Asparagus in Dreams

Dreaming of asparagus means your life will encounter a turn of fortunate events. Your projects and business relationships will take form of a strong foundation. Revenue streams will come from multiple sources. What appears as an obstacle before you, will dissipate to a path of easy strides. Take risks based on the notion that everything will turn out better than expected.

Apples in Dream

Dreaming of apples mean you have every intention to make nice, and appease your sexual desires. The tender juice from biting an apple is the release of your everyday tensions and stresses.

It is also representative of your growth in personal development, and relationships. Given time and effort, all things important to you will ripen and bear plentiful fruit.

Banana in Dreams

Dreaming of a banana means your sexual desires are suppressed, and you are keeping your desires under wraps. In your encounters, you rarely show your intentions which results in a lack of sexual tension from the opposite party.

Without your sexual prowess, you are no longer seen as the alpha male of your group. You will generally get passed over in careers and relationships.

Beans in Dreams

Dreaming of beans mean personal growth. Whether it is your career or relationships, they will slowly grow stronger. Continue to watch over its progress as your efforts take root in producing something meaningful that you will cherish for a long time.

If you are married, it also signifies a time of fertility. Once you have these dreams about beans, then take steps toward family planning.