January Dream

The month of January signifies wealth and fortune in dreams. We dream of January as a new beginning by reaching financial goals. It is also dream of planning to help unravel questions that may have gone unanswered pertaining to those around you.

Take January seriously as you want to start on a positive note with your waking hours.

Powerball Lottery in Dreams

Dreaming of powerball lottery means your time is due for winning the jackpot drawing. Now is the time to start planning on your financial success and how to manage the windfall of monetary wealth that is coming your way. Select the people you trust the most to share the wealth and co-manage the new lifestyle.

Lotto Results in Dreams

Seeing lotto results in dreams is a message from a higher power that wants you to win because of your strong faith and duties to what you believe in. Follow through with the plan on purchasing the numbers of the lotto results provided in your dream immediately to attain financial wealth. Be certain to share your new found wealth and plan on being charitable.

Knowing the future lottery results is a very lucky dream.

Address in Dreams

Dreaming of an address represents your destination in life. The distance of the address will signify how difficult it is for you to attain that goal. If it is a recurring address, then the reward is within your reach.

Continue to explore each address that arises in your dream, and it will lead you to a fated destiny.