Boys in Dreams

When you dream about certain boys from your class, you are most likely in the stages of puppy love. It is very common to dream of people you like and think about the possibilities of either holding their hands or kissing them.

This boy in your dream made reciprocate when you have the courage to act out what your dreams fantasized about.

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2 thoughts on “Boys in Dreams”

  1. i had a dream where i was shopping and suddenly i saw this good looking boy with blue eyes and long black hair, he was talking to his friend which somehow i knew his friend and then he realise i was there, because he and his friend were going to leave the shop, when he saw me he didnt want to leave the shop, so he just acted like he still wanted to get something, but he was looking at me, when they decide leaving i ask the other guy to give me his contact later, then i met my other friend who knew the guy that was looking at me and she said his name and how she knew him. What does this dream mean? because i dont know the boy, never saw him before.

  2. Heeey! uhm, i am like in LOVE with this dude. and have been since like June. And well, recently, ive been dreaming of him every night. And i waas wondering if its true, that when your dreaming of soenmone, it means they are thinking about you or miss you?