Billboard in Dreams

Dreaming of a billboard means you want your message and ideas to get out to the world. Everything you have learned and experienced needs to be shared. You feel as if you can help a lot of people if they would just look up and see your billboard.

Try remembering the message you see on the billboard, and see if you can follow through. It can be worth its weight in gold if it pans out.

Car in Dreams

Dreaming of a car means progress, and that you are moving from point A to point B at a steady pace. Business ventures are going smoothly as well as personal relationships. The only thing to be cautious of is the car running out of gas which is analogous of you running out of motivation. Always take a break in between working on a project for long lengths of time to avoid burnout.

Ball in Dreams

Dreaming of a ball means your life is coming full circle, and fulfilled by excellent career opportunities and relationships. The ball is always in your court where you control the situations to your liking. Understanding that the ball dream is to your advantage, start running laps around whatever obstacles that you may be facing day to day and you will see that life is a piece of cake.

Pyramid in Dreams

Pyramids have been considered a great spectacle of the world. The ancient Egyptians took many years to build just one, yet they have multiple pyramids in existence. Dreaming of such pyramids can signify that there is a potential to do great things in life, to build wonders and huge projects that stand out like the pyramids do. And as the years go by, the pyramids continue to stand proud and tall, braving various harsh conditions. Thus, dreaming about pyramids suggests that you have a strong and solid foundation. This can be directly translated into longevity, firm will, and the power to dazzle others.