Werewolf in Dreams

Dreaming of a werewolf means you desire a supernatural power to protect yourself when threatened. This can also result in an uncontrollable destructive force that harms the host as well because of its berserk characteristics. Learn to control the furry beast within and you will thrive in difficult situations.

The werewolf also provides for exceptional athletic abilities that you wish to develop for sports events.

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7 thoughts on “Werewolf in Dreams”

  1. Hi there…my name is Sean…anyway..
    Had this marathon dream last night that I was in this old village (18th century maybe) …as the dream developed I or we discovered that there was this silver chain (about 5mm thick, had a pattern on it, not sure what the pattern was) that was submerged about half a foot underground completely encircling the village. Going forward we learned that it was there to keep out the Werewolves who attack from time to time.
    Going quickly forward… I think there was a breach in the silver chain ..some how? and a werewolf got through (did what werewolves do)…so we were running around trying to fix the spots that we thought the chain was broken. Along comes a werewolf army but not quite werewolves (half werewolves half maybe humans coming towards the breakages in the silver chain. We were running around trying to gather weapons and ammo…this kinda where the dream goes dead…but with all this that happened I didn’t feel scared at all and woke up feeling not to bad…strange???
    What do you guys think
    cheers Sean

  2. I had a weird dream last night .
    It was about me and my boyfriend Antonio.
    We accidentally went inside my relative’s car while my boyfriend and I were at his house with his nephews. It getting a lil bit dark and were in someone’s house. Later on it was getting pretty late, probably around 2 or 3 in the morning. I barely noticed Antonio was gone. In my mind I was getting really nervous and terrified. I went outside to go search for him… But there was no sight of him anywhere. A few minutes later he came back while holding some groceries in his hands. I hugged him and started telling him that I was really worried about him. Later on we went outside, and started walking around the dark streets. It looked like tj to me but there was more dead trees or “the woods” you can say.
    I couldn’t remember parts of the dream, but I remember Antonio was gone missing in the day of night by a serial killer.
    I got enraged and angry … I had to go look for him before he gets killed or injured by any means…
    While I was losing my temper and self control a lil. My bones were popping and cracking, reconstructing all over my body.. My nails were absolutely pointy and long. My canines from my teeth were getting long and razor sharp. I was growing a lot of hair around my body… My legs were becoming hind legs from a dog.. Basically I transformed into a vicious werewolf.. I howled at the moon and furiously ran with all fours to go find him. Luckily I knew his scent and found this big modern house. It looked white and brand new. I saw the serial killer getting off from his jeep. He was pointing a gun at me.. I growled and told where he is? And he told me idk while he was laughing.
    The serial killer pulled the trigger and started shooting rounds at me. I dodged while running after him. Just by one swipe from my claws cut the rifle in half. I snarled and clawed his chest which made him fly from my super strength. I went inside the house to look for him and calling his name. The serial killer got inside the house. I climbed up the ceiling walked very slowly and clawed him again. He ran out of the house turning on his quad. I jumped off the window, ran towards him. He barely turned on the quad and started to go reverse and drive. But at the right time grabbed the quad pulling closer to me. I grabbed by the neck, choking him while he’s feet off the ground and told him where is Antonio? And he said good luck trying to find him.
    When he told me that…
    My vision what I see around me was the color red. Everything was blood red.. The moon, the sky, the ground…and him..
    What I felt was anger.. After that I snarled and growled at him… I blanked out.. I heard him scream, I felt hands wet, holding something gushy… I smelled blood…
    I blinked and I was in front of the house. I was still in Wølf form and trusted my instincts to go search for him. I tracked down his scent and followed where it was coming from.. I discovered a stairway going down the basement. Wooden planks with nails where on the door. I ran and clawed the planks and pull it from the door. After that I opened the door and suddenly I was in human form . I hugged Antonio tightly.. I was so worried and relieved that he’s alright. That’s where the dream ended

  3. I recently had a dream that I was traveling with a woman who I was trying to protect and we were being pursued by a werewolf who was a for
    mer lover of her’s. He attacked us but I killed him ( or at least I thought I did ) , but then she told me about what he truly was and I went to check on the body. Only to find that his body had disappeared. At which point she started freaking out saying that we were going to die and so forth.

