Adultery in Dreams

Dreaming about adultery indicates you are not happy with the relationship and commitment you are in. You are seeking the excitement you have lost due to the familiarity of living with a person for too long, and the urges to have an affair is your way of betraying the person you are currently with.

When it is someone in your life committing adultery, then it means that you are insecure and fear being cheated on. It could be a simple misunderstanding where they are paying you a little less attention due to work load or heighten stress levels.

Sex with Best Friend in Dreams

Dreaming about having sex with your best friend even if you have never been intimate with them before indicates that you want to be closer to them, with the possibility of even becoming boyfriend or girlfriends. It may be a confusing situation, where the dream is telling you to get closer to them (it does not mean you need to act it out sexually).

Dominatrix in Dreams

Dreaming of a dominatrix means getting the extra push to break free from your limits. Without them telling you what to do, you would be at a total lost. You accept the fate that others have crafted for your life.

The dominatrix could be a partner who offers you the stability and controlling aspect of your life that needs guidance.

Bondage in Dreams

Dreaming of bondage means you have given up struggling and accepted the fate of the person who put you in the situation. There will be no changes to the scenario as you are likely to be harassed and humiliated throughout the ordeal. Your purpose plays out as a subordinate and will answer to your superior’s every beckoning.