Former Lover in Dreams

People come and go in your life. Some may stay stationary, while others may fade away and become a distant memory. No matter what, it can not be denied that they didn’t have some sort of influence in our lives. We may think back to them or they may even appear in our dreams. To dream about a former lover, you may feel a lack of closure for the love story between the both of you. There may be some unresolved issues pertaining to your past relationship that you wish to find the answers to. Without answers, you feel restless and not at ease.

Dreaming about a former love may indicate that you are currently in a situation or relationship just like the past. You yearn to change certain aspects of your current relationship and not have it lead to the same outcome as the previous. On the other hand, it may symbolize you feel malcontent and disheartened by your current existing relationship.

To see a former lover in your dream may also represent you missing certain aspects of that person or the relationship with them as a whole. You may feel unrequited feelings towards your former lover whom may have moved on. Although he or she has moved on, you still yearn for them and wish to start over or give the relationship a second chance.

Therefore, it’s best to first sort out your feelings and see what you really want before making a move.

Having a Baby in Dreams

Having a baby in a dream can most likely represent commitment or the wanting of a family. You may be afraid that maybe having a baby will result in you being committed to your partner. Or it can be because you and your partner are expecting a baby, and the excitement is just getting to you. Also can be representative of you wanting a baby. You could be longing for the joy, or the neediness to take care of something.

Either way, discover what a baby in your life would do for you. That’s the only way to make sense of this dream, to analyze how a baby would affect your life.

Love in Dreams

Dreaming of love means you are in a mutual relationship with a partner who gives back in terms of intimacy and emotional support. There may be times of tumultuous arguments between the two parties, but you always find a way to work things out and maintain a peaceful balance.

The love in your dreams is the person who you will cherish through the test of time. Spend your days creating many fun loving memories

Relationships in Dreams

Dreaming of a relationship means there lacks a special person in your life. You may be single and have been spending too much time drinking at bars without meeting anyone. Either your standards are too high or you are not being realistic with expectations of meeting a supermodel.

On the other hand, you may be worried about your current relationship and it continues to enter your dreams. Sort out the problems in the waking hours and the dream sequence will gradually go away.