Vasectomy in Dreams

A vasectomy in a dream can be a symbol of commitment or a fear of having children. It may be a subconscious decision your mind is telling you because the truth is, you may not want children, while your other half does.

This can also be because there’s a fear of commitment from you, to your partner. You may be scared that if you have children, this will bind you to them, and that your relationship will have to be set in stone, whether you want it to be or not. You’re afraid that this will change your relationship and that it may force you to be with someone you don’t want to be.

This can also represent the wanting for children, but your mind is telling you that it’s not possible. You and your partner may be trying for a children, but it may not be working as well as you want, and your mind is punishing you and taunting you for this.

You should be able to talk with your partner about the possibility of kids, whether you want to have them or not and make sure you both are in terms of what you want out of your relationship.

Sperm in Dreams

Dreaming of sperm means a sexual climax and release. In life you may have hit a natural high and plateaued. You need to find new challenges that offers excitement to reengage your life’s purpose, and start doing the things you love to do again.

Sperm also represents spreading your seeds to see something grow from nothing. Build a business with a guaranteed income model, and you will not have break your back earning piecemeal.

Sex in Dreams

Dreaming of sex means procreating and sharing intimate moments with a person you love. Sex helps to create stronger bonds and relations between those involved.

It can also be an indication that sex is needed to help cool off a heated argument and reaffirm new commitments as partners. Pay attention to the sex partners that appear in the dream, because they are the answers if you wake up from the dream full of questions.

Fetishes in Dreams

Dreaming of a fetish means you are incomplete for not being able to enjoy what you like in the open because it is not considered normal. You can only embrace the fetish in secrecy for the fear of being found out and persecuted.

It may be time to trade in the fetish for a new hobby that is more acceptable.