Field in Dreams

Dreaming of fields represent your state of mind as being ready to be populated with new information. This helps you to keep an open mind when meeting people and encountering strange situations. The field dream allows you ready access to engage in activities big and small at the same time. People naturally gravitate towards you due to the openness offered by you.

Trapped in a Castle in Dreams

When one thinks of a castle, they often think of grandness and great power and wealth. It is a dream that became reality for many to live in a castle, for it is indicative of your dignified status. However, envisioning yourself trapped in a castle in your dream is equivalent to you feeling trapped and confined. It can be summed up with this simple assertion, “Although you live in place of great beauty and fortune, you lack happiness due to your feelings of being limited.” Always in the spotlight due to your high status, you feel limitations shrouding you and hindering you from doing what you really want.

Garden in Dreams

To see a garden in your dreams filled with greenery and flowers denotes a peaceful mind and comfort. To see a vegetable growing suggests that hard work will pay off later at the end. If you see yourself planting something, it can show a new skill which will nurture your spiritual and personal growth. If the garden is wild, it can suggest future difficulties with your work. To dream of walking through the garden with your love denotes to happiness and lots of love. So enjoy being in a colorful garden as it may bring peace to your mind.

Playground in Dreams

A playground is a child’s place of adventure. Dreaming of a playground can show a more childish and free part of one’s soul. Not necessarily immature, but the childish qualities may be a good sign, reflecting and reminiscing of one’s younger years. It is a sign of great youth, showing a definite enjoyment of the adventurous and young spirit within a more mature and grown person.

Since a playground is where a child feels happy and relaxed, dreaming of it can be indicative of your desire to be carefree and void of responsibilities. You wish to be able to do things the way you want and at your own pace.