Bald in Dreams

Dreaming of being bald means you are worried about being exposed. Your tricks and wits will be no use in hiding your true form and intentions. However, don’t worry because no one cares.

Learn to embrace yourself for everything that is you, warts and all. The truth of the matter is that people will only pay five minutes of attention to you, and then it is back to caring about themselves and not you.

Lyrics in Dream

Dreaming of lyrics represents a song that has touched you deeply with its words. The song writer made the connection between themselves and the fans by remaining true when retelling their experiences. These lyrics will help remind you to be stronger in life, and to take action rather than sitting around waiting for the one million dollar sweepstakes check to arrive in the mail.

Affluence in Dreams

Dreaming of affluence represents your desires to be rich and lavished in luxury. The extent you will go to attain the image of ultra extravagance knows no boundaries. Everyone who comes into contact with you will know immediately that you are full of confidence and money because you flaunt it perfectly.

Letter Z in Dreams

Dreaming of the letter Z means you are being held back, and not achieving your full potential. You are seen as a lazy person who always takes the easy way out or abandoning your responsibilities completely. This habitually leaves you in last place in contests or races. End the loser cycle and start dreaming of the letter A.