Parents in Dream

Seeing your parents in your dreams means you have a lot of respect for them or you have a lot of undue stress trying to meet their expectations. Parents are first and foremost the people who care about us the most, and it is normal to dream about them time to time as we share with them a lot of experiences while younger.

Are you dreaming of the days they took you to the park and spent time playing on the open field? You are longing for the days of being taken care of.

Are you dreaming of the time when your parents spent a day at your graduation? You want your parents to be proud of your achievements.

Are you dreaming of your parents simply providing you advice? You know their advice has been valuable lessons that you remember for the rest of your life.

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2 thoughts on “Parents in Dream”

  1. I had a dream that I am on a religious tour with my parents …just on the way to tempal…my father is very sick right now with a chronic diseases..

    What could be the meaning of this Dream.. I had this Dream in the morning around 6.00 am

  2. In my dream I was in the town I’m in now. It’s always nighttime, and my boyfriend was there. My biological father and I got into a fight so I left his home with Richie (my boyfriend) I started to miss my parents so we ended up driving back to my hometown to see them. Again it was always nighttime. We got there in just a few hours which is odd cuz I live across the country. When we arrived it was the same house only bigger, like my stepfather had added onto it. Mostly the colors were brown. My parents were asleep when we got there but they awoke when they heard me. But the odd thing was they were older than I remembered… Their skin was wrinkly and loose, and looked like they aged 10 years in only one. But my mother’s hair was still its normal black. Oh! Which reminds me, I’m a natural blonde and my hair was dyed black in this dream. Anyways we talked and they met my Richie. And that’s basically all I can remember. It was an amazing dream because I miss my family so very much.