    Well we were in a hotel room that for some reason looked like my old house that I have not lived in for years. For some reason I can not explain I put her in the only car and told her to just leave. Allowing me to deal with the situation on my own. After which the werewolf pressed up against one side of door and I the other. So we had a nice leisurely conversation In which he/tried to convince me that I was going to be killed by him and that there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. It was strange because his focus was initially on the woman, but now I got the impression he would hunt me to the end of the earth with no regard for anything else. It was more then the fact that I had killed him mind you. Almost as if for some reason I had always been the target or at least as much a part of this as she was.

    At this point I should probably mentioned that I practice martial arts in my waking life and was able to kill him the first time with the katana I use during practice. Which of course I still had. Anyway somehow he ended up getting into the room ( by breaking a window or something ) which was then filled with fog. I say somehow because all of a sudden he was just sorta there. Almost like he entered the room by virtue of it being inevitable.

    The interesting part is that I had absolutely no desire to run in spite of the fact that I was afraid and partially convinced that my fate was sealed yet determined to kill him. So I crept through the fog. Hunting him as he was hunting me. Of course in typical werewolf fashion he was clinging to the ceiling whilst waiting for me and masked by the fog.

    Then suddenly I was under him and just at the moment he was about to strike. I cut him in half with my sword and he fell to the ground in pieces yet was still convinced he would kill me. Again in typical werewolf fashion ( as seen in the movies ) his body begin to pull itself back together. At which point I begin rapidly and skillfully dismembering him. Faster then he could put himself back together it would seem as he body eventually just gave up.

    At which point a very strange thing happened. An overwhelming feeling that he was relinquishing his quest filled the room and two heart shaped lockets actually formed on his skin. One with his name and one with the woman’s I had been protecting. Linked by a chain they were and very pronounced yet not made of metal. It was so strange and almost like it signaled the end of an era.

    Now I should tell you that there was something off about him, something vile. It was not his status as a werewolf but something about his personality. That compelled me to remain and have it out with him. Perhaps not so much compelled me even but filled the environment. Almost mirroring the cheap hotel room. I mentioned this because after he was killed this feeling/sickness and my disgust for the situation in general still filled the room.

    The dream ended with me surprised to a degree that I had survived and saddened as well. Left wondering how I was ever going to find the woman I had sent off in the car and if she was alright.

    Lastly I should mention that I just had this dream last night and that I am not currently involved with any women at all. Let alone one who has a crazy ex. Also this dream as you might imagine was very intense/disturbing yet natural. Like I was at home in this environment but only because I absolutely had to be.

  4. I was walking with two others we were traveling across a frozen snow covered lake the storm had let up, when a werewolf appeared in front of us in a blur I transformed into a black and gray furred werewolf that was lean and lengthy. We began fighting clawing at each other and biting when I was struck and broke through the ice I looked up knowing I need a better plan to beat the Other to protect Man and woman with me. I think it’s a interesting dream and I wonder what others think it might mean because usually werewolves that look like a wolf human Hybrid are generally associated negatively in myth unlike the shapeshifters that are people who turn into Giant wolves.

  5. I have this reacurring dream and have for years about being a werewolf chasing another creature through the woods, I am chasing it out of anger wanting to find and kill i can see a blood moon over me and can feel the cool earth beneath my feet and smell the night air.

    I have had episodes where i have been awake and felt the same type of emotions and feelings that i was feling in the dream and have actually had some very serious instances too but they are more for a phsycologist not an open forum.

    I have never caught what i am chasing in my dream though but i can tell i am getting close to it and it seems that everytime i jump over this one log on a rise that my prey is right there and then i wake up sweating and have been told by others that i actually growl and sometimes even give a low howl while sleeping.

    Is there something seriously wrong with me or am i jsut that much intune with my animalistic nature ?????

  6. I don’t remember too much about the dream esp with regards to before and after this specific moment.

    I had been dreaming that I was on the bed sleeping but conscious of my sleeping state. In addition I was able to view myself as if I was awake. Coincidently in the dream and out of it I was asleep on the same bed.

    Whilst in this state of I could sense something from within my chest restless to get out: As if to liberate and reveal itself. I sense an audience intuitively to be there however none can be seen via the sense, this does not impact on my acceptance that they are there and they are partly responsible for the restlessness within.

    Then from the centre of my chest emerges a creature half werewolf/half lion. It roars like a lion and moves like one. It is only the head and mane of the creature. It is equally werewolf and lion. the roar itself was the most liberating feeling I have ever had. I identified with the creature as if it was me. I can’t and don’t separate the too even now.

    I then walk up and want to behave in that manner.

    1. That’s weird because in my dream I’m being chased by the werewolf and it claws me and I wake up it happens every 2 days why???