Super Lotto in Dreams

Dreaming of California’s super lotto means you are anxious for its large prize drawing. You are currently banking on winning the prize to free you from debt and set you on the course of financial freedom. Once the financial windfall hits, you will be allotted the freedom to pursue dreams that have been waiting on the sidelines.

July Dream

Dreaming of July is about reaping the rewards you have worked so hard towards. Your relationships will blossom, and work will become a learning playground once again. These gains are sometime mercurial, and you have to be aware whether you can handle the tempo and go along for the ride.

August Dream

When you dream of August, it is a time to relax because everything is going well in your life. Plan for a vacation and loosen up the reign of responsibility to your peers and co-workers. Upon your return, you will be the recipient of good news and new found wealth.

Following your August dream, take on bigger projects where the outcome is bound to be very positive as the dream itself indicates.

March Dream

The month of March represents caution in your dreams. Whether you are heavily involved in business deals, relationships, or investments, you have to be careful because there are many uncontrollable elements working against you.

The end results from March may be disappointing if your resolve is not strong. With this understanding of the March dream, start thinking outside the box for solutions.