Number Eight in Dreams

Seeing the number eight in your dream, symbolizes power, wealth, and achievement. In eastern culture, the number eight is believed to be a good and lucky number as it represents fortune and opulence. Thus, seeing this number appear in your dreams may indicate you are on the road to prosperity and affluence. You should trust your intuition, for it will guide you along the path to accomplishment.

Number Six in Dreams

Dreaming of six means happiness and harmony. Your emotions and feelings are in perfect balance. Your peers find it a joy to work alongside with you as it is fascinating that you help brighten up every situation and tough assignment. These traits arise from the fact that you are full of confidence and believe in the abilities of the whole group.

Winning Lotto Numbers in Dreams

Dreaming of winning lotto numbers mean you are seeing the future lotto drawing with the numbers that will make you millions of dollars. These lotto numbers are your ticket out of poverty and broken dreams.

Remember to manage your winnings with care as money draws out a lot of parasites that will try borrow from you.

Mega Millions in Dreams

Dreaming of mega millions means enjoying a life of luxury where all your hard work has paid off, and now you are officially retired from the daily grind. With the mega millions prize officially secured, you can spend time lounging around on a beach chair rubbing cocoa butter on your tummy.

Don’t forget to record the future mega millions numbers from your dream before they escape your short term memory.