Baby in Dreams

Dreaming of a baby indicates a need for nurturing and caring. Babies are fragile until they grow up to take care of themselves. Depending on the age of the person dreaming of a baby, the interpretations take on a different meaning.

A child dreaming of a baby could arise from the tensions of sibling rivalry.

A teen dreaming of a baby could be an indication of mixed emotions and uncertainties of sexual activities.

A young professional dreaming of a baby indicates a desire to start parenthood.

An older adult dreaming of a baby could mean they want to start a family or looking for grand kids.

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218 thoughts on “Baby in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream last night that my neighbor across the street delivered a baby girl in her house they both were okay ,after my neighbor delivered she got into their family car with baby and went to the hospital …now in my waking life reality , same neighbor that I dreamed just delivered a baby at the hospital about 2 months ago …I really don’t remember what sex the baby is we are just neighbors …this dream feels so strange as if it is trying to tell me something ,I really don’t remember my dreams but when I do it always something profound ,I am at work right now and this dream keeps coming to mind .

  2. Hi, I’ve been having dreams reoccur lately, ever since I moved back to my hometown. One dream I had was me either being pregnant or consulting with a pregnant woman as myself. Me and my current boyfriend at the time were thinking I might be pregnant, I took a test but I was starting to think I took it too early. Last night I had another dream that I had the child and it was a boy, he was able to lay down in my bed with me in the hospital and stay the whole night, then thing I knew its another day. I was able to walk around with him and he was already the size of my 3 year old nephew and talking to me before I knew it. I was in the passenger seat with my mother and turned to ask him if he liked his name. He then replied with a odd name and my mother said he was just as weird as his father i then laughed and agreed. Suddenly he was no longer in the van and he was outside walking through heavy traffic, I was so scared I ran after him and then again he disappeared. Next thing I knew I was in his room looking for him, but at the same time I was just remembering him more than looking. I was going through his things and then wandering around the home like I didn’t know it was mine. The home felt like a strangers home and I was wandering around like someone had him for ransom and I needed to find him before it was too late. I don’t remember if I had found him or not that’s all that I can remember of my dream.

  3. I had a dream seeing a little baby girl being dressed by her mom and I wanted to help her pick the right dress. her Mom didn’t want my help. but I still insisted and helped her finish getting her dress with her dress and her shoes.

  4. I had a dream in which while waiting to deliver my ex husband was given a large newborn baby boy to hold because his mom was giving him up for adoption n needed to be held then i got to hold him n then he was taken from me because i was getting ready to deliver. I was possibly going to have the opportunity to adopt him and have him along with my newborn i was about to deliver.

    My small babby bump was off to one side n while the nurse moved me around a little then the baby shifted around n stretched out n looked like alien in horror movie wanting to get out in which nurse said oh your ready sart pushing. I delivered quite easily and quick within 2-3 min a large baby boy which was said to be 10 lbs but in reality would have been more like 14-15lbs because when stretched across me his feet dangled to my hip area.

    Before i delived an ld the did ultrasound on belly the technology in my dream allowed for me to see images of his face being an older baby/toddler with beautiful thick dark lashes. The baby was named Charlie in my dream.

    What does this all mean?

  5. I dreamt about a beautiful baby girl last night with the brightest amazing blue eye’s so bright & beautiful…The baby wasn’t mine. I Spotted her,went over to the baby & I was filled with tremendous feeling for this child that isn’t mine…

  6. My boyfriend woke up this morning from a dream that felt so real he was crying he was so happy he needed to find his phone to text his mum to tell her we had a baby.

    He explained that he attended all appointments with me, even watched me have the baby all the clothes it had pram where the Moses basket was placed!

    A little boy he said. Even rung the council to explain we ha a new arrivals in the house hold.

    Anyone have an idea of what it means please?

  7. I had a dream that I was picking up a baby boy from the hospital but I never went through delivery or anything. I took him home and was taking care of him. Then I felt his mouth and he had two bottom teeth and I told my mom and she had a shocked face and felt the teeth and then I woke up. I was just confused about all of it I guess.

