Home in Dreams

A person’s home is usually the place where they feel most at ease and most accepted. There is no need to hide or pretend to be a certain way. Envisioning your home in your dreams indicates that you feel comfortable in your inner sanctuary. The security and privacy provided by your home makes it an ideal place to turn to when you feel like the world is on your shoulders. Dreaming about your home shows a profound attachment to the comfort and warmth provided by this shelter.

Beach in Dreams

Dreaming of the beach means you are seeking for a place away from your troubles of the daily grind; and rejuvenate yourself by connecting with the warm sun and ocean breezes.

A crowded beach in the dream means you seek company rather than the isolation at work. Go out and party like a rock star.

A calm beach with few people means your life has been too hectic and you need to slow down in order to maintain a balance.

Theater in Dreams

Dreaming of theater represents you working hard towards making it to the big stage in terms of career and relationships. The more focus you put into these endeavors, in turn the rewards will be a handsome amount in wealth and love.

Theater is all about practice and preparation. Remember these words and forge forward to your goals.

Wrong Bathroom in Dreams

When you dream of entering or using the wrong bathroom, you are overstepping boundaries, and crossing the line in certain situations. Are you doing something that you are not aware about to antagonize a coworker or a friend? Has there been something that was said to a friend that continues to be taken out of context?

It is best to take a moment to address any outstanding issues that can take a wrong turn for the worst if left unattended after dreaming about using the wrong bathroom.