Demon in Dreams

Dreaming of a demon means you have committed a crime or a guilty act. Now instead of seeing yourself free from the burden of knowing that you did wrong, your guilty conscious is nudging you to do the right thing before you are thrown into a nightmarish hell inhabited by demons and your worst fears such as getting caught in the act.

Demons in dreams signify your association with evil. You are fighting yourself to go through with an act that will harm or hurt someone. A carefree person will rarely conjure up dreams of demons and the underworld.

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2 thoughts on “Demon in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream of my twin brother having a baby girl. And the thing was that she was just a new born, but yet she managed to crawl all the the way down to our basement by herself. As me and my brother went down there she was just sitting in the corner smiling at us. But as we got closer she flew at the fricken wall! As if someone just kicked her! And we started freaking out as it looked like she was getting kicked! As my brother got her and held onto the baby girl who was screaming, he handed me his phone and told me to look for the thing and kill it.

    Thing? I just started thinking. The little baby girl was pouting in the corner, I couldn’t see it. But when I put the phone in front of me, there I could see it in the corner. Its black eyes and black smile, it’s skin looked all moldy green with long black talons. I swear i could hear my heart beating. Then it jumped at me! And just before I opened my eyes to wake up, I swear it was looking through my eyes. Scary.

    But I must know what it means.

    1. Jerica,

      That is one scary dream of the demon forces that took hold of your brother’s baby. It shows your willingness to put yourself in a situation to protect the vulnerable and innocent even if you are scared getting hurt yourself.

      Expect to face some difficult situation in the future, and come out stronger.