Pick 4 in Dreams

Dreaming of Pick 4 means coming up with the winning sequence of numbers in your sleep. The perfect combination of numbers will win you the daily drawing.

Number 8 is a lucky number for the daily Pick 4. It represents wealth and fortune in Eastern cultures.

January Dream

The month of January signifies wealth and fortune in dreams. We dream of January as a new beginning by reaching financial goals. It is also dream of planning to help unravel questions that may have gone unanswered pertaining to those around you.

Take January seriously as you want to start on a positive note with your waking hours.

Number Seven in Dreams

Dreaming of the number seven means the accompaniment of a lucky charm. After the dream, take a chance on activities that you can win with luck whether it is buying a lotto ticket or picking a company to invest in. However, be aware the material gains that come quickly can also leave quickly. Enjoy possessing the lucky streak when it comes.

Powerball Numbers in Dreams

Dreaming of Powerball numbers mean the lottery numbers you picked have a very powerful chance of winning. These numbers include meaningful birthdays, phone numbers, scores, player jersey numbers, and building addresses. They will help you meet the required amount of numbers on the Powerball ticket.