Birth Control in Dreams

Dreaming of birth control indicates your desires to be sexually active. Taking birth control allows you to be in the moment without the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. The dream is who you are as a cautious person, who is dreadfully of making mistakes.

Skipping birth control is when you learn to trust your partner, and peers. The world should always be enjoyed with others.

Castration in Dreams

Dreaming of castration means you are seeking the easy life. A life of servitude where your roles are defined to serve the men and women of royalty. Without the penis, you are not in a position to threaten people of the inner courts as in engaging sex with the women when the men are not paying attention.

It also represents your powerless feeling when facing certain obstacles. Your limited knowledge and training makes you feel less of a man in the waking hours.

Oral Sex in Dreams

Dreaming of oral sex means your organs enjoy the heighten sensation of being pleasured by the mouth. You visualize your partner’s attentive eyes and lips when they perform the act that gives you renewed energy.

At the workplace you can have these affairs without acknowledging that you are cheating on your committed partner because you are not technically engaged in sexual relations with the person performing oral sex.

Homosexual in Dreams

Dreaming of homosexual means you are attracted to same sex but are struggling with acknowledging the fact or letting anyone else know about your private life. Today’s culture is more accepting towards those who bond with their gay partners, and some places even recognize legal unions between two gay partners.

Knowing that many others have blazed the trail before you and helped create laws against discrimination and persecution for your sexual preferences, you do not have to be afraid of who you are.