Magpie in Dreams

Dreaming of a magpie means weakness and insecurity. You are always looking for reassurances in how people feel about you even though on appearances you rate high amongst your friends. This stems from a lack of exposure to the real world where you continue to limit yourself to a small circle of contacts. The reality is that a majority of people don’t care about you unless you are unforgettable regardless of your appearances.

Abnormal in Dreams

Dreaming of abnormal events and objects indicate a segment of your life where you are starting to pay attention towards and turning it around. Whether these situations are good or bad, the correct course of action is to follow your dreams of abnormality and keep it under consistent monitoring for change thus allowing you to adapt accordingly. The abnormal stages will eventually return to regularity after a small set of time.

Aroma in Dreams

Dreaming of an aroma means you will encounter a pleasant experience. Fresh flowers give off a fragrant scent. A bakery is filled with fresh bread aromas. Position yourself in areas with nice smells during waking hours and you will meet success and happiness you only dreamed of encountering. Put yourself out there, and the sweet aromas will take care of everything.

Architecture in Dreams

Dreaming of architecture means you are building a life based on planning and strong foundations. The relationships and careers that you establish will be very strong as you have invested wholeheartedly into moving them towards the desired path. Continue to dream of shaping the life you want, and you will have it in the waking hours.