Bay Tree in Dreams

Dreaming of a bay tree signifies life. You may not be enjoying life as your job demands that you are stationed behind a desk. Shut off the computers and electronic devices. Take a long look at your surroundings, do you want the same thing for another 10-20 years? If not, then take the necessary steps to change, to add color back into your life.

Birch in Dreams

Dreaming of a birch tree means you are feeling lost. At work, you may be troubled by the responsibilities that your peers have put on you, and further you don’t necessarily see positive opportunities ahead of you. Seek help as soon as possible.

If you dream of yourself taking an ax to chop down a birch tree, then you have risen above all challenges that may come your way. Feel free to be as confident as you can be.

Tidal Wave in Dreams

Dreaming of a tidal wave is symbolic of an incoming force crashing and devastating you. Tidal waves are enormous waves that come crashing in after building up. When tied in with life, this may mean that you are ignoring or putting off troubles, but like a tidal wave, it will build up and continue to amount. Eventually, it just becomes a great giant wave that crashes into you. Tidal waves are a monstrous force, just like the troubles or problems that may plague your life. It is best not to let them grow to such an immense size, as when it comes crashing down the effects are much greater.

Envisioning a tidal wave parallels the notion of letting your negative emotions be bottled up inside for too long and finally exploding. If you feel like there are some issues constantly putting you down, it’s better to talk to others about it, then to hide it all in. On the other hand, a tidal wave wiping away everything could be symbolic of a new and fresh start for you. The slate is clean and just waiting for you to draw on it.

Ice in Dreams

Ice is an element of nature that is often associated with the ability to freeze, instilling a feeling of coldness in others. Naturally, when one dreams about ice, it can have different denotations depending on the various situations.

If a person in your dream says that you are emotionless and likening you the phrase, cold as ice, this suggests that you are a person of indifference and unwillingness to change due to your solid rigidity as a block of ice. You are stubborn and give of a feeling of unwelcoming emotionally. Some traits of your personality may consist of the desire to stay isolated and be not involved in anybody’s business. Although it is good not to be nosy in certain situations, lacking care for everything is not healthy for relationships and forming social connections.

To visualize yourself walking on ice, it may be indicative that you are taking dangerous risks where the ice can crack any moment. Although ice may be strong enough to endure your weight, the manifestation of ice breaking eventually in your dream may indicate that the outlook is bleak and barren. You may want to take some time and rethink of your actions and imperilment associated with the risks taken.

The ice in your dream may propose that you are feeling unproductive and there is no progress in your life. You wish to move ahead, but the coldness of the ice is freezing you from moving forward.