Incest in Dreams

Dreaming of incest means you have not found love or intimacy outside the immediate family thus resulting these taboo thoughts. If you don’t have any reasons why these incest dreams are recurring, you may have been a victim of the act and are too traumatized to associate what may have happened in the past to the current dreams.

Seek help if these dreams of incest continue to trouble you.

Masochism in Dreams

Dreaming of masochism means you derive pleasure from being punished or horrendously inflicted with pain. The pain increases your pleasure levels that cannot be achieve through any other means. As for selecting partners who can participate in your games, it becomes difficult for them because they don’t know how to treat you without hurting you even when you tell them it is okay.

Sadism in Dreams

Dreaming of sadism means you derive pleasure from inflicting pain. At the workplace, you play a destructive force in sabotaging projects and seeing it fail to make yourself feel good. You view this as having a dominant power over others, but in fact is a misguided application of your own failures as a person of being able to do good for others and succeed at projects.

In sex, you find delight in the excessive cruelty environment created for others.

Testicles in Dreams

Dreaming of testicles mean a strong sex drive, and fertility. You do everything in your powers to engage in sex with the opposite sex, or a same sex partners who feels equally attracted to you. Your world easily revolves around letting your psychological id run wild.

The way you challenge yourself at completing tough tasks is by acknowledging you have testicles.