Bathrobe in Dreams

Dreaming of a bathrobe means you have something to hide, or have something that you are not necessarily comfortable discussing. If you are dealing with tough issues at work, it will be best to keep it private and away from being publicly known. Keep to yourself until your dream shows you removing your bathrobe.

Bouquet in Dreams

Dreaming of a bouquet means affection and love. The person who gave the bouquet is signifying their true intentions to you, and now you decide on how to reciprocate. If you feel the same, then give them a kiss. If you are not ready, then let them know without stringing them along. Healthy relationships start with being honest, and bouquets help to grow the budding foundations.

Banner in Dreams

Dreaming about a banner means you are in the middle of rallying people to adopt your cause. If you are waving the banner, then you are the leader. In your waking hours, continue to influence those around you by offering what they desire if they were to take your side. Stay true to your goal, and you will have a wonderful journey getting there.

Binoculars in Dreams

Dreaming of binoculars mean you are ready to see more of the forest instead of focusing on the trees. The binoculars enable your vision to see farther and see more details before embarking on finalizing your decisions. Your peers will trust you more when you are able to present to them a longer term world view.

Dreaming of binoculars will free you from your old myopic ways.