Bedspread in Dreams

Dreaming of a bedspread means you are looking for additional ways to express yourself sexually. Does the bedspread represent beauty and warmth? Or does the bedspread represent structure and cleanliness? Choose the one that represents you best, and you will not hold anything back when the time is right.

Clue into the various designs of the bedspread in your dream, then replicate it as best in the waking hours.

Ace in Dreams

Dreaming of an ace means there’s nothing holding you back from your accomplishments. The ace is the biggest and highest valued card in the deck. Being the ace allows you to open many doors in the future. Continue to establish this image of superiority, and profit from the assertiveness.

Mistletoe in Dreams

A mistletoe is a plant that is often used to mark the joyous occasion of Christmas. Along with it, comes the tradition of two people kissing when meeting under the same mistletoe. To dream of a mistletoe alludes a feeling of attraction towards a person near you. It can indicate that you and the person you like are fated to have a meeting under the mistletoe during the festive holidays.

Dreaming of a mistletoe symbolizes good fortune and happiness is heading your way.

Beryl in Dreams

Dreaming of beryl means finding inner peace. There may be current actions in your waking life that causes conflict, and continues to disturb your train of thought. The presence of the beryl will automatically calm you with its brilliant colors.

This is a sign that you need to put your everyday life on hold to reevaluate various situations and learn to let go of any unnecessary drama.