Friends in Dream

When friends appear in your dreams, these are the individuals you care about very much. You are happily conversing with them daily, helping them through good and bad times, and earning the trust of your peers. You are quite popular and a socialite to be surrounded by close friends. You feel very confident and comfortable just meeting new people and making friends.

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One thought on “Friends in Dream”

  1. i had a dream last night that i was on a ferry/ cruse liner with my mum and gran. they had just went away for a cup of tea and i bumped in to my now best friend wearing a flowery dress which is unusual for her cos she normally wares jeans and a hoodie. when we met, it felt like we had been going out for a bit but not seen each other for a while. she went to her cabin top get changed in to something else. and i got jumped by someone. fought my way out and went to find her. got half way up the stairs and woke up.