Compass in Dreams

A compass has long been an instrument to help people find their way. Dreaming of a compass may signify a sense of being lost or trying to find something. Though the compass will never be able to pinpoint and tell you exactly where whatever you may be looking for is, it does give a general sense of direction. This will assist you and give some hints as to where you may be headed. It doesn’t tell you where you are, but it lets you know where you are going generally and thus, the same notion can be applied to the dreamers. They will not know the location of what they search for, but they will have that innate sense that they are close.

Seeing a compass in your dream may also be an indication for you to reflect the path that your current wake self is taking.

Bass in Dreams

Dreaming of bass means you are musically inclined and ready to tackle the creative side of your daily activities. Continue developing your creative side with new activities, and picking up new hobbies. The moment will come when you blossom and surprise all your friends and family with your creative side that only a few people are aware of.

Symbols in Dream

Dreaming of symbols means your life is guided by the wisdom of the past. Each symbol has attained and proven to carry the same spiritual attributes through thousands of years as its owners swear by its properties. Holding the symbols closes to your heart will offer you protection against the evils each symbol is created to ward off.

Hairpiece in Dreams

Hairpiece in dreams represents the way you’re currently feeling about yourself. If you’re wearing a hairpiece, there is connections to feeling lost and uncomfortable with the way you are. You probably feel like you’re losing a part of you and that you need to change and cover up who you really are. This can have relations close to being afraid of aging and losing your hair, or fear related to the physical appearance of having no hair. Hair is only a part of you, it doesn’t make you any better or worse, focus on what you’re covering up emotionally with the hairpiece and find a way to overcome it.