Dinesh Patel in Dreams

If you are dreaming of Dinesh Patel, chances are that you are infatuated with professional sports and the wealth that comes with it. There has to be a strong belief in you to achieve anything that you put your mind into, because Dinesh had never played a game of baseball and achieved the feat of getting signed a MLB team the Pittsburgh Priates.

It is common to dream about individuals such as Dinesh Patel that you idolize, as you want to emulate the examples of hard work they set forth.

Stranger in Dreams

Dreaming of a stranger can have two totally opposite meanings. The first is the obvious fear of the unknown, of not recognizing whom you are interacting with. The strangers are, as they sound, strange to you. You know nothing about them and nothing of their intentions. Thus, this is a sign that you are wary in case something happens.

However, it can also signify an interest in the unknown. Once again, you know nothing about whom you dream about, yet there is that mystical sense of being intrigued about things and people you do not know. Curiosity at it’s best.

Becoming a Hero in Dreams

Dreaming that you are a hero is symbolic of your innate strength and outstanding willingness to help others in times of adversities. You possess great courage and would fearlessly go about living life. To you, challenges are not seen as something that hinders you from success. Instead, it is overcoming them is where you find a sense of accomplishment.

To see yourself as a hero in your dream alludes of hidden great potential in you that is waiting to be unmasked. You probably don’t know it yet so this may be a reason you are envisioning yourself as a hero in your dream. In the end, you will realize that there is something special about you when this potential is revealed.

Philip Markoff in Dreams

Dreaming of Philip Markoff means you have been spending a little too much time on Craigslist or other free advertising sites looking for a bit of action. Hidden behind the guise of anonymity, you feel your actions are known to you and your accomplice but others are actively watching.

It is perfectly normal to feel that your safety has been compromised when one bad apple spoils the batch.