Apartment in Dreams

Dreaming of an apartment means financial stability and independence. A large furnished apartment mean your family will be taken care of by the income you produce from working a steady job. It is also your sanctuary where you feel safe amongst all your belongings. The life that you build for yourself starts with the apartment.

Pool in Dreams

Dreaming of a pool is a sign of both status and relaxation. Thus, dreaming of a pool could potentially be a marker in social class or even desires. Families often want a pool due to what it offers, a meeting spot for friends and a way to cool off on a hot day. The manifestation of a pool in your dreams is perhaps a want for that status, for that marker in society.

Alternatively, seeing a pool of water in your dreams denotes a feeling of wanting to be cleansed and to able to understand your emotions and thoughts better.

Bog in Dreams

Dreaming of a bog means your surroundings are overwhelming your senses and creating confusion in your life. Your living space could use some improving to minimize the distractions. Remember that less is more. In your waking hours, focus on habits to clean up, eliminate wasting time, and always have a plan. Start now because bad leads to worst leads to ruin.

Garden in Dreams

To see a garden in your dreams filled with greenery and flowers denotes a peaceful mind and comfort. To see a vegetable growing suggests that hard work will pay off later at the end. If you see yourself planting something, it can show a new skill which will nurture your spiritual and personal growth. If the garden is wild, it can suggest future difficulties with your work. To dream of walking through the garden with your love denotes to happiness and lots of love. So enjoy being in a colorful garden as it may bring peace to your mind.