Letter G in Dreams

Dreaming of the letter G means you are destined for great things. Money, fame, glamor are all within your reach. If there is something you want to show off, then go ahead and make it bigger than life. The money you spend on getting yourself in front of your audience will reward you tenfold.

Asthma in Dreams

Dreaming of asthma means your relaxed state is being attacked by sudden changes. An asthma attack can occur at any given time without warning, as a certain unforeseeable event can be disastrous for your career. Be aware of your current surrounding and don’t let anything unfamiliar trip you up.

Also, having asthma in a dream is a good indication for you to take up meditation to learn how to calm your nerves when dealing with tough life issues.

Letter H in Dreams

Dreaming of the letter H means you understand that you need people around you, especially when it comes to working on a project. Through your experience, the result of teamwork always exceed the result of even the smartest individual. Continue to practice inclusion instead of exclusion, and your life will reap its rightful rewards.

Band in Dreams

Dreaming of a band means you want to be together with your friends, and the people you like being around with. As a band, you are able to let go and be creative in a safe environment where your peers are encouraging you to be better everyday. Seek out your band and the people who will push you forward.