Brown in Dream

Dreaming of brown means a connection to the earth where you are deeply rooted with your surroundings. You exude self confidence in every social setting because you are able to live the moment by leaving worries outside the venues doors.

Brown allows you to blend and adapt to situations quickly where you don’t need to stand out.

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2 thoughts on “Brown in Dream”

  1. my dreamed about two big brown dogs I was like falling on top of them I called out to God “I love Lord x2 please protect me and the two dogs entered in the left side of my stomach I woke up and felt my left side of my stomach please help to explain what it means

  2. In my dream I was wearing a brown dress and it has a yellow binding on the ham. as I was going I also met a big garden with green vegitables. I asked my friend give me a bunch of spinach and a green onion. and I wake up ( i was dreaming)