Amish in Dreams

Dreaming of Amish means living simple without the desires of technology and outlandish material wealth. It involves the following of strict rules passed on from generations that stress the importance of family, health, and humility. With the knowledge that everything in life is taken care of and guided by the community, one can live a full life with the simplest of material wants and needs.

American in Dreams

Dreaming of being American represents your patriotism to the United States and exercising all your rights as a citizen. With privileged rights, you are free of political or religious persecutions. As an American you are encouraged to pursue your dreams through hard work and strong morals.

Your personal freedoms will never be compromised as the American dream advocates democracy for all.

Pittsburgh Steelers in Dream

Dreaming of the Pittsburgh Steelers mean you are ready for football weekends where gridiron battles are many. Men do battle utilizing speed and muscle to carry the football to the end zone. The Steelers dream is also an indication of you never giving up, because those who succeed in sports never give up and continue to develop on individual talents.

Translate your sports drive to the business world, and your outstanding work will be recognized very shortly.

Heath Ledger in Dreams

Leaving behind a legacy of smash hit movies and unforgettable portrayals of characters such as the Joker in Dark Knight, Heath Ledger will always be remembered. Although Heath Ledger died tragically at a young age and is no longer alive in the physical world, his legacy and works of art will always be ingrained into people’s minds. Dreaming of Heath Ledger can symbolize that you wish to be remembered for your greatness and to live on in other’s hearts when facing death. You wish to succeed and leave a stable foundation for your loved ones.

Seeing Heath Ledger in your dream does not necessary be reflective that death is approaching you, but can be interpreted as when you leave the earth, you will leave behind a successful legacy and will be remembered by many. You will succeed in life and bring about a new light and definition of your career to others.