Orange in Dream

When dreaming of the orange color, you are very enthusiastic and happy with where your life is heading. The amount of energy you pour into living your life shows via bright vivid colors. This leads to greater aspirations and new opportunities that you may not normally seek out.

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7 thoughts on “Orange in Dream”

  1. Had a dream last night;having enjoyably good time; suddenly two very small (almost like they were toy automobiles, but each with a little boy in it, seemingly intent upon menacing me for no apparent reason. I used my feet to stomp on the little cars, crushing the roofs, but they sprung back very fast. Next , the drivers got out and were confrontational. We fought for a moment and they left. Seemingly all was well. Later they were back and things were getting a little dicey. Next it seemed to be resolved. I made
    peace with one; unsure whether he should be trusted.then his friend went along with our newfound concessions. Seeming somehow irrelevant and for no reason, two orange flowers were present. What possibly was that about?

  2. I had a dream that my neice had her front teeth pulled & dentist asked me to match the color of her new teeth with her tongue. I picked the color orange. Why would I give her orange teeth? Keep in mind I just had 7 implants put in my upper front

  3. Dreamt of a woman wearing an orange turtleneck.. Couldn’t stop looking at the orange color. She reached down and took my hand. her hand was very pale in comparison to mine. When I woke up, I could still see her holding my hand but I could not move. What does it mean.

  4. I’ve recently been making some changes in my life that has made me feel like I may be in over my head, but that I am determined to follow through as these would be positive changes. I always like to pay attention to my dreams because I believe they can be the guidance you seek in everyday life.

    I recently dreamed about accepting a job that I clearly did not know a thing about. There was a woman in my dream that was giving me directions on what she wanted done and I was taking shorthand notes thinking, “Oh my gosh I don’t know what I am doing. Does she even suspect I’m in over my head?” After the woman left I began copying and collating sheets of paper. Each stack of paper had one orange cover sheet. I remember focusing on the color and for some reason told myself to remember it. The next thing I knew it was time to go home. I grabbed my purse and began searching for the front door; I wanted to get out of there before they discovered that I didn’t know a thing about the job. I got lost in the maze of corridors that seemed to be shifting directions. I became aware that there was a line of people following me because they thought I knew where the front door was. I began to panic…then I was abruptly awaken by the telephone ringing near my head.

    Since in the dream I was focused on the color orange, I took that as the primary meaning to my dream. I believe the woman that hired me and was giving me orders was actually me, as I am the one who is making the decision to change the direction of my life. And I have been feeling a bit scared that I may be in over my head, but this dream I feel is confirming what I know to be true. …That I am happy about my choices and that I’m looking forward to the changes. –jr

  5. Hi in my dream I was cutting bright orange juicy oranges n I remember being thirsty in my dream I couldn’t find anything to drink so I was going to eat the oranges to cut my thirst n then I woke up thirsty what does this mean?

    1. I’ve read someplace that dreaming of eating oranges was actually a good thing because it meant that you were/are happy with yourself and/or your life. However, the fact that you woke up thirsty after being prompted by a dream of eating oranges could also indicate that you lack vitamin C, or it could just be that your glands were reacting to that delicious dream! I once read a poem in high school that described the sensations of eating an orange but what the author was actually doing was describing what it was like to read a poem. It was really descriptive and had my salivary glands reacting so much so that I actually craved oranges! Hope this helps. –jr