Pervert in Dreams

Being Perverted in a dream, can represent a sexual desire, or urge that is unfulfilled. You’re feeling sexually frustrated and alone. There is an uncontrollable lust burning inside of you, and you can’t seem to get rid of it.

It can be in respect towards someone that you care about, perhaps you want to be with them physically, but you can’t so your libido creates a visual stimulation during your dreams to satisfy your needs. When in a dream state, it can also represent a fixation you have for a certain thing that you can’t satisfy. Maybe there’s something you’ve been wanting or needing, and you can’t seem to get a hold of it. It’s a sign of not being able to let go, or a sign of needing.

Whatever the case, try and satisfy what your body and mind needs, make sure that you can please yourself emotionally to the point where you don’t crave anything such as in a perverted state.

Sadism in Dreams

Dreaming of sadism means you derive pleasure from inflicting pain. At the workplace, you play a destructive force in sabotaging projects and seeing it fail to make yourself feel good. You view this as having a dominant power over others, but in fact is a misguided application of your own failures as a person of being able to do good for others and succeed at projects.

In sex, you find delight in the excessive cruelty environment created for others.

Oral Sex in Dreams

Dreaming of oral sex means your organs enjoy the heighten sensation of being pleasured by the mouth. You visualize your partner’s attentive eyes and lips when they perform the act that gives you renewed energy.

At the workplace you can have these affairs without acknowledging that you are cheating on your committed partner because you are not technically engaged in sexual relations with the person performing oral sex.

Contraceptive in Dreams

Dreaming of contraceptive means you are not ready to have an unwanted baby, and practicing safe sex to protect yourself and partner. The contraceptive allows you more freedom to be who you are, and who you want to be with.

It also means you are the type of person who remains loyal to one project for a long time without the thought of starting or engaging in new projects.