Masturbation in Dreams

Masturbation in a dream represents loneliness or a yearning for someone to share your passion with. Usually this is a method of sexual pleasure, and when you dream about it, your libido is sending a signal to your brain allowing you to feel pleasure. If you’re experiencing this within a dream, you’re most likely looking for tension relief in the form of sexual pleasure, or you’re looking for someone to be with.

In either case, you need to allow your mind to be free and not be strained over this problem. Allow yourself to relieve your libido in order to understand the potential this dream can mean for you.

Venereal Disease in Dreams

Dreaming of venereal disease means you are having unprotected sex that can compromise the aspect of safe sex. You are unaware of your partner’s previous sexual relationships that causes you to be concerned about exchanging bodily fluids.

Practice safe sex with a condom or get tested before engaging in unprotected sex to rid of your dreams about venereal diseases and STDs.

Impotence in Dreams

Impotence is a very common sexual deficiency that affects many men, of all ages. But when in respect to a dream, it can symbolize just more than a bad time. Impotence in a dream can be a sign of being insecure. You’re too worried about how you preform sexually when you’re conscious, that your mind is being pulled into this negative state where you’re afraid of having any sexual encounters. Your mind is projecting your inner thoughts and feelings and reflecting upon how you feel internally. Or, you can be afraid of letting your partner down, and nervous that you can’t be what they expect you to be. Just be confident with yourself, and try to make the best of your time, no one’s prefect.

Adultery in Dreams

Dreaming about adultery indicates you are not happy with the relationship and commitment you are in. You are seeking the excitement you have lost due to the familiarity of living with a person for too long, and the urges to have an affair is your way of betraying the person you are currently with.

When it is someone in your life committing adultery, then it means that you are insecure and fear being cheated on. It could be a simple misunderstanding where they are paying you a little less attention due to work load or heighten stress levels.