Fleas in Dreams

Fleas are dirty insects that cling on to our pets. When you dream about fleas, the dream denotes sickness and minor irritations. After the fleas dream, you will feel the need to deal with both new and old troubles.

Weevil in Dreams

Weevils are associated with destructive forces when you dream about them. This could be that your business is failing, or your relationships are falling apart. Try to keep these situations self contained before it consumes all your energies as you try to fight off the negativity of the weevil dream.

Parasite in Dreams

When you dream about a parasite, it normally represents the situation where you are dependent on others. This dependency issue becomes a drain on yourself because you become more helpless the longer you are stuck at an unwanted situation.

If you value your life energy and wish to stop dreaming of yourself as a parasite to your friends and family, start contributing work and ideas back to the group. No one likes associating with parasites.

Praying Mantis in Dream

When a praying mantis appears in your dream, it is an indication of a relationship’s pending doom. Its predatory natural represents how you have handled or mistreated your partners. At this point, it is your call to end the relationship or let the relationship run the course and ruin you.