Barack Obama in Dreams

When Barack Obama appears in your dream, it is a reminder of hope and change. Even with the challenges you face everyday, you see him as a shining example of what is possible. Through hard work and perseverance, anything can be achieved.

Dreaming about Obama also signifies your strong belief in working in harmony with supporters and antagonists alike.

Dentist in Dreams

Dreaming that you are a dentist suggests that you have anxiety or fear of pain but will be good for you in the long run. So try to overcome that fear that you may have to lead to happiness later in life. To dream that the dentist is working on your teeth signifies the doubt of sincerity and honor of some person with whom you are dealing with. So watch out for partners you may be working with. To see a dentist working on someone else suggests that you will soon be shocked by a scandal near you. Keep an eye out for anything sudden changes that may occur in your environment.

Sarah Palin in Dreams

Sarah Palin appearing in your dreams is an indication of your association with conservative views and beliefs. It is also seeing yourself breaking through to a possible leadership role. There will be multiple levels of obstacles in your path, follow the advice that Sarah Palin provides you in the dream.

Michael Phelps in Dreams

Dreaming of Michael Phelps means focusing all your concentration on one action and becoming the greatest at it. If you want to be the best at one thing, then you must devote eight to ten hours to it during your waking life everyday. However, many people cannot afford that luxury where they have to work and make ends meet.

If you have the flexibility, go out and dream big about becoming the best you can be.