Blizzard in Dreams

Dreaming of a blizzard means getting away from responsibility due to an unrelenting force of nature. The reality is that the obstacles and challenges will be delayed, then eventually resurfaces.

Blizzard also signifies an abrupt change in business and relationships that is taking a wicked turn for the worst. It is best to wait it out, and see if anything can be salvaged.

Dawn in Dreams

Dreaming of dawn means a renewal in relationships. You have reached a new stage of your life where you can begin again at reestablishing and strengthening all existing business and personal relationships. Human nature dictates that the norm is to ignore people that have fallen out of sight out of mind because that’s the easiest thing to do. Pick up the phone and reconnect with people you know.

Saturn in Dreams

The planet, Saturn is often associated with lessons of destruction, rebirth, and growth. Seeing Saturn in your dreams, symbolizes a trial of endurance and hard work. At the zenith point, your trial of adversity will pay off, resulting in satisfaction and achievement of your goals. Saturn is also an indicator of indifference, knowledge, constraints, and persistence. Although there may be limitations and obstacles along the path, eventually, one will reach enlightenment through lessons and discipline. As a result, a greater knowledge of life is bestowed upon you.

To see Saturn in your dreams, indicates your clandestine nature and inability to open up to others. To make the most out of life, one should learn to trust and share the positive and negative things you may have encountered.

Acorn in Dreams

Dreaming of acorns mean you are setting up foundations that will grow with time. The image of an acorn turning into a mighty tree that withstands harsh elements of nature is symbolic to what any individual can accomplish through hard work and learning.

Inside you is a giant waiting for the opportunity to show the world what is possible. Apply the acorn dream and steadily grown in character.