State Lottery in Dreams

Dreaming of the state lottery means wishing for a windfall of cash prizes and jackpots to hit you like a tidal wave. It offers you hope in gaining financial freedom and an end to the daily grind of the rat race. The state lottery prizes will be a culmination of contributions from state residents to one single winner.

Powerball Results in Dreams

Dreaming of Powerball results means you are seeing the results before the Powerball numbers are drawn, and the dream will influence the numbers drawn for the jackpot. These powerball results must be played on the same day and exactly as it appears in your dream.

Numbers containing multiples of seven are very lucky and have a very high chance of being picked as the final Powerball numbers.

December Dream

A December dream is the summation of everything you have achieved throughout the year. The love affairs are plenty, friendships are stronger, and wealth are gainful. To dream about December solidifies the overall achievement you made from hard work with whatever obstacles that life throws at you.

Number Nine in Dreams

The number nine has always been associated with the terms longevity and forever in eastern culture. It is considered to be a very positive and favorable number. Appearing in your dream, the number nine can represent long lasting friendships and relationships. It can also indicate you are at a prolific stage in your life. With a fecund imagination and inspiration, you hope to ameliorate yourself and others around you.