Shooting Star in Dreams

Seeing a shooting star in your dreams indicates your wish for achievement and advancement. A shooting star is considered a sign of believing and hope. As with many people, they believe that if one encounters a shooting star, they can make a wish upon it, and this wish will come true. So dreaming about a shooting star, you are hoping for something that you have been wishing for to become reality.

Galaxy in Dreams

Dreaming of the galaxy is reflective of your creative and uprising energy to express yourself. You feel free and unhindered by any boundaries to convey all innovative ideas and thoughts you may have. The galaxy is in your hands and you want to mold and shape it the way you want. Seeing the galaxy in dreams may suggest that instead of being narrow minded, you are taking a more open minded approach to matters at hand.

Sky in Dreams

To envision the sky in dreams signify heighten experiences. The sky is an endless pattern of mixed emotions which can symbolize faith and ambitions to sadness or despair. On clear blue days, the sky can brighten your life.

In a state of confusion you could always look up in the sky for faith or guidance. Alternatively, on rainy gloomy days it can make you feel down and burdened.

Asters in Dreams

Dreaming of asters mean opportunities are plentiful especially when the asters are in bloom. With the knowledge that new opportunities are near, you can afford to take more risk in cultivating new relationships or careers.

However, if your dream consists of a single aster, then you must pay careful attention to a few limited opportunities that may come your way. Don’t miss it.