Encounter Ex in Dreams

Dreaming of past relationships and reliving encounters with your ex represents the good days before you settled down with a career and maybe family. It is always good remember the freedom of carefree love, exciting dinners, new exotic vacations that you had with your ex.

However, if you continue to obsess about an ex then there’s a cause for concern.

Rape in Dreams

The act of being raped in dreams is a strong sign of a bad relationship. You are most likely with some one you feel inferior to. Instead of being in a partnership where you and the other person, listen and help one another, the other person most likely dominates. You feel insecure and unable to make them listen to you. There’s a feeling of being tied down and not being able to defend, or protect yourself. You’re in fear that your partner can hurt you and that you’re not safe when you’re around them. It’s a sign that you’re not being taken seriously and that your partner doesn’t really care much about you.

This is the time for you to re-evaluate your relationship and talk about it. You can’t just live in the shadow of someone else for the rest of your life. Stand up, and be strong, because you’re the only one in control of yourself.

Orgy in Dreams

Dreaming of an orgy means you are seeking to break out from the routine sex life that may need a little spice. An orgy is sometimes more complicated than you think to the uninitiated as every participant has to be tested and trusted. This can also indicate that you are no longer committed to one partner in the relationship and it is time to clue your partner into what you have on your mind.

Sperm in Dreams

Dreaming of sperm means a sexual climax and release. In life you may have hit a natural high and plateaued. You need to find new challenges that offers excitement to reengage your life’s purpose, and start doing the things you love to do again.

Sperm also represents spreading your seeds to see something grow from nothing. Build a business with a guaranteed income model, and you will not have break your back earning piecemeal.