Moses in Dreams

Dreaming of Moses means you are starting to have a stronger faith in your religion. Did Moses seek you out to have a discussion about Jesus? Also God could be reaching out to you through these dreams for you to take into real life, and you should definitely pay close attention to the messages conveyed through your dream of Moses.

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2 thoughts on “Moses in Dreams”

  1. Hello, I recently had a Dream where Moses told me the way to having Spiritual insight, visions or experiences was through some type of machine, I was placed on it and given a vision. He had an Egyptian energy or presence about him ( not like I imagined him to be ). The machine looked like a pedestal. We were at a temple. I do not remember what the vision was about but it was far… As I made an effort to focus, the vision came to me very fast as if I was flying to it. It was very clear in my mind’s eye but I do not remember it. Right after, I found two keys that Moses had used to activate the machine on the floor. They were golden and had the appearance of a Cart Wheel and the shape of a woman that was worshipping something or someone. Thinking I would never keep the little statuettes for myself I gave them back to him. Then we walked to the temple’s patio. It was a Chinese abandoned temple with the appearance of a pagoda. I remember thinking: ” What does Moses have to do with the Chinese? ” There also were bigger versions of the statues of the worshipping woman on the floor, abandoned, disorganized. I asked Moses when the Temple would be reopened, I also inquired about the being that was being worshipped on the statues. I do not remember any answers, unfortunately. When I woke up I looked at the phone and it was 3:33 AM. I do not think of Moses often and was surprised by this dream. I feel connected to other Historical and spiritual figures like Jesus, Thoth ( Tehuti ) and Enoch but not Moses. Can you offer any insights. My gratitude in advance.

  2. I dreamed that i was walking along the shores of a beach along with Abraham and his people looking up into the night sky with thousands of stars shining down on me and the the next thing i knew i was walking with Moses to the top of the Hill and looking down into the Promise Land.Could someone help me interpret this please?