Bastard in Dreams

Dreaming of a bastard means you are generally promiscuous and are always giving lots of love to people you come across. It can also mean that you are not the responsible type, and have a certain fear of raising kids when you are not ready. Play it safe, and a bastard won’t be coming into your life any time soon.

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One thought on “Bastard in Dreams”

  1. At 3:54AM i was woke uped in dream i was like my real father was died in my old house in front of my house and i thought i was adopted and there was a photoshot in my house that they were behaving badly after that we were in our old house my uncle aunt and big brother were discussing about whether I’m basterd or not and there were also 2 people with us and after that we were laughing because of the confusion of the other 3 people who had listened to me who were my uncle aunt and big brother
    Now then i suddenly woke up at 3:54AM so tell me the time that it could affect and how would in my life ?