Silver in Dreams

Silver has always been rendered as a symbol of wealth and accomplishment. Although, not as highly valued as gold, silver is still quite a feat in terms of attaining it. Seeing silver in your dreams suggests that you are accomplishing something and coming into second place. This may sound a bit frustrating, not being able to get that first place, but getting second is still something you should be proud of.

The color silver represents chastity and justice. Thus, seeing silver in your dreams indicates that you are deeply protected by those you hold dear. You are very special to them and they would do whatever they can to ensure your safety.

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One thought on “Silver in Dreams”

  1. I think Reese Witherspoon Was In My Dream Last Night, In A Tight, Short Silver Sequined Dress, On Her Way To A Grimy Labor Factory Job, That She Was Late For, But Really DIDN’T WANT To WORK At, Even Though She Just Got Hired By The Loud Mouthed, Boss In That Dream Last Night Or Whatever, And Although It Was Reese Witherspoon? In The Dream Last Night, It Was, But It Wasn’t, And Then It Was Me, But Wasn’t Me, Trying To Get Back Into That Kind Of Creepy Factory? Building, After Hours, Even Though It Had Just Closed For The Night, And There Were Some People Just Leaving For The Night, But The Door Was Suddenly Locked From The Outside, Even Though It Had Just Been Open, And I Had Just Come Outside, Suddenly The Door Was Like Slammed Shut On Me, Even Though It Wasn’t Really Me, But It Wasn’t Reese Witherspoon? Either…..And There Was A Workout Gym In That Part Of The Factory? Building, I Had Just Left From, And Couldn’t Get Back Into, But Then I DID Get Back Into The Door, Somehow, I Guess, And Then I Wanted To Go Back Out Again!