Lizard in Dreams

Lizards are your enemies in dreams. These lizards will cause you harm if the dream is not handled properly. Plan on beating the lizard (your opponents and antagonists in life) and you will regain lost reputation and wealth.

Snake in Dreams

Snakes represent enemies and the things you fear in real life. When you dream about snakes, be more cautious in the waking hours. It is a foreboding feeling that a bad turn of events can happen suddenly as a snake would strike rapidly on its unsuspecting prey.

You will feel betrayal from people you least expect. Business deals can turn soar at any moment.

Boa in Dreams

The boa snake is prominently known for its constricting abilities. When a boa appears in a dream, it indicates stormy times and bad fortune that often traps the dreamer. Will be wise not to listen to flattery for the period of time when the boa dream first appeared.

Boa Constrictor in Dreams

Dreaming of a boa constrictor means something has clips your wings. You feel that your job is leading nowhere, and the opportunity of advancement is limited. You feel your relationships are moving forward, and you are not committing any time soon. Remember it is all in your head that holds you back. Start by getting rid of whatever limiting beliefs you have, and nothing can hold you back.