Bugs in Dreams

Dreaming of bugs mean you are irritated and annoyed by trivial things, thus keeping your focus away from the important things in life. Relearn your prioritizing methods and say “no” to people who are constantly pestering you every five minutes on simple tasks. Keep your work area clear of clutter and garbage that distracts the mind.

One these bugs are kept far away, your optimal performance levels will be achieved again.

Dragonfly in Dreams

If your life is facing sudden changes whether it is work related or companionship related, your dreams will feature dragonflies. Situations in your life will not be as it seems. These fast flying mid-air direction changing insects symbolize change.

When you eat or kill the dragonfly, you bring about a stop to change by focusing all your energies on a single task to attain wealth and fortune.

Flies in Dream

Flies are annoying insects and are often attracted to dirty or decomposing objects. Dreaming about flies indicate that you are feeling annoyed by friends and surroundings. Without a clear head, and thinking your next steps, you may be thinking of doing something foolish. Flies in a dream also signifies a postponement of success.

Ladybug in Dreams

Ladybugs are happy and optimistic insects that go about their daily tasks. When you dream of ladybugs, you are generally happy with life and work. Nothing but good luck and fortune accompanies a ladybug dream.