Anaconda in Dreams

Dreaming of an anaconda means overwhelming power and virility. Any obstacle that stands in your path will be easy to overcome and master. If you are entering a business venture, take the good omen and pour all your energies into making it successful as the reward will be an exponential sum.

Asp in Dreams

When you dream of an asp or venomous snakes, you are in peril where danger lies ahead of you. Consider safeguarding your wealth by reviewing all your assets to see that they are properly managed. There will also be infighting amongst your friends and family. Your duty after the asp dream is to seek out the rooted cause of these misfortunes and nip it.

Crocodile in Dreams

A crocodile is a dangerous omen when it appears in your dream. It represents a task or obstacle that will be detrimental to your health. The crocodile will guide you towards the wrong direction till you fail, then it will snap you up. Expect to see bad events unravel right before your eyes. Paid attention to them very carefully as it effects you in negative ways unimaginable when managed inadequately.

Scorpion in Dreams

Scorpions are poisonous and dangerous. A dream about scorpions are often accompanied by pending doom and destruction. Maybe someone has hurled hurtful words towards your way, and you feel your world being destroyed by what they did.

To counter the scorpion dream, confront the individual who has created these destructive feelings around you.