Artichoke in Dreams

Dreaming of an artichoke means your are currently searching for solutions to a problem such as an ingredient to create an amazing dish. What you may see as an impossible and daunting challenge is not difficult at its heart. In the waking hours, focus on removing all the layers of obfuscation to solve problems at the root.

Birdseed in Dreams

Dreaming of birdseed means you seek nourishment in area of your life. If mental stimulation is lacking, it may be time to pick up a book. If physical stimulation is lacking, it may be time to hit the gym.

Birdseed is also an indication that improvement is taking place bit by bit.

Alcohol in Dreams

Dreaming of alcohol means escaping reality and avoiding life’s problems. Instead of facing your problems, you look to the bottle to drown yourself out and pass time numbed. It makes your forget the who you are for the moment and the many obstacles that surround you.

Wake up and change. Alcohol should only be used in moderation to celebrate and life the spirits. It is not a tool, and don’t dream about it.

Beets in Dreams

Dreaming of beets means you are destined for fame and fortune. Fame will reveal itself when you least expect it. Fortune will follow the path that you have chosen to focus on most. Worry not about how others will perceive you, and continue eating or planting those beets in your dreams because everyone will soon be envying your fame and fortune.