Bacon in Dreams

Dreaming of bacon means you are enjoying the fruits of your labor. Bacon also denotes a happy family life where no one under your roof ever goes to bed hungry. The smell of bacon is the smell of victory for a job well done. Simply go and enjoy the day if you had dreamed about bacon last night.

Tea in Dreams

To dream that you are making or having tea shows satisfaction and happiness in your life. You are taking you time to deal with your relationship or situation. To dream that you are brewing tea shows you may be guilty of careless actions and will feel remorseful. To spill tea is a sign of confusion. Drinking tea can also suggest a health issue that you might be facing, which the tea is helping to cope with.

Apricot in Dreams

Dreaming of an apricot indicates bad luck and misfortune. Pay attention to people eating apricots near you, and avoid interacting with them when possible because they will transmitted their bad luck over to you. Also learn to de-clutter, and remove the items in your life that has caused you fail or held you back from attaining successful goals.

Asparagus in Dreams

Dreaming of asparagus means your life will encounter a turn of fortunate events. Your projects and business relationships will take form of a strong foundation. Revenue streams will come from multiple sources. What appears as an obstacle before you, will dissipate to a path of easy strides. Take risks based on the notion that everything will turn out better than expected.