December Dream

A December dream is the summation of everything you have achieved throughout the year. The love affairs are plenty, friendships are stronger, and wealth are gainful. To dream about December solidifies the overall achievement you made from hard work with whatever obstacles that life throws at you.

Euro Lottery in Dreams

Dreaming of the Euro lottery means you have the winning numbers in your mind and need an event to help trigger your thoughts to recall the numbers vividly. Matching the winning numbers on the day of the drawing will easily earn you millions of euros.

The Euro lottery offers an equal opportunity to all dreamers who dare to take a chance in coming up with the winning numbers and put them on a ticket before balls are drawn randomly.

Address in Dreams

Dreaming of an address represents your destination in life. The distance of the address will signify how difficult it is for you to attain that goal. If it is a recurring address, then the reward is within your reach.

Continue to explore each address that arises in your dream, and it will lead you to a fated destiny.

Number Two in Dreams

Dreaming of the number two means you draw strength in support whether that other half is around makes the whole difference between pushing you forward or holding yourself back. You don’t ever feel complete without the other person’s presence. You feel most complete in a loving relationship, and often lost as an individual. Learn to appreciate loneliness, and try to accomplish tasks independently.

Number two’s codependency aspect is a double edge sword that can strength or weaken individuals.