Summer Dream

Dreaming of Summer is about the maturing of goals and relationships. At this stage of the seasons, the things you have been involved in are starting to bear fruit. The time and effort invested are generating good results bringing a good amount of satisfaction to you.

Summer is a time to reap the benefits of the seeds you planted. When Summer appears in your dream, you know it is time to get out to gather a plentiful harvest.

Venus in Dreams

Seeing the planet Venus in your dreams, epitomizes your wish and love for beauty, fertility and passion. This planet is one of the brightest objects in the sky so dreaming about Venus may mean that you will be illuminated and enlightened on situations that you have not been fully aware of. Venus in your dreams may also represent that you are a cheerful and optimistic person. Opposed to Mars, Venus represents unity, artistic ambition, and harmony in love.

Thunder in Dreams

Thunder in dreams means you will be encountered with repercussion for one of your actions. In nature lightning precede thunder because the speed of light travels faster than the speed of sound. Thunder follows lightning as a result of the pressure and temperature creating air to move in to create a sonic boom; the sound of thunder. Lightning would be the action you did and if you dream of thunder, it would be the effect of your action. Your sub-conscience could be telling you to think about your actions more carefully and think about the consequences that could follow by performing those actions. You should look into the phrase “think before you act”.

Storm in Dreams

Dreaming about storms signifies the daily troubles and problems you are encountering in your life. Good thing is that most storms quickly blow over, and you can get back to normal life. It is important to find ways to come out smarter after weathering the storm of your dreams.