Blueberries in Dreams

Dreaming of blueberries is a time for renewal. Look up old friends and renew relationships with them. You may be surprised that others are thinking of you too. Take love ones out to fancy dinners to help renew the love that you have for each other. Add plants to your living space to renew your surroundings.

Radish in Dreams

To dream that a bed of radishes are growing is a symbol of good luck. To see a garden full of radishes denotes flourishing business. It also shows that you have kind and good friends. To dream that you are eating a radish denotes that your feelings will be hurt as a result of the selfishness of someone near you. To dream that you are planting radishes indicates that your heart’s desires will be realized.

Birdseed in Dreams

Dreaming of birdseed means you seek nourishment in area of your life. If mental stimulation is lacking, it may be time to pick up a book. If physical stimulation is lacking, it may be time to hit the gym.

Birdseed is also an indication that improvement is taking place bit by bit.

Apples in Dream

Dreaming of apples mean you have every intention to make nice, and appease your sexual desires. The tender juice from biting an apple is the release of your everyday tensions and stresses.

It is also representative of your growth in personal development, and relationships. Given time and effort, all things important to you will ripen and bear plentiful fruit.