Bisexual in Dreams

Dreaming of bisexual means you enjoy the traditional sex while venturing outside to explore new sexual experiences. You are not afraid to be who you are as long as either sex can satiate your pleasure needs. You enjoy the slices of life that’s given to your rather than being too picky and often time end up with more than you need.

Ejaculation in Dreams

Dreaming of ejaculation means you need a release from responsibilities or sexually. Overcoming tough projects, you will throw a party to celebrate and release all the tension that have built up over several months to experience a heighten level of natural euphoria.

Ejaculating over something or someone can also mean you exerting ownership over them. A part of you have marked them as your territory.

Prostitute in Dreams

Dreaming of a prostitute means you are not yet at the intimacy levels of your relationships or it is sexually lacking, thus driving you to seek out other methods to appease your appetite of lust. It is human nature to think that the other side’s grass is greener when encountering someone that consents to a one night stand, or you pay for it.

Chastity Belt in Dreams

Dreaming of a chastity belt means you are very protective of giving up sex to just anyone you are in a relationship with. Instead of enjoying the act of bonding physically with your partner, you dread losing a part of yourself that you hold dear.

Lose the attitude that regards sex as shameful and sacred, because men and women are all lustful creatures guided by sexual needs.