping your desires under wraps. In your encounters, you rarely show your intentions which results in a lack of sexual tension from the opposite party.

Without your sexual prowess, you are no longer seen as the alpha male of your group. You will generally get passed over in careers and relationships.

Beets in Dreams

Dreaming of beets means you are destined for fame and fortune. Fame will reveal itself when you least expect it. Fortune will follow the path that you have chosen to focus on most. Worry not about how others will perceive you, and continue eating or planting those beets in your dreams because everyone will soon be envying your fame and fortune.

Berries in Dreams

Dreaming of berries means you are seeking pleasure. The sweetness of berries is a sign that your desires will be fulfilled. The sourness of berries is a sign that you should be cautious with your pleasure seeking ways as not everything is as advertised, and may be an entrapment by your enemies.