  8. I had a dream I was with my ex husband and holding a baby which he was babysitting that belonged to my 60 year old aunt I was really happy and got woke up and was really aggravated

  9. I am a baby in a dark room nothing around crying in my crib when the door opens and two hands start coming closer to me all I see are the hands as they get closer to me I cry louder and louder in fear the all the lights go out the when the light come back on the baby is laying in the crib not moving or crying just looking up in fear with a scared look on her face but no one is in the room then the dream is over. What does it meam

  10. Had dream about old crush hugging me and sat they were ready to have children with their significant other (not me). what does this mean?

  11. I’m a man. Had a dream of holding a baby girl, no more than several months that needed caring for. She was crying and at first I was reluctant to go anywhere near, a beautiful baby girl who smiled and settled into my chest. The whole sense of the room was one of peace. The room had an atmosphere and surroundings of white, light and airiness with wide open vistas to a sun soaked landscape. Once settled and sleeping I rested her in her cot but she woke and cried when there and out of my arms.
    She wasn’t mine and don’t have children but it has left me feeling warm, without any anxiety and with a kind of contentment. As it was such a strong and vivid dream and woke me up. Would enjoy hearing someone’s interpretation; though I may have already answered myself writing it out?

  12. In my dream I dreamt that I already had the baby but they wouldn’t let me take him home. I was in. Different house with native ancestors cleaning water off the floor and had pain killers on my bed. I had to pass keys to the doctors for some reason.

  13. My boyfriend had a dream we had a daughter with down syndrome?I am currently 4 months pregnant,but have not been to a doctor because of insurance issues but I will be going in 2 weeks.Should I be worried?

  14. My husband had a dream the other night that we have a baby with horns .. Tiny stubby little horns and he doesn’t remember if they are devil or animal ones.. We can not find the meaning to this dream anywhere… Might I add that we found out recently that I am pregnant

  15. I dreamt I was looking after a friend’s baby boy (didn’t actually exist). The babies head kept turning almost breathing it’d own neck and no matter what I did I couldn’t stop it. The baby would look at me, directly in my eyes and I would tell the mother it’s ok I’m looking after him.. But his neck would keep turning to breaking point, so fragile, and I couldn’t stop it 🙁

  16. I had a dream that a baby girl was born..she looked like me and my boyfriend.. 🙂 in the dream it seems as she was in the heavens or something because God was telling me,not physically, but in my head “there she is” I started crying joyful tears and said “there she go, that’s my baby…” 🙂 what does this mean because a couple days ago I also had a dream of a small fetus smaller then an egg…a man comes on a intercom and says “!? (my last name is love ) and I amswers ,yes..!? he says your baby now has a heart beat but she’s not eating… ” then I get very happy because now I know this baby is mines so I go to the fetus and says “Hi, baby. I’m your mommy. And I love you…not even a full baby yet she opens her eyes and smiles brightly. Then the man comes back on the intercom and says “Ms love?! I answer, yes!? He says your baby is now eating.. so I see the fetus with a bottle being held to it’s mouth now I get even more happy… then I woke up..

  17. I have had three dreams in the past month about a baby. It is not my baby though- i am taking care of someone else’s baby, though im not sure who’s baby. The baby i so perfect and sweet and I really enjoy taking care of this precious little baby in my dreams. In the latest dream i had last night, the baby grew up to be an adult in one day’s time. And it ended up being one of my younger cousins who is 20 years old. i remember saying in my dream- “Oh my gosh you were just a baby earlier today this is crazy!” The dreams were so nice- but i am no where close to wanting a baby. I am 24 years old and considering going back to school to get my MBA next year. I just broke up with my boyfriend 2 nights ago. I dont know where these dreams are coming from! but i do like them 🙂

  18. I have been having dreams about my baby’s father, but last night I had a dream about being in a restaurant with my baby and all of a sudden the cops were trying to tell people outside the restaurant that things would be okay and that everyone loses someone they love. I thought something was up , then all of a sudden it became a huge mass suicide between the two sides of the restaurant. Me and my 8 month old baby was caught in the middle. I felt like I couldn’t escape. I was trying to protect him and I didn’t care if I got shot. I woke up after this. What could this mean?

