Poison Gas in Dreams

Dreaming of poison gas means your surroundings are hurting you. It could be a place of work or a place of residence that continues to choke the life out of you. At first, you dread each day and then you might snap because of the overwhelming fumes. These poisonous fumes may only appear in your dreams, but it is symbolic of you enduring a slow death if you don’t change.

Consider it a sign to change your job if you are currently stuck. Or consider it a sign to get out of your comfort zone to chase the goals you have.

Bitter in Dreams

Dreaming of bitter means there is something lingering on your mind that you are not willing to let go. The thing you tasted may have been sweet previously, and the lack of it have turned the experience to bitterness. In your waking hours, focus on moving forward, let go of the boulders that you have been shouldering for too long.

Magic in Dreams

Dreaming of magic means you are actively harnessing creativity to formulate illusions and playful deception to attain your goals. The path you take to creating success is a round about way, where all parties involved will be surprised that you come out ahead of the competition because you give them the impression that you are non-threatening to the final prize.

Lottery Jackpot in Dreams

Dreaming of the lottery jackpot means new found wealth, and successful business ventures are within your reach. You have to work a little harder to push yourself over the edge because success needs to be chased and never simply given to you. When you work hard, all the success that you have appears to be luck in the eyes of others.

It is always good to keep people looking from the outside guessing, thus they can not replicate your business models.