Bees in Dream

Bees are constantly active in producing honey or retrieving food sources. Its productive life is unparalleled in the insect universe. Bees not only work all day, but maintain a balanced social life. Its constants movement signifies happiness in life, success in love and good wage earnings. Bees signify positive, pleasant and profitable engagements.

Lice in Dreams

A dream of lice carries more than the indication of life’s neglects. It is often accompany by worries and distress as this parasite clings on conditions that favor its habitat. If you are considering new business deals or career changes, your dream was a warning that these endeavors will be accompanied by disappointment.

Grasshopper in Dreams

Grasshoppers are free spirited creatures that don’t settle into set locations. The grasshopper represents you in the dream, where you want to be set free to travel the world, or attain financial independence to carry through with your life goals.

The downside of a fleeting grasshopper dream is that when it comes to making decisions, you’ll never fully commit to a yes or no answer. Always wavering and sitting on the fence will not help you in building your reputation and character.

Mosquito in Dreams

Dreaming of mosquitoes represent problems that are currently bugging you. Whether it is buzzing around and waiting to take a quick draw of blood to feed itself, the mosquito must be squashed before your days return to normalcy. Your goals for wealth and happiness are on hold while these obstacles continue to trouble you as pestering mosquitoes.