  19. I had several dreams last night about rescuing babies wrapped in blankets that were floating in a river. I also saved one of the babies slightly older brother. Then after saving them, I found the father and he tried shooting baby saying he had to kill him. What in the world could this mean? It was at least four separate dreams of saving babies floating in the river….

  20. I had a dream that i had triplets… All boys, i named one Asad… But the most unusual thing i dreamt was that my ex husband was the father to my three triplets… Im 22 and female is that is needed to interpretate this dream

  21. What does it mean when your dream is of your own baby boy that cuts have been made in the shape of the sun around both knee caps. and when I asked my 2 year old in the dream who did it, he points out to about 5-6 people and I start to confront them and I wake up.

  22. I had a dream at about 9:30 in the morning . I saw a maid servant giving bath to my kids near the staircase without a railing,I haven’t seen the maid before and the kids seem young not what they age at present, I tell the maid that you don’t have to bathe them it is my job , she then picks up my son still soapy and takes him inside ,and leaves my. Daughter there she is sitting at the edge I run up to pull her towards me but she is slipping out my hands I am trying a lot but she is soapy and there is water everywhere i call my husband I hear his footsteps but by the time he reaches us I pull my daughter and hug her tight I am shaky, soaking and crying I wake up suddenly with my heart pacing wildly. What it could mean?

  23. I had a dream on July 23rd, I had given birth to a baby girl and my ex fiance took the baby outta my hands and placed into his new girlfriend of only 3/4 weeks. and they left with my baby.

    I had also had an abortion in feb because he didn’t think we were ready, No jobsm no place to live, etc…

    and his new girlfriend of only 3/4 weeks. they are hoping that she is pregnant. cuz she really wants a baby and he is in the same boat, no job, no place to live, etc…

    i just really wanna know what my dream means.. i’m still so hurt, cuz he was makingit seem like we were gettingback to gether then i find out 2 weeks ago he is now dating her.

  24. I recently had a dream of holding a beautiful blue eyed baby boy. I was standing in a parking lot && then I moved because I was trying to shade him from the sun. After this I was standing somewhere completely different && the baby began to cry so I started making a bottle for him. When I turned around the baby was gone. What does this mean??

  25. I dream of a crying baby boy who is seated in the middle of my house and refuse to follow me to a car waiting outside my house, I went out then came back in to see the crying baby boy, he reached out by putting his hands up indicating me to carry him, and I carried him and took him to car and drove off with my husband.

    then on the second day, i dream the same boy dressed in blue pants and white baby shirt and I am carrying him on my hip and waiting outside my insurance office, where there was some heavy discussion and shouting took place inside a closed room, I could not see who was inside, but when I went in the office, my brother came out with a smiling face showing me a blue card in his hand and saying that my husband is okay, and we can go on. and all of us left the office building and drove off happily.
    could you please tell me what this dreams indicate.

  26. I had a dream about being pregnant and knowing that I was way to early to give birth and having a big baby instead of a premature one. The child was beautiful and looked justed like her father a mole on her nose seemed to stand out. Anyway I could not lay her.correctly in the crib and the baby kept laying in extremely awkward ways I was terrified it would get hurt. I already have a child in real life but in the dream I completely forgot how to take care of the baby.

  27. Few nights ago I had a dream that I was on a road trip with my ex boyfriend and a baby. The baby was bloody and bruised and I was trying to taking care of it. But I couldn’t and the baby ended up dead. I couldn’t stop crying from look of pain on the baby’s face. Then I turned to my ex he turned into shadow. I woke up after that.

  28. I had a horrific dream last night. In my dream I was at my mothers home in my old bedroom. I looked outside my window and saw a tornado coming. I yelled for my mom to take cover. There was a baby boy about 9-10 months old sleeping in my room. I picked up the baby and took the baby with me and hid under the bed. The tornado hit. All the windows in the house were blown out except the ones that were in my room where we were. Once it was over, I yelled to see if my mom was ok. She was fine. I then looked down and saw that the baby was missing. It did not make any sense. My room was fine. My mom and I were looking everywhere. I finally went outside and found the baby trying to climb out of the bushes. It was hurt bad. It was trying to climb up to me……reaching out for me. I went to grab him to pick him up and saw that his left leg was torn off. As I held him I could see that he was fighting to stay alive.
    Not sure what this means… I already have 3 young children. My husband and I are debating on another. Can you please help me interpret this? Thank you…..

