Becoming Single in Dreams

To have a dream of becoming single in your dreams may indicate that the current relationship is becoming stale and blunt. Alternatively it may be your desire to free yourself and look for a new partner that better matches your interests and goals in life. Prior to departing with your partner, review and assess if the choice you eventually make will hurt or better you not just in the shortcomings but for your own long term goals.

Hysterectomy in Dreams

Dreaming of a hysterectomy means you have a high incidence of trouble bearing children or family history of reproductive system cancers that you want to prevent. It is a common procedure that saves lives when trouble is detected through regular medical checkups.

The dream will not subside until the procedure is done or your diagnosis have changed for the better.

Prostitute in Dreams

Dreaming of a prostitute means you are not yet at the intimacy levels of your relationships or it is sexually lacking, thus driving you to seek out other methods to appease your appetite of lust. It is human nature to think that the other side’s grass is greener when encountering someone that consents to a one night stand, or you pay for it.

Seeing Star in Dream

Seeing a star or famous celebrities in your dream is an indication of your needs for fulfillment. Currently you may feel unwanted or not getting the love you had expected from a relationship. Because stars have wealth and influence, your dream about them says that you too want a piece of fame. Continue dreaming of celebrities, because there’s no harm in know what you really want in life.