Bedroom in Dreams

A person’s bedroom is often regarded as their private sanctuary where their secrets and inner thoughts are cached away from the rest of the world. Thus, a bedroom in your dream is a symbolization of the intimate part of yourself that others do not know of unless you are willing to let them in. Dreaming of yourself being inside a bedroom represents your sexual desires of lust and passion. When it is just you alone in the bedroom and you do not want to allow others in, it can be interpreted as fear of others learning your most private and clandestine thoughts. Without others around in your bedroom, you feel less vulnerable and exposed.

To envision you being in your own bedroom represents your feelings of security, safety, and protection. On the other hand, allowing someone into your bedroom is equivalent to sharing of trust and willing to take the risk of being vulnerable. You want others to see you for who you are and not beneath a facade of lies and masks.

Arcade in Dreams

Dreaming of an arcade represents a time of enjoyment, and carefree youth involving a place of fun distractions. If you are currently encountering helpless situations where you may feel troubles are swelling and growing by the minutes, your dream of the arcade is a mechanism for escape. Utilize the arcade as an end goal, and plow through the obstacles before you.

Don’t necessarily escape from your responsibilities because they won’t go away unless they are taken off properly.

Theater in Dreams

Dreaming of theater represents you working hard towards making it to the big stage in terms of career and relationships. The more focus you put into these endeavors, in turn the rewards will be a handsome amount in wealth and love.

Theater is all about practice and preparation. Remember these words and forge forward to your goals.

Cancun in Dreams

Dreaming of Cancun means you are on your way to a well deserved vacation in sunny beaches and an exotic locale. Slaving away at work has its rewards in a Cancun vacation with your friends where you can party until the very last music beat stops playing. It is a time to be young again.