Erotica in Dreams

Dreaming of erotica means a test for your vitality where you too can experience the intensity of sexual desires regardless of age, looks, or physical states. The dream is often triggered by watching or reading something erotic that provides the visuals of the passionate acts. If you are in the beginning of your relationship, your erotica dreams will often involve the person you are seeing.

Homosexual in Dreams

Dreaming of homosexual means you are attracted to same sex but are struggling with acknowledging the fact or letting anyone else know about your private life. Today’s culture is more accepting towards those who bond with their gay partners, and some places even recognize legal unions between two gay partners.

Knowing that many others have blazed the trail before you and helped create laws against discrimination and persecution for your sexual preferences, you do not have to be afraid of who you are.

Venereal Disease in Dreams

Dreaming of venereal disease means you are having unprotected sex that can compromise the aspect of safe sex. You are unaware of your partner’s previous sexual relationships that causes you to be concerned about exchanging bodily fluids.

Practice safe sex with a condom or get tested before engaging in unprotected sex to rid of your dreams about venereal diseases and STDs.

Sex in Dreams

Dreaming of sex means procreating and sharing intimate moments with a person you love. Sex helps to create stronger bonds and relations between those involved.

It can also be an indication that sex is needed to help cool off a heated argument and reaffirm new commitments as partners. Pay attention to the sex partners that appear in the dream, because they are the answers if you wake up from the dream full of questions.