Garden in Dreams

To see a garden in your dreams filled with greenery and flowers denotes a peaceful mind and comfort. To see a vegetable growing suggests that hard work will pay off later at the end. If you see yourself planting something, it can show a new skill which will nurture your spiritual and personal growth. If the garden is wild, it can suggest future difficulties with your work. To dream of walking through the garden with your love denotes to happiness and lots of love. So enjoy being in a colorful garden as it may bring peace to your mind.

Basement in Dreams

Dreaming of a basement represents your subliminal thoughts and instincts. The basement may be your current state of mind. Within the various meanings of the dream, the most popular are shame, depth and introspection.

Also, seeing yourself in the basement in the dream can mean embarrassment or there is something that is lurking in the unknown.

Tulum in Dreams

Dreaming of Tulum means you want to be close to the Maya ruins on your next excursion. It is a means of getting back to your roots and making a connection with ancient civilizations. You are very open to self exploration through spiritual and mental exercises. Going outside your comfort zone is the key to your success.

Barracks in Dreams

Dreaming of barracks mean that you are looking for structure in your life. Living with others who follow the same rules day in and day out will bring discipline to help build structure in your life. Start by remembering an easy quote that you can recite to bring yourself back to tasks on hand when you falling out of control from having too much freedom and too little responsibility.