Ghost in Dreams

Ghosts are spiritual apparitions that linger in hopes of conveying a message to their loved ones or not wanting to leave the physical Earth. To see a ghost in a dream means their attachment to you are very strong and need your help in taking care of some unfinished business.

It is best to work with an outside party to communicate with these supernatural forces of the dead to appease their wants and help them rest in peace.

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3 thoughts on “Ghost in Dreams”

  1. Can you please tell me what this means. I dream this more than once. I would start out at the lobby of my apartment building and there is a ghost a really freaky ghost but I don’t know her or him then I would go on a higher floor. Each floor had a creamier and scarier and more harmful ghost. Finnaly I was at the 8th floor (at that time I didnt know the 8th floor is the last floor) and then I saw a kid. Just sitting there. Then something grabbed him. She had long nails and hands of a woman so I tought she had to be a woman. There were so many kids there well were taken but they never came out. I saw the woman get out from where she took the kids and she had black hair long and a white gown on. But the lasttime I barrios dream a police came with Lenin the 8th floor he saw the kids being taken but both me and him didn’t see the woman only her hands. Then he said be was gunna check it out and out of nowhere I screamed no don’t because I had a bad feeling then when he went anyway for some reason I jumped of and got to the 6th floor hen the next on then I just woke up.

  2. I believe that I am being haunted by a not so friendly spirit. It scares me everytime I try to fall asleep, IF I am alone or if my boyfriend is right next to me… sometimes I dont know whether its real or if I am really dreaming. I’ll be half asleep but I can allways see everything around me where ever I am in great detail as If I am really awake. So thats why I dont know If I am sleeping or awake when this happens to me. Its so real its scary… Sometimes it takes the form of someone who would be around me at the time… but I know its not them… and it whispers to me, but i never remember what its saying, all i know is that it doesn’t like me. What do you think?

  3. My uncle passed away in 2008 very suddenly and traumatic circumstances. He was always a very kind hearted guy; he lived with my grandmother and helped her around the house. I had a dream last night about him that I can’t figure out and disturbs me. I was sitting in my grandmother’s living room and my uncle walked in and sat beside me. I was shocked because I knew he had passed away. His eyes were dark brown almost black but when he was alive they were bright blue. He looked very scared and I kept asking him if he was ok and what was wrong but he never answered, just continued to have a frighten look on his face. This dream frightened me and really worries me because I don’t know if it’s a sign that something bad in the future is going to happen. Please help me figure this out.