Monsters in Dreams

Monster dreams are more common in children than adults. Any action that has frighten a child could trigger these dreams about monsters. It could involve a scary movie, an angry teacher, or an unfamiliar cranky neighbor that cause undue stress to the young impressionable mind.

Most of the time all the child needs is a good hug and lots of reassurance that there’s nothing to fear about these imaginary monsters, and creatures that hide under beds and inside closets.

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One thought on “Monsters in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt this morning after falling back asleep that I was on my way to some place and I was practically in the middle of nowhere. I was with my brother and we made it to a whataburger on the way and talked to some cashier. After that we found a large metal building that was fenced and I believe it was dogs or wolves that came out from the building and also a large man in a suit and slime appeared. We had large garden hoes and we started killing off the wolves and we didn’t exactly pay attention to each other. We ended up going our separate ways into the metal building and I ended up attacking the large (fat) man in the slime. He was more of a monster. I kept attacking the monster until he died. After that I just woke up…