Beverage in Dreams

Dreaming of a beverage means acceptance. Whatever problems or difficulties that you were facing, you will accept those challenges instead of denying them. Take the drink, and work towards taking care of whatever lies ahead of you. It will be better than shrugging off the responsibilities until smalls tasks become a staggering mountain of problems.

Taste the progress as you hold onto the experience of the beverage quenching your difficulties.

Bagel in Dreams

Dreaming of a bagel means your life is not fulfilled through your work or relationships. No matter how hard you try to make the best out of everything, there’s always a gaping hole missing at the end of the day. It makes you wonder out loud what could it be. Your peers seem to be content with life, while you are wondering if you are missing something.

A bagel is a sign for you to continue to looking to fill the hole in your life with more purpose.

Asparagus in Dreams

Dreaming of asparagus means your life will encounter a turn of fortunate events. Your projects and business relationships will take form of a strong foundation. Revenue streams will come from multiple sources. What appears as an obstacle before you, will dissipate to a path of easy strides. Take risks based on the notion that everything will turn out better than expected.

Alcohol in Dreams

Dreaming of alcohol means escaping reality and avoiding life’s problems. Instead of facing your problems, you look to the bottle to drown yourself out and pass time numbed. It makes your forget the who you are for the moment and the many obstacles that surround you.

Wake up and change. Alcohol should only be used in moderation to celebrate and life the spirits. It is not a tool, and don’t dream about it.