Amorous in Dreams

Dreaming of amorous means trumping logic with lust and desires. Your enemies will entice you with wantonness flesh and pleasure to gain confidential information from you. Fighting off the amorous wants is a tough battle where you have to conjure up strong ethics and integrity to get you through the challenges.

Fetishes in Dreams

Dreaming of a fetish means you are incomplete for not being able to enjoy what you like in the open because it is not considered normal. You can only embrace the fetish in secrecy for the fear of being found out and persecuted.

It may be time to trade in the fetish for a new hobby that is more acceptable.

Sperm in Dreams

Dreaming of sperm means a sexual climax and release. In life you may have hit a natural high and plateaued. You need to find new challenges that offers excitement to reengage your life’s purpose, and start doing the things you love to do again.

Sperm also represents spreading your seeds to see something grow from nothing. Build a business with a guaranteed income model, and you will not have break your back earning piecemeal.

Masochism in Dreams

Dreaming of masochism means you derive pleasure from being punished or horrendously inflicted with pain. The pain increases your pleasure levels that cannot be achieve through any other means. As for selecting partners who can participate in your games, it becomes difficult for them because they don’t know how to treat you without hurting you even when you tell them it is okay.