November Dream

Dreaming about November indicates one’s need for closure to finding happiness and answers when encountering difficulties. November is one month before the end of the year where the projects planned have to stop or re-evaluated, and having a November dream means you have a certain amount of fear for the ongoing projects. Stay optimistic and you can get through the month with closure.

Number Two in Dreams

Dreaming of the number two means you draw strength in support whether that other half is around makes the whole difference between pushing you forward or holding yourself back. You don’t ever feel complete without the other person’s presence. You feel most complete in a loving relationship, and often lost as an individual. Learn to appreciate loneliness, and try to accomplish tasks independently.

Number two’s codependency aspect is a double edge sword that can strength or weaken individuals.

Winning Lotto Numbers in Dreams

Dreaming of winning lotto numbers mean you are seeing the future lotto drawing with the numbers that will make you millions of dollars. These lotto numbers are your ticket out of poverty and broken dreams.

Remember to manage your winnings with care as money draws out a lot of parasites that will try borrow from you.

Number Six in Dreams

Dreaming of six means happiness and harmony. Your emotions and feelings are in perfect balance. Your peers find it a joy to work alongside with you as it is fascinating that you help brighten up every situation and tough assignment. These traits arise from the fact that you are full of confidence and believe in the abilities of the whole group.