Barbie Doll in Dreams

Dreaming of a barbie doll means you are seeking to live an ideal life. You tend to think having the perfect body image, and material possessions would naturally make your happier. Look within yourself to see if looking your best all the time justifies the amount of time spent verse the rewards gained. Learn to build on long terms goals instead of focusing on beauty and things, because time trumps beauty and all things lose value.

Burqa in Dreams

Dreaming of wearing a burqa means you adhere to strict religious traditions to maintain purity, modesty, and faith. This allows those who wear the burqa to behave modestly in public by covering themselves from head to toe.

In addition, the chadri will provide an extra element of protecting your identity from strangers.

Baseball Bat in Dreams

Dreaming of a baseball bat means you are lead on by your inspiration and main impetuses to win. Sometimes the baseball bat is wrongly used as a tool to hurt others. Be careful of how you handle the baseball bat in your dreams.

Also, the baseball bat might be a representation of a phallic image and have sexual implications. Again, see how your baseball bat dream develops.

Album in Dreams

Dreaming of an album means holding on to memories of friends, family and the joys of life. Each moment is frozen in time through photos where everyone is ageless with a smile upon their faces. These may be happier times in your life, and you wonder what happened to get you to the present moment.

The answer is to move on. People are not meant to live in the past. Treasure the albums, but do not keep reliving those moments. Otherwise you will never experience new things.