Alcohol in Dreams

Dreaming of alcohol means escaping reality and avoiding life’s problems. Instead of facing your problems, you look to the bottle to drown yourself out and pass time numbed. It makes your forget the who you are for the moment and the many obstacles that surround you.

Wake up and change. Alcohol should only be used in moderation to celebrate and life the spirits. It is not a tool, and don’t dream about it.

Baby Food in Dreams

Dreaming of baby food means you are seeking out the fundamentals. You may be in a high position in your career, and now you feel the need to relearn how you got there in the first place. The ideas and knowledge will eventually come back to you in little bites such as small spoonfuls of baby food. Be patient.

Banana in Dreams

Dreaming of a banana means your sexual desires are suppressed, and you are keeping your desires under wraps. In your encounters, you rarely show your intentions which results in a lack of sexual tension from the opposite party.

Without your sexual prowess, you are no longer seen as the alpha male of your group. You will generally get passed over in careers and relationships.

Bacon in Dreams

Dreaming of bacon means you are enjoying the fruits of your labor. Bacon also denotes a happy family life where no one under your roof ever goes to bed hungry. The smell of bacon is the smell of victory for a job well done. Simply go and enjoy the day if you had dreamed about bacon last night.