Erotica in Dreams

Dreaming of erotica means a test for your vitality where you too can experience the intensity of sexual desires regardless of age, looks, or physical states. The dream is often triggered by watching or reading something erotic that provides the visuals of the passionate acts. If you are in the beginning of your relationship, your erotica dreams will often involve the person you are seeing.

Oral Sex in Dreams

Dreaming of oral sex means your organs enjoy the heighten sensation of being pleasured by the mouth. You visualize your partner’s attentive eyes and lips when they perform the act that gives you renewed energy.

At the workplace you can have these affairs without acknowledging that you are cheating on your committed partner because you are not technically engaged in sexual relations with the person performing oral sex.

Orgy in Dreams

Dreaming of an orgy means you are seeking to break out from the routine sex life that may need a little spice. An orgy is sometimes more complicated than you think to the uninitiated as every participant has to be tested and trusted. This can also indicate that you are no longer committed to one partner in the relationship and it is time to clue your partner into what you have on your mind.

Bisexual in Dreams

Dreaming of bisexual means you enjoy the traditional sex while venturing outside to explore new sexual experiences. You are not afraid to be who you are as long as either sex can satiate your pleasure needs. You enjoy the slices of life that’s given to your rather than being too picky and often time end up with more than you need.