Number Five in Dreams

Dreaming of the number five means abundance of confidence, and wealth mastery. You have laid a solid foundation in business ventures that allow you the freedom to lose yourself to enjoy hobbies.

Your enemies are rarely seen or noticed in daily activities as you have achieved phenomenal success while leaving them behind.

September Dream

Dreaming of September is accompany by luck and change. The work you have put in towards projects and relationships will bear fruit and a wonderful harvest. Do not delay any new starts or tasks you have in mind, because as hard as it may seem in the begining, the luck factor of September will help you carry through and realize success where there was initial doubt.

July Dream

Dreaming of July is about reaping the rewards you have worked so hard towards. Your relationships will blossom, and work will become a learning playground once again. These gains are sometime mercurial, and you have to be aware whether you can handle the tempo and go along for the ride.

Super Lotto in Dreams

Dreaming of California’s super lotto means you are anxious for its large prize drawing. You are currently banking on winning the prize to free you from debt and set you on the course of financial freedom. Once the financial windfall hits, you will be allotted the freedom to pursue dreams that have been waiting on the sidelines.