Gray in Dream

Seeing the color gray in a dream represents sadness and depression. The dream is devoid of vibrant colors and replaced by unexciting gray. You lack emotional attachments and energy in your waking hours.

When you wake up from a dream full of gray, get out of your home immediately to indulge in the sun to revitalize yourself. Allow your surroundings to provide a quick upper from your depressing dream.

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9 thoughts on “Gray in Dream”

  1. I had this dream where I was walking around in darkness and suddenly a light post comes on (yellow) but everything I can see is still grey. The light comes on right in front of a house I used to live in and inside the house itself is pitch black. As I wander around the house in the dark I can only feel emptiness and solitude but then I feel a small sliver of a pure spirit/energy. I go upstairs in the house to look for it and I find a small puppy with all white fur barking at me, trying to get me to follow it. But when I try to follow the dog downstairs I lose him and wake up.

  2. Lat night I had a dream about a rather large dark grey geode rock I came across in the woods. It started to change shape and become somewhat fluid as it opened into two halves. The two halves remained connected and crystals started growing. Then the crystals changed into at least two calm looking faces then the two halves of the geode merged back together and firmed up to be a rock again. In the dream I felt wonder and amazement while watching the changes happen to the rock geode thing.

  3. I dreamed of a group of people standing in front of me, no body I knew. Just random people. But everything in the dream was grey, the buildings, the people, the whole aura of everything. They people were of different races.

    Anyway my dream lead me to a room filled with hundreds of beds, I cant remember much else but there was a woman sitting on one of the beds, yet everything including her was still in grey, she was staring at me though. I didnt know her.

    Then I wake up.

  4. I had a dream a few nights ago that my dad gave me a charcoal grey camaro. Beginning today, I’ve seen a 2011 charcoal grey camaro everywhere I go.

  5. I had a dream that i was riding a motorcycle into a bad storm. I could not defeat the storm to get to my destination so i turned around to get away from it but when i got to a safe place i turned around and looked at the sky and there were 3 moon on the right and 1 sun to the left. Someone please tell me what this means….

  6. I had a dream that was mostly in gray tones.
    The ground was gray soil with a few small rocks (no plants at all). The water was dark at the bottom, but clear at the top. It moved slowly, but it moved.
    However, there was some color in the dream too:
    I was in front of something that looked like a small bridge connected to a pipe, it was colored in bright red. Everything else (not the bridge, of course) was sort of in a grayish tone. The red thing looked like a very small bridge connected the land and to a thick and long pipe (also red). On top of that pipe was another pipe in a half circle that made it look like a door.

    1. Your dream goes against the commonly accepted interpretations of gray. Instead you find him younger with gray hair. Odd, but that may be the exception instead of the norm.

    2. I often associate the color gray with the gray-matter of the brain. Thus, his gray hair may be an indication of his brain power.

      However, this dream guy might not actually represent him. Instead, he could be a symbol of an archetype from the collective unconscious who is called the animus.

      Another possibility is that the hair could symbolizes nadis. If it does, it would be very positive for either this guy or your animus.

      The development of the animus (and any other dream people) typically parallel the development of the dreamer.

      Hope this helps.