Agoraphobia in Dreams

Dreaming of agoraphobia means you are scared on new settings and unfamiliar places. Or your anxiety triggering your dreams to associate with a terminology related to the specific phobia.

To counter the agoraphobia dream, you should bring a friend to new places allowing you to lean on their shoulders when you have a panic attack.

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2 thoughts on “Agoraphobia in Dreams”

  1. I am having dreams of being some other person In a place in cities I have never been almost like I’m having someone else’s dreams. They are about loss of animals in possibly future cities and being chased by bad people. However, this is not me. Like about someone else’s life but not mine. Been going on for 8 months.

    When I fall asleep the dream begins sometimes where it left off the night before. Somebody or something is trying desperately to get my attention. Can anyone help me?

    1. That’s pretty special to be able to connect with another person through dreams. Unfortunately it probably scares you more than being enjoyable.

      Here’s one exercise that will help you block it out if you want. When you go to sleep, think of nothing but pitch black darkness. Continue to do this every night until your visions go away.

      One caveat is that you will dream a lot less, or lose the ability to remember your dreams when you wake up.