Turquoise in Dream

Turquoise color in dreams provides for a calm soothing spiritual awakening. Regardless of stressful events happening around you, you will wake up relieved and energized from seeing turquoise in your dream. Rocky and tenuous relations will smooth itself in the coming days.

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3 thoughts on “Turquoise in Dream”

  1. Dreamed that I was with two other people in an airport in the US. The two other people – were in charge of trying to smuggle a Mexican child (age 3-6) back to his homeland. He was of a ruling family that was wiped out due to war in his homeland, he was the last of his kin. They were taking him back to change the government. I heard someone say this is my dream. I held 3 precious circular stones made of turquoise that would give him power to reign. The authorities of the airport knew that something was up with this child – they were trying to take the precious stones that I had, so I hid in the bathroom waiting for them to go to other parts of the airport and steal my way onto the plane. End of dream.

  2. I had a dream that I was at a women’s house and I was walking along her yard and first look down and saw a huge whole snake skin caught under a table so I dug it up then I got up and kept walking along the yard then I saw and she was pointing to and I looked and I saw a yard full of tables and other huge objects with slabs of turquoise on them so me and a man she had asked if we could move a table that weighed 650 pounds of turquoise I said how in the world are we going to move this thing lol!

  3. i recently had the most vivid dream of a bright turquoise-colored cat lounging on my bed. I could not get this cat to move..it lay limp in my hands as I tried gently to move it. In the same dream I saw a small car colored the most vivid red. I dreamed that my own gray car had begun rolling down the street on its own and I tried to catch up with it to stop it but before I could get to it, it caused a wreck with the little red car and when I got there i felt so bad that the little red car was covered in debris from rolling over in a ditch and was all dented up. The colors of the car and the cat in this dream were so more vivid than real life colors..just wondering what this might mean?