Green in Dream

Dreaming of green means you are expecting changes. These changes will bring you rewards in terms of wealth, growth, and fertility. With the positive changes, you will encounter enemies who envy your achievements and recognition.

With this green dream under your belt, use the pending positive outcomes to pursue numerous opportunities in your waking hours.

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7 thoughts on “Green in Dream”

  1. I recently laid to rest my fiance of 8 years today. I went to sleep once returning home. It was our first date, at first he wore the suit coat I bought him and we were at the same house , he passed away in. But halfway through the dream his out fit turned to lime green I mean pants , suit coat tie shirt and all. I see it means , he received his place in paradise paradise/ heaven he is in peace. Any insight. Also read it could mean if the person is deceased the person receiving the dream is now with them forever here on earth. Both stuff I came across, is a relief to hear. If anyone knows more about green like bright lime green (neon green) please let me know. Thank you. Emily

  2. ok, so in this dream, i am in a studio apartment that i have never been when i was conscious. this apartment has a dark area to the right of the door (bathroom i think), the kitchen is a bit of a mess, but not all that bad, and most of the apartment is dominated by a sort of “bedroom area.” there is a large plant in the corner furthest from the door, and it is behind a flat panel tv, but kind of flows out around the tv. the bed is in a corner and sees the tv at an angle. the bedspread is very vibrant green and the pillows are a lighter green. in the wall next to the bed, and below some windows is a bookshelf that contain unidentifiable books. there is also a small plant on a shelf in the corner above the bed that hangs down about 6″ from the top of the bed.

    i experience this whole dream from a 1st person perspective. i start out sitting on the bed, with my hands on my forehead and my elbows on my knees. i am really nervous.

    a knock on the door comes and i am so nervous i think i am going to throw up. a girl that was never really a girlfriend, but someone i had been intimate with is in the doorway. She is wearing a pair of jeans that are a bit of light blue, but not really light. she is wearing a bright green tank top underneath a yellow top (she really likes wearing yellow). she gives me a big hug, and a kiss. this kiss is the kind of kiss that makes you feel like you are just floating, and like you want it to never end, because here, you will be happy until forever ends.

    we end up watching the sopranos (a show which we planned on watching at some point in july or august (she lives a long ways away)). at some point into the third season, my head ends up in her lap, and she is stroking my hair, both of us watching the show. in the middle of the episode, she looks down, kisses me on the forehead, and says to me, in a voice that is louder than a whisper, but quieter than normal; “this is the last time anything like this is ever going to happen to you.” she then gets up and leaves me there crying. end of dream

    1. With so much green in your dreams, you are suppose to experience positive changes, but somehow you were disappointed when she leaves you.

      It could a very positive experience that you don’t know yet because you are afraid of change. Since you don’t see her as a girlfriend, then it is best to keep a certain distance that prevents each other from investing too much time into the relationship. When she parts with you, your sadness will not linger like a deep wound.

      Get up and get over it. Green is the sign of positive change.

      1. Very true dream master. I didnt read this mans comment. But I read yours. *cause of the name course* But he needs to move on, Everythings an opportunity. Not a challange. As well as most people do not want to except changes, till better ones arise.

        I have a question though.
        What exactly does this dream mean. In your interpitation. I have a friend named kelly. Shes a beautiful girl. And has been a deep feeling in my heart. I still treat her as a friend, and do not impose my love for her everyday. Her ex was an aquantance of mine. Almost wanted me to be his best man. They broke up, he hates me now; Me and kelly are still friends…

        This dream. And it was breif. Me and kelly, I can only see over my shoulder and down on her. Skin glowing in the moonlight. Her perfect smile and eyes shimmering with the twinkle of stars. Her arm around me and mine around her holding her below me but suspended in air. As we are looking into each others eyes and just smiling, We began to be scooped up and wrapped in these wide green leaves. How ever fast it took you to read that is about how fast the dream was.

        Its driving me crazy. I havent told her the dream. I dont get it. Can you tell me what it might mean?

    2. Within the same week of when i met this guy that i like, i had a dream of him with bright green cursive writing over the dream. I don’t remember what it said.