Winter Dreams

Dreaming of Winter is dreaming of the end. Winter is both cold and void of warmth. The cycle’s end brings upon rest, and restoration. You will have gained happiness in your relationship at this point of juncture. Your investments will have paid out handsomely.

Winter is also a time to wrap up loose ends in financial matters, and neglected relations.

Birch in Dreams

Dreaming of a birch tree means you are feeling lost. At work, you may be troubled by the responsibilities that your peers have put on you, and further you don’t necessarily see positive opportunities ahead of you. Seek help as soon as possible.

If you dream of yourself taking an ax to chop down a birch tree, then you have risen above all challenges that may come your way. Feel free to be as confident as you can be.

Autumn Dream

Autumn is a season of change. When you dream of Autumn, leaves are turning brown falling off trees. The warmth and excitement is coming close to an end; replaced by transformation and change.

All good things go through cycles, and when Autumn appears in a dream, you can certainly expect the highs to go lowers, and the lows to go higher. Some positives turning negative, and some negative aspects of your life turning positive.

Uranus in Dreams

Uranus is a planet that represents novelty, freedom from restraints, intuition, and distinctiveness. Dreaming about Uranus may symbolize your struggle to rebel against conventionality and traditions. Compared to the planet, Mercury in terms of intellectual thinking, Uranus is an indicator of a higher level of insight and profound knowledge. In other words, seeing Uranus in your dreams, indicates revolution and the need to be original.