Michael Phelps in Dreams

Dreaming of Michael Phelps means focusing all your concentration on one action and becoming the greatest at it. If you want to be the best at one thing, then you must devote eight to ten hours to it during your waking life everyday. However, many people cannot afford that luxury where they have to work and make ends meet.

If you have the flexibility, go out and dream big about becoming the best you can be.

Foster Parent in Dreams

Having foster parents in dreams rather than your real ones represent some neglect that you hold deep down inside. Your parents have wronged you in a way as you were growing up and you’ve repressed that memory. Your conscience is now reminding you of what happened and you’re trying to cope with these feelings by replacing your parents with other people. If you see your actual foster parents you are grateful that they took you in and cared for you when you had no one else. You are content with the way they raised you and thankful for their love. No parents are perfect, but they do all they can for their kids and as long as their is love, they can’t be all that bad.

Bedfellows in Dreams

Dreaming of bedfellows mean you are seeking unlikely allies. Regardless of how you truly feel about people you work with, you are prepared to grin and bear it as long as your common goals are achieved. This can lead down a slippery road where you may start losing your integrity if you do not choose your bedfellows more wisely.

Children in Dreams

Children in dreams can be a foreshadowing of the future. There are two different perspectives you can take on this dream.

The first one is that you’re already expecting a child, and you’re seeing what you want to see of the future. You’re in a sense, having an insight of what you want to have within the future. This is a good thing, as in the future you’ll have people to share your love with.

If you’re not expecting children, and don’t want children, this is a sign of commitment. Where you’re afraid to be committed to some one, but you’re mind is telling you that there’s a possibility that you might be bound to them through children.

Either case, don’t fret. Children can be a blessing within your life if you want them to be. If you’re expecting or not, just don’t be afraid of a commitment to something new in your life.