  29. Two nights in a row I have had a dream about a few month old little baby boy that I take everywhere with me (I’m 20) but at the end of the dreams the baby is never mine the baby belongs to someone else… in my dream its not someone I know personally in real life I don’t reconize their face. The baby doesn’t cry but is a rather happy baby and is very content. I was just wondering what this means… if it matters my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant and nothing so far… but everyone around me is getting pregnant so we just stopped trying and are to the point were if it happens it happens. What do u think this means

  30. Hi everyone, just wondering if there is any explanation of my dream last night. I have a5 month baby girl abd I dreamt that I was asleep in bed abd I gears her crying and saying “mummy mummy I want my mummy” abd then in my dream I woke up and ran to the bathroom abd my baby was fully clothed in a bath full of wate, I took her out abd she was freezing. Then I woke up but I can’t stop thinking about it!

  31. I had a dream of holding an adorable baby girl she had curly blonde hair, my eyes and my boyfriends lips. She was smiling and laughing and I felt so happy holdong her. I am not pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant anytime soon. The thing thats weird is that when I had had this dream I had barely known my boyfriend for a week what could this mean? I dont normally dream at all

  32. I had a dream of beautiful little boy who looked exactly like my fiance. In the dream the little boy was smiling and reaching for me. I just was smiling with the baby but we never made contact. Does this have any significant meaning?

  33. I had a dream that I was at the airport with my boyfriend and I had a baby, we went through the airport line and my boyfriend was last so he couldn’t get on the plane, it shifted to where I was taking care of my baby, which was now twins a boy and a girl, and they said 2, I love you, and a few other words, I went to go get them clothes out of the cabinet and dressed them. They were perfectly safe when I woke up.
    What does this dream mean ? Am I going to have twins in the future ? My boyfriend says there are twins in his family ?

    ( I’m seventeen, I’ve been with my boyfriend for seven months, and have not been sexually active )

  34. Last night i dreamt that my ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend was holding a baby in her arms which in the dream happens to be mine and my ex boyfriend’s, i was just looking at her to make sure she would not harm my baby while i was busy getting some things, then i went and got my baby and she began to walk away leaving me, my ex boyfriend and the baby together. Now im really confused, i dont know what this means, and just so you know im still seeing my ex every once in a while, he says he still loves me but needs some time, could this mean i will get back with him and she will just walk away?? Could someone please help me understand what this is all about?? Thank you

  35. I am 3 months pregnant and I keep having these dreams were I’m giving brith and then all a sounded I start bleeding like gushing out blood and then after that I can’t remember can u tell me what that means

  36. Well I had a dream last night about my babies( twin girls passed away almost 3 years ago). In my dream my babies look one years and my family was holding them like my mom and sister. I was scared to hold them because I know they had passed away when they was born. And since I know that I only hold both of yhem once when they was in the hospital, I decide to hold them since I know it was dream but it felt so real to me. Then I woke up from my dream then I started to crying in my bed. I need to know what this dream mean , is it good or bad ?

  37. I had a dream that someone took my daughter… I was sobbing and barely couldn’t breath. My boyfriend held me in his arms.. I thought my about my daughters dad. After that dream i now started to dream about her dad often, in the dream we seemed to get along but i find myself sobbing and i feel hurt… My daughter has medical issues, she is a bit sick now… however a few days ago she said “god why are you mean to me, please take me with you”. What does my dreams mean? Can it be a sign about death or something? Ive had several dreams in the past and when they felt so real like the dream i had and couple months later it came true.

  38. I had a dream the other night.that iwas at The hospital where i gave birth and my 26wk and6dayold preemie was alive beautiful and healthy. I got to hold her and kiss her.she was healthy. My daughter has been dead for7 months. She was also a twin. Her sister died at birth.she was the healthier of the two and died weeks later in the NICU. What does this mean and out of The two was she the one in my dream?

