Dominatrix in Dreams

Dreaming of a dominatrix means getting the extra push to break free from your limits. Without them telling you what to do, you would be at a total lost. You accept the fate that others have crafted for your life.

The dominatrix could be a partner who offers you the stability and controlling aspect of your life that needs guidance.

Thong in Dreams

Dreaming of thongs mean that you are comfortable with your sexuality and have no problem revealing your feelings others. You are true to yourself and never fear any forms of embarrassment associated with how others view their bodies or what they do in life. Public display of affection is second nature to you.

Herpes in Dreams

Dreaming of herpes means you are regretting the fact that you practiced unsafe sex with a partner whose sexual history you are not too clear about. Before you start developing blisters, go to your private doctor and get yourself checked out.

To prevent these sexual anxieties such as a herpes dream from occurring, know what you are getting yourself into before engaging with a new partner.

Encounter Ex in Dreams

Dreaming of past relationships and reliving encounters with your ex represents the good days before you settled down with a career and maybe family. It is always good remember the freedom of carefree love, exciting dinners, new exotic vacations that you had with your ex.

However, if you continue to obsess about an ex then there’s a cause for concern.