Mysterious Stranger in Dreams

Dreaming of strangers and not knowing their identities are common. It represents the fact that you are seeking to explore outside your routines whether that involves engaging in lovemaking or breaking out from the normal dating.

These mysteries of not knowing the people you dream about helps to heighten the senses of intrigue, and leaves you wanting more.

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2 thoughts on “Mysterious Stranger in Dreams”

  1. i usually saw a stranger in my dreams whom i started liking and finally when he proposes me and i agree to it suddenly he vanishes….and i keep shouting “where are you?i need you..plzzz don’t do that..don’t leave me” what does that means??

  2. I have been single for the last 2years now and sometimes it gets hard because I really want to be with somebody, but last night I had a dream about a stranger that I met, we were getting serious dating and everything! When I woke up I was pretty disappointed! Why do people have these dreams?