Pirates in Dreams

Dreaming of pirates mean you are currently seeking the thrill of adventure and danger. Perhaps your day to day is starting to get a little monotonous where a little adventure would help balance it out. Danger is another element that comes with your dream about pirates. In your waking hours, plan a vacation that combines adventure with danger to satiate your pirates dream.

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2 thoughts on “Pirates in Dreams”

  1. I don’t remember too much of my dream. I was kidnapped by pirates and made to work on their ship. I scrub the decks, cooked and clean. I always expected adventure, but it was more torture than fun. Maybe the pirates I met were a bunch of meanies.

  2. Last night I had an epic dream about pirates.

    I was with a friend walking around on the sea shore, and stumbled upon a ship. We were spotted by a group of pirates, where they chased us and eventually kidnapped us. We were taken to different parts of the world where ever the ship went. At the end, I wasn’t even mad at the pirates.