Number Zero in Dreams

Dreaming of the number zero means you are currently unbounded or not tied down by responsibilities. You have the full potential to attain anything you want in life, and no obstacle or challenge is too great for a person with unlimited potential. You do not work for money or others, but for the joy of fulfilling a role and learning about the mysteries of life as much as possible.

January Dream

The month of January signifies wealth and fortune in dreams. We dream of January as a new beginning by reaching financial goals. It is also dream of planning to help unravel questions that may have gone unanswered pertaining to those around you.

Take January seriously as you want to start on a positive note with your waking hours.

September Dream

Dreaming of September is accompany by luck and change. The work you have put in towards projects and relationships will bear fruit and a wonderful harvest. Do not delay any new starts or tasks you have in mind, because as hard as it may seem in the begining, the luck factor of September will help you carry through and realize success where there was initial doubt.

Mega Millions Lottery in Dreams

Dreaming of the mega millions lottery mean you are planning of playing the lottery for a chance to win the large jackpot to solve all your financial troubles or to add more wealth to your holdings.

It is best to go with numbers that pop into your dream, or numbers that represent something significant to you.