Sphinx in Dreams

Dreaming of a sphinx details a certain wisdom in your life. Sphinxes were known for being a sign of wisdom and mystery as they often hold riddles and other profound statements. Therefore, if you dream of a sphinx, it may reflect a guardianship position in your life. Ancient Egyptians used the sphinxes as guardians to their tombs so perhaps you are in a similar position? Perhaps you are actively protecting and watching over important people or even things that are dear to you?

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14 thoughts on “Sphinx in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt last night that I was in my bed sleeping. But I woke up and I could see the hairless cat on my right side lying down next to me. And in my dream I knew it was my cat. I wasn’t thinking who is this cat. I knew it was my friend. And they seemed on edge and protective. And at one point they got up and kind of clawed up toward right above me and there was a spark of energy almost. And then in that moment I knew there was a dark energy/entity on top of me. I could feel the heaviness after that. My cat was warning me and protecting me. I’m just wondering what thoughts anyone has on this dream. Anything helps. Thank you 💖

  2. I had a dream this morning/last night that I went in this dark house it looked so abandoned and empty, covered in dust. And as I explored with my friends i shon my torch over objects that were moving. As I got closer I saw loads of sphinx cats, they were so frail and creeped me out. So we ran straight out of there. We then ended up at a hotel where we were staying (apparently we was on a vacation I’m not sure) but this didn’t exactly offer much salvation. As we ventured in we came across this long rectangular room, with loads of windows around it. We peered in and saw some of the guests (I’m guessing) tied up in chairs at the end of the room. The people who owned the hotel were knife throwers and they were leisurely throwing these at the people, there was so much blood and they clearly did this often. So we ran, well tried to hide. I then decided to run into this small bathroom which had a lock, my friends decided to pile in with me along with some other random people. Some guy had caught up to us however he had a katana. He started swinging it and we was all in panic, he killed 2 men one of them was a dwarf. So we was freaking out bigstyle. We managed to shut the door but he was attempting to get in and we knew there was more enemies approaching. So I started booting and punching the opposite wall hoping we could make a run for it. I managed to make a hole (apparently this bathroom had canvas walls like a caravan). So we slipped the room in a huge panic and ran across the gardens, slipping into the woodland at the bottom. Then everything was casual we all stopped running but I was still freaking out urging the crowd to move. I then woke up when my boyfriend in my dream said “Emily” in a stupid voice he tends to do.

  3. I had a dream that started out with two hawks that started talking to me they then turned into wolves then two native American sisters (I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about, its been a few years since I had the dream) anyway they then opened a portal and a alien/Egyptian pharoahish looking entity emerged we went through the portal and came out between the sphinxes legs… There is a little more but that is the jist of it

  4. Dream: Was out visiting Wendy and family. Hubbie, Rob, was more quieter than usual… the place was up in the hills but not the same location. There was a few people there and one was an old friend Jason Haddon. He was really close to Wendy I couldn’t make out what was going on… standing on a platform like a driveway where big sheds were… Wendy had an arm around Jason…. he also had an arm around her. WTF- went through my mind. I was in the bathroom where these two had been all night apparently. They had ‘fun’. I seen the room was a shambles but that was due to ‘there fun’. I laughed at it all trying to get out slipping on stuff. Wendy stood in a kitchen out doors doorway holding a piece of paper. She asked jason if he sweeped floors, he giggled and said ‘and mop’ she started to cry and smile all at once…. I was smiling when I stepped out to another room whiles they cuddled. Still smiling I came out to find her boys misrable… blue eyes of sorrow shone out at me. These did not look like Damo, Cody or Third name gone for a bit. But did hold strong emotions. One of the boys head was misshapen and seemed to be getting worse the more upset he got. I apologized to them when they pointed out my insensitivity to their plyt. It was the sinserist apology I could muster. They then opened up even more expressing there despise of Jason. I told them it takes two to tango and the Cody one pointed out his feelings along with and pointed to Riley… asking what a tumor was. Of cause I replyed with a growth that is inside someone, holding my stomach. Then looked at Rily as he sat squatting in a corner all saddened and head swallen and deforming. I lent in and gave him a hug, but he then transformed into a stick sized person… screaming back into the damo kid, who opened up his arms and picked him up and put him in his pocket… I then walked over to where Robbie was. He was laying on a bed with plenty of material around him. I apologized to him said something about it will be ok. I was hurting just seeing him like that (how’d you feel if your wife was fucking someone else in your own home-it fucking hurts). Going out a door an elder man was trying to come in carrying a big black-blue liquid funny shaped bottle. I held the door for him as i left. He looked at me hard as I walked past. He had wavy grey hair with black framed glasses I was too upset to talk with him as i needed to go see the Mother. I saw my black cat sitting on a gravel driveway cleaning his toes. I walked into an encampment of some description, all these woman were dressed up in long long gowns standing tall (like the light people). I found Mother, as I did not know whos mum it was. She told me some things… life is about changes and these things do happen…. there was heeps more to our conversation but I can’t remember. Then we walked outside where a flock of Sphinx birds where flying past us in a V formation. But some of the ‘birds’ where skeletal and as they were flying their muscles and flesh was growing! I asked how are they to fly all the way to their destination and grow back their feathers and all while flying non stop? I watched them fly by amazed at these flying critters…. I continued to converse with these women, mothers. Then I heard a strange noise. Looking up at the sky An aircraft yellow with a dark stripe running along the sides… then another four joined in a formation around the encampment. I screamed its an invasion when I looked down the hill to see devostation of the town. And ran as these ships hovered a bit nose down then took to circle the camp. I found myself running through ally ways with a black man. We avioded several wncounters but needed to get up and higher as I squeezed through rain guttering and tin roofing, breaking it at I went- well they are going to destroy it anyway!

