Animation in Dreams

Dreaming of animation means you are no longer living life normally. In your animated form, you have supernatural powers to clear any obstacle or challenges that stand before you. In the animated world, you can be anyone you want, and have any power you desire. It is an escapism dream where everything comes easily at the snap of the fingers.

Google Wave in Dreams

Dreaming of Google Wave means a new way to communicate via instant messaging, email, and web chat. It is about getting all your contacts to collaborate better and more effectively. Say goodbye to Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, and AIM once Google Wave is made available to the public.

Adapt and repackage existing communication tools by making it more flexible and user friendly thus keeping your users coming back for more is summarized by Google Wave.

Archaeology in Dreams

Dreaming of archaeology means you are looking into the past for hints to help you understand and perhaps overcome your personal challenges in life. This can also become a burden for you because it entraps you into wasting time on the past, while the present is passing you by. Try not to be left behind, and continue to forge forward with positive outlooks.

Car Troubles in Dream

Dreaming of car troubles mean your goals are currently put on hold by an unseen obstacle. While your car looks perfectly normal on the outside, a mechanical failure on the inside keeps you from going to your destination.

It is time to reevaluate yourself internally to find out what is keeping you from reaching your next level of potential, because your peers see you accomplishing nothing as time continues to pass on by.