Spy in Dreams

Dreaming of a spy means your life is about to encounter adventure with plenty of travel around beautiful people. Be prepared to enter a lavish life of espionage where you put your life on the line.

A spy in a dream can also represent why you are falling behind your peers because they may be stealing your best work and taking credit for it. Root out the person who appears close to you, but in fact are using you for personal gain.

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3 thoughts on “Spy in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt I was helping a criminal investigation. I was in the home of the criminal gathering information and the criminal saw me and I exited joined the team and we had to walk back to the headquarters. I was scared walking back but the team assured me that I was going to be okay. I was afraid because I had been seen and I would become his next murder victim. Maybe I watch too much Criminal minds on TV

  2. I have the reoccurring image of a spy In My dreams. The dream might not be related to it in anyway though. Most of the time I only see it once throughout the night. Usually in all black and hiding in trees outside a window or something. I recently had a dream where I interacted with this spy, I chased after it, through the woods. The spy disappeared I front of my eyes in a cloud of smoke but I found a campsite with two burning fires and what looks like a mineshaft. Going down the mineshaft I got lost and woke up.

  3. I have dreams of espionage all the time, and I’ve never traveled. I’ve had them for years. And none of my friends take credit for ny work. What now?