  39. I had a Dream that someone close in my family died that was monday & then today i had a dream of my aunt it was her son but i never seen him so i was asuming he was a new baby boy & i was baby siting him & i had a dream that we were in the pool & he hit his head so hard it he got a concution , thenn i carryed him to an appartment he was crying but i was trying to get someones attention to give me ice for him so that concution can go down it broke my heart <3 what does this mean help me please

  40. Hi! Please tell me what this means – i dream of having my own baby to care gor, alot, but in every dream the baby always turns into a plastic doll for awhile and then back to a real baby! Back and forth all dream. Every baby dream this happens. Why? Thank you

  41. my ex ha a dream of me changing a baby girls diaper.. he told me, and we laughed about it, im still good friends with him. i also have dreams of him. most of the dreams ive had of hime are after we broke up . what does this mean?

  42. Lately I’ve been having a lot of dreams of babies. Some are me holding a baby stroking it’s hair, twirling in a circle holding the baby in my arms, and another where I was going to put a gun in my grandmother house and she comes from across the street holding a baby in her arms….then gun fires came from house and I blocked her and baby and told her to get down and I went into combat position. Last but not least, my husband holding my hand in hospital……then me holding a baby, what could this possibly mean?

  43. I keep having this dream about me having a baby.
    I’m in a house and there’s this little boy in a room and his not mine, but still calls me mommy. I tell him that even though I’m not his biological mother that I will always love him as my real son. And he tells me “no you are my real mommy, because my mommy doesn’t love me quite like you do.” And I tell him ” no baby you real mom loves you but she just count support you”. That’s when his dad came to the house with another baby in his arms. I run to the man and take the baby. In a baby voice I tell the baby, “how’s my little man?” and the man said, “our baby is doing just fine with daddy.” I grinned to the man and he gave me a kiss.
    I didn’t know the man, I was 20 in the dream and the man was 30, the little boy was 4 and the baby looked to be like 3 months. I’m a young adult I take care of my nephew when his mother is at work, I’m 17 and still a virgin. The baby had blue eyes and dark hair, I guess he got the blue eyes from the man and the dark hair from me. When I woke up from that dream I felt proud and happy, for once in my life. What does the dream mean?

  44. I keep having dreams about having a baby, in some dreams it’s a boy and others it’s a girl. But lately I’ve been dreaming that I have a boy, I barely have dreams of being pregnant, but only have a baby. I’m a virgin and I’m only 17, people say I’m really mature for my age. And I’ve been having these dreams for months, what do they mean?

  45. Hi. I had this weird dream where I got pregnant and I went to get a 3d ultrasound and a live cast done of the baby and on both the ultrasound and the cast you can see the baby boy is blonde with blue eyes. Then all of a sudden I have him and I’m living in the house I grew up in and my mom is there(she’s been dead for 17yrs) and she’s trying to help me find him. When i do find him to feed him he’s gone again. But my mom tells me not to worry that ill find him. But he doesn’t cry he just cooes and laughs. And then I finally get him in my arms from the baby seat he looks ok and well dressed and I give him my breast to feed and all this milk comes out and he can’t latch to the nipple at first but then he does and he starts feeding and he look so happy and content. And then I woke up… What does it mean? Cause I have never been interested in having kids and why my mom? Please help anyone..

  46. I dreamt that I was in delivery and my boyfriend was there. I had a previous dream like this 7 yrs ago but no one else was there. Then later found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I dont know what I had all I know that I was in labor.

  47. I had a dream that I entered a room with a board room style table in the room, there was a few men standing behind behind a lady sitting at the head of the table. This lady looked as if she was use to controlling thing and had an air of authority about her. She looked up at me and said “You do know, don’t you”, to which I replied “Know what”, she said to me “That you’re going through the stages of labour” and smiled at me. I felt warm and as if she was right. When I woke I thought I can be I’d been to the hospital 11 days before hand to start the ball rolling for help with trying for a family. When I went to the bathroom I had a strong urge to do a pregnancy test, I don’t know why. I was actually pregnant! I have various other dream which I have had to try to work out but this was my best dream by far, as we had a beautiful and healthy baby girl