Aquarium in Dreams

Dreaming of an aquarium means you are constantly busying yourself, yet you feel that nothing is being accomplished causing you to be stuck in one place. Your career and relationships are not progressing at a steady pace. Try refocusing on what is important in your life, and stop activities that only look cool but accomplishes nothing.

Bamboo in Dreams

Dreaming of bamboo means you are seeking a spring in your step. Allowing you to bounce back from whatever failings, or personal obstacles that you may encounter. Bamboos are naturally wicked strong and flexible. Embrace these characteristics to become the responsible and dependable person that your love ones could look to.

Air Conditioner in Dreams

Dreaming of an air conditioner represents your state of calm over heated situations. You are able to turn it on and off when it comes to keeping your composure and not add more worries onto the table than necessary. Your aura carries a zen like awareness in conflicts and arguments among peers.

New Home in Dreams

Dreaming of a new home means you are ready to get out from the old home. The home can represent every aspect of your waking life that you may already be too comfortable with, and settled into idleness. The new home in your dream will offer opportunities in self development, relationship building, and leaving behind pieces of your life going nowhere.