Dentist in Dreams

Dreaming that you are a dentist suggests that you have anxiety or fear of pain but will be good for you in the long run. So try to overcome that fear that you may have to lead to happiness later in life. To dream that the dentist is working on your teeth signifies the doubt of sincerity and honor of some person with whom you are dealing with. So watch out for partners you may be working with. To see a dentist working on someone else suggests that you will soon be shocked by a scandal near you. Keep an eye out for anything sudden changes that may occur in your environment.

Nurse in Dreams

Seeing a nurse in your dreams can be a sign of lack of care given to you. In a hospital environment, the nurse is not only the assistant to a doctor, but they are also the one in charge for all your needs. The nurse is a caretaker, making sure you are properly recovering and making sure nothing is wrong. To dream of a nurse is essentially dreaming of a caretaker and a need for one. This dream may also mean that you wish to be going through some phase of healing, whether it be mentally, emotionally, or physically.

To see yourself as a nurse in your dreams suggests that you should be compassionate and sympathetic towards others who are undergoing rough times.

Detective in Dreams

Often, we tend to perceive a detective as a person who enjoys the thrill of solving mysteries and having a keen eye for details. They often possess great observant skills and are able to make logical connections between things. Dreaming about a detective is symbolic of your eagerness for adventure and excitement. As a person, you tend to have an imaginative mind with the ability to see beneath the superficial surface. You like to seek the truth out before placing judgment on others. To dream about a detective may be indicative of your hidden abilities and ambition.

Envisioning of a detective following you represents your feeling of being watched. You may feel that you have done something wrong. It can be possible that a feeling of guilt is consuming you.

Children in Dreams

Children in dreams can be a foreshadowing of the future. There are two different perspectives you can take on this dream.

The first one is that you’re already expecting a child, and you’re seeing what you want to see of the future. You’re in a sense, having an insight of what you want to have within the future. This is a good thing, as in the future you’ll have people to share your love with.

If you’re not expecting children, and don’t want children, this is a sign of commitment. Where you’re afraid to be committed to some one, but you’re mind is telling you that there’s a possibility that you might be bound to them through children.

Either case, don’t fret. Children can be a blessing within your life if you want them to be. If you’re expecting or not, just don’t be afraid of a commitment to something new in your life.