Wife Swapping in Dreams

The action of wife swapping in your dream may not necessarily be a bad thing. Don’t just assume that it’s because you’re willing to cheat on her, or because you’re not loyal. It may represent a change that needs to be overcome within your marriage. Maybe your marriage has been the same for such a while, that you’re bored with it, and you’re requesting a change. It can be either emotionally or physically, but your mind is sick of the same old routine, and wants to experience something new.

Infidelity in Dreams

Dreaming of infidelity means you have issues with trust. Regardless of how often your significant other reassures you of their faithfulness through actions, you still tend to remain unconvinced whenever they are not physically next to you.

Infidelity stems from the human nature of wanting to try new things with other people which can be viewed as cheating on a spouse or a partner.

Loved One with Someone Else in Dreams

Dreaming of a loved one in someone’s arms mean you may be losing them and they have taken up the comfort with a new person. They are probably having an affair or cheating behind your back. It is your responsibility to get the bottom of the cause, as it is not necessarily anyone’s fault but your own.

Move on as nothing you do will salvage the relationship.

Former Lover in Dreams

People come and go in your life. Some may stay stationary, while others may fade away and become a distant memory. No matter what, it can not be denied that they didn’t have some sort of influence in our lives. We may think back to them or they may even appear in our dreams. To dream about a former lover, you may feel a lack of closure for the love story between the both of you. There may be some unresolved issues pertaining to your past relationship that you wish to find the answers to. Without answers, you feel restless and not at ease.

Dreaming about a former love may indicate that you are currently in a situation or relationship just like the past. You yearn to change certain aspects of your current relationship and not have it lead to the same outcome as the previous. On the other hand, it may symbolize you feel malcontent and disheartened by your current existing relationship.

To see a former lover in your dream may also represent you missing certain aspects of that person or the relationship with them as a whole. You may feel unrequited feelings towards your former lover whom may have moved on. Although he or she has moved on, you still yearn for them and wish to start over or give the relationship a second chance.

Therefore, it’s best to first sort out your feelings and see what you really want before making a move.