Herpes in Dreams

Dreaming of herpes means you are regretting the fact that you practiced unsafe sex with a partner whose sexual history you are not too clear about. Before you start developing blisters, go to your private doctor and get yourself checked out.

To prevent these sexual anxieties such as a herpes dream from occurring, know what you are getting yourself into before engaging with a new partner.

Bondage in Dreams

Dreaming of bondage means you have given up struggling and accepted the fate of the person who put you in the situation. There will be no changes to the scenario as you are likely to be harassed and humiliated throughout the ordeal. Your purpose plays out as a subordinate and will answer to your superior’s every beckoning.

Venereal Disease in Dreams

Dreaming of venereal disease means you are having unprotected sex that can compromise the aspect of safe sex. You are unaware of your partner’s previous sexual relationships that causes you to be concerned about exchanging bodily fluids.

Practice safe sex with a condom or get tested before engaging in unprotected sex to rid of your dreams about venereal diseases and STDs.

Hermaphrodite in Dreams

Dreaming of a hermaphrodite means having the best of both worlds and be completely satisfied emotionally and physically without the discretion of the gender of your partners. You are probably experiencing bisexual tendencies to conjure up the hermaphrodite image in your dreams.

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