Number Ten in Dreams

People always associate the number ten with perfection and quintessence. Seeing the number ten appear in your dreams may suggest that you feel content and euphoric at this point in your life. Everything to you may be ideal or almost perfect. The number ten also harmonizes with the term closure, meaning you have found the answer to what you seek for. The number ten may also exemplify the law in relations to the ten commandments.

April Dream

Dreaming of April has both positives and negatives. For relationships, you are starting to see new beginnings toward a more intimate path. Also, business dealings are increasing with revenue and profits on the up trend.

The reason why April can be negative is that the month and dream is often associated with weather. Not every day can be sunny, as April showers are common. A stormy April dream signifies misfortune and looming failure.

Keno in Dreams

Dreaming of Keno means your lucky numbers will be appearing in the Keno drawing televised in casino. Do not despair if the number did not come out in the first game, because the big jackpot can come out on the 2nd game or the 10th game. Have faith in the Keno numbers that you dreamed about.

Plan on how you want to celebrate as you let the numbers play itself out.

Mega Millions Lottery in Dreams

Dreaming of the mega millions lottery mean you are planning of playing the lottery for a chance to win the large jackpot to solve all your financial troubles or to add more wealth to your holdings.

It is best to go with numbers that pop into your dream, or numbers that represent something significant to you.