Abandonment in Dream

Dreaming of abandonment means losing connection with your community and relations. At social gatherings you feel all alone and detached from everyone attending.

These abandonment dream issues stem from not being able to connect with people you know and see regularly. Your concern for privacy and not being able to trust people you meet keeps you at a distance.

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One thought on “Abandonment in Dream”

  1. My dad who is usually very nice and respectful of me in real life practically tortured me and then i met his supposed long time friend and they treated me poorly to say the least. Part of this ‘torture’ was in the form of me being put in this room that i swear is familiar and might has some correlation with my emotionally traumatic dreams YEARS ago. The rest of the dream was just making me feel very miserable and my social ‘opinions’, ethical and moral beliefs were reflected very negatively, leading to me being very hateful and having strong feelings of dread. Everything that i have made better about my life were reflected in a very negative way in the dream and i actually woke up crying. (this happened just a few hours after discussing everything with my counselor).