Jesus in Dreams

When Jesus appears in your dreams, all your prayers will be answered in the coming days. Be prepared to reap financial rewards, greater health, and solutions to difficult problems. The troubles that burden you will finally be lifted because of your strong faith and belief.

It is important to remember the messages being spoken by Jesus in your dreams, because he will show you the way. Learning how to fish will help you in this lifetime.

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4 thoughts on “Jesus in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream about Jesus’s second coming. But when I tried to talk to him, trying to see his face he would turn away. Tell me why?

  2. In a true believer of Jesús christ and My husband goes to church also but lately he’s always dreaming of his teeth falling what dies that mean and hair?

  3. I am shyamala from Mysore. I am an typical hindu brahmin but i started loving jesus and worshiping since a childhood. yesterday i prayed lord jesus as i was suffering from heavy debt and financial problems i got a dream in that dream jesus appeared in the sky he came down he touched my forehead and blessed me i experienced like a electric shock he said i do good for you. i am so excited and searching all websites whats the meaning. lastly i found this page. hope someone answer me

  4. i had a dream last night that my family and friends were looking at haunted houses that were for sale and one room i opened jesus appeared i closed it so fast before i realized it was him and when i opened it he was gone. so im wondering if he had a message for me.