  5. Haha this is weird. When I was 5, I had a reoccuring nightmare of a sphinx and i still remember it very clearly today and think of it sometimes. Ok so in the dream, I was in my neighbours house playing barbies in her unfinished (kinda creepy) basement. The Sphinx had walked out from under the stairs and it was smiling and giggling. Obviously we were terrified so we jumped up on a round table (for whatever reason we were out of reach there) and the ugly thing just circled the table laughing and saying it wanted to tickle us and putting its paw/hand up making tickle motions at us. This is terrible, but i pushed my friend down to distract it while I ran off…

  6. I had a dream that I summoned three sphinx who all as soon as i summoned them went and tried to attack people in my house. I told them no and they stopped when all of a sudden they ran out the garden where a priest was talking to a man dressed in all black. They were shocked when they saw the creatures when all of a sudden i pushed myself from the ground and started to float. I had to continue to keep pushing myself up from a fence to continue to float, i remember the look of horror on the priest and the other mans face as they looked to me floating. I woke up after this but it has stayed with me for a few days now.

    Does anyone know the meaning of this dream? I’ve been trying to find dreams relating to 3 Sphinx but had no luck.


  7. I dreamed we were in a party,at my house but the surrounding was nothing like my home,way beautiful….there in the middle of the passage was a huge beast but had woman face….black its skin code shiny,I asked what it was they told me but forgot its name in a dream….lioness something it looked majestic,great and beautiful half lion half human (woman) face….people ran away from it but I sang to it….and kissed,I lltold it to make live to me…as am a woman and it has woman face I thought we would rub and kiss….but a huge thing entered my vagina and produced awkward smell,i got dizzy,and I was pregnant on my dreams few weeks…it pulled the child out he was perfect human being baby boy….when I woke up I realized I was dreaming in my dream…I screamed took a shower but I had a tatto of it on my neck…then I woke up

  8. Last night I had a dream I was I was in a parking garage with some friends, we were just hanging out there for whatever reason. The back trunk of my car was wide open, and there was a stranger with us, the only person there I couldn’t recognize. I was standing by the car, when all of a sudden, I saw a figure appear behind my friends. It was a terrifying woman like figure, like something out of a horror movie. It quickly transformed into some kind of animal, busted through my friends, and killed the stranger in front of my eyes. I quickly made a run for the car, and slammed the trunk closed. The animal, which I could now see was some sort of Sphinx, the head of a woman, but the body of a large Canine or Feline, was standing right in front of the car. I quickly went to lock all the doors to the car manually, and the Sphinx began to circle the car looking for a way to get in. Just as I was about to lock the last door, the dream ended.

  9. I have many different dreams lately and visions.

    Yesterday I had a vision of the Great Sphinx of Giza. Calm just sitting there – the Giza. Had it more than once in the day.

  10. I had a dream where i was in my backyard my brother was trying to take away my phone and i didnt let him then i tried taking a picture of my neighborhood but when I took it there was a huge i mean gigantic sphinx like skyscraper big in the middle and a much smaller one below and around it there was crystal clear water it looked like a small waterfall i guess and there was bushes and with sorta flowers below. and behind the sphinx there was tall buildings. When i went to look for myself the water was not crystal clear it was dirty, but the sphinx was still huge and beautiful maybe made of gold or some yellowish metal, the smaller sphinx was the same. It seemed like a sort of lost city of Atlantis kinda place. When i angeled the phone upwards to take a picture it would make shadows of tall buildings and lots of stars in the sky.

  11. I dreamt about a warehouse where two very big sphinxes were laying in a pallet rack. The warehouse people told me they were dangerous and I shouldn’t go near. I went to have a look anyway and was a little scared, but mainly fascinated and in awe. They shut down the warehouse for safety, and I was kinda bummed that I would never see the sphinxes again

  12. I dreamt that my house had many pictures and statues of a spinx. Then someone came over and told me I did not need those in my house and that pwrson took me the store purchase other home decore..