Alphabets in Dream

Dreaming of the alphabet means expressing yourself in the written language where speech and facial expressions fail you. Sentence structures allow you to word your thoughts perfectly and hold a captive audience.

It also means you have entertained the idea of authoring books because your innate ability to craft stories with wicked realism.

Black Friday in Dreams

Black Friday is the most renown shopping day of the year. Every store is looking to give out deals, and attract a massive crowd of customers. In dreams, it symbolizes renewal, Black Friday allows the chance for change. People will buy new clothes, furniture, household appliances, and anything they find. It’s a time to shed what was once past and old, and upgrade to the present.

Perhaps, this relates to the material possessions in your life. Maybe it’s time to throw out those old pair of jeans, and invest in new ones. It relieves people of having to buy items at regular price, and gives flexibility for those with less income. It’s a sign to go out and have fun, to splurge on yourself, because it’s been long overdue. As they say ” Out with the old, and in with the new”

Afternoon in Dreams

Dreaming of the afternoon means you are reminiscing the times you have spent with your crush enjoying the company of each other, chatting away at the most random of topics and drinking over the allowable lunch alcohol limits. Too bad the afternoon is the shortest moments of the day, eventually everyone has to return to work, so stop reliving the afternoon dream and move on.

Income in Dreams

Dreaming of income means you are facing some dire situations that require an influx of cash to fix the situation. Start by reviewing your outflow of cash, and see where you can make some cuts.

It also means you are ready to expand by adding a second source of income to the mix. Look into real estate, and look to your friends for ideas also.