Bald in Dreams

Dreaming of being bald means you are worried about being exposed. Your tricks and wits will be no use in hiding your true form and intentions. However, don’t worry because no one cares.

Learn to embrace yourself for everything that is you, warts and all. The truth of the matter is that people will only pay five minutes of attention to you, and then it is back to caring about themselves and not you.

Bargain in Dreams

Dreaming of a bargain means you don’t want to pay full price or you don’t want to work hard for the gains. You want to take the easy route at your work or relationships. The truth is that bargains are temporary, and will only set you back if you keep looking for bargains verse extracting real value out of your life.

Start putting in the work, instead of taking short cuts.

Anarchy in Dreams

Dreaming of anarchy means you thrive in chaos where daily routines do no apply to you. These are the things that contribute to you falling short without you realizing it. Plan on getting your life organized before taking on bigger projects as planned anarchy will work to your advantage where you are the calmest person when everyone around you is in panic mode.

Affluence in Dreams

Dreaming of affluence represents your desires to be rich and lavished in luxury. The extent you will go to attain the image of ultra extravagance knows no boundaries. Everyone who comes into contact with you will know immediately that you are full of confidence and money because you flaunt it perfectly.