Castle in Dreams

Back in the days of yore, living in a castle was indicative of your high or royal status. It distinguishes those living in poverty and those with mass wealth. If you dream of a castle, it symbolizes power, honor, and luxury. You will achieve great fortune and success. Living in a castle in your dream may be symbolic of your current stately status. Alternatively, dreaming of a castle can parallel the ideas of escape from current reality and illusions of opulence. You wish to leave behind your state of poverty and unhappiness to obtain affluence and success.

School in Dreams

Dreaming about school represents the lessons we have not learned yet. Every time when you overcome a certain work or relationship challenge, and you dream about school means your unconscious is trying to help reinforce the learned lessons into your thinking. You may have missed something on the way, and the dreams will show them to you.

Alter in Dreams

Dreaming of an alter means making a conviction to part with all of your vices and begin anew by embracing a healthier lifestyle. Stalled business ventures will flourish again under a more focused leadership from you.

Change for good behavior and success will come. Leave the frustrations to people who hold dear to bad and destructive habits.

Hospital in Dreams

Dreaming of a hospital can signify an emergency or something drastic that has happened. Trips to the hospital usually come when something physical has occurred. Thus, the dreaming of a hospital may be a sign of shock that has come into your life, something unexpected and unplanned that requires immediate attention. Also, it can be interpreted as a sign that you need to try your best to improve your health both mentally and physically.

Of course, it is not necessarily a bad event. While most trips to the hospital are for emergency medical treatment, visits to there may also be for good such as the birth of a child. While still requiring professional and medical help, it is a